Thursday, April 28, 2011

NHL's Sheriff will believe anything!

Colie Campbell, his Refs and the rest of his office will believe anything not to have to suspend a player for a head shot! This one is pretty shaky but Andrew Ference, again, fooled everyone on the ice, everyone in the hockey office and "Sheriff" Campbell with the old "Pee Wee" move of positioning yourself for the partial blind side hit and then looking up ice,as is Jeff Halperin, to "look off" the Ref! They all bought it...and I think Halperin was an even easier target as he had not returned from La La Land from an earlier hit...Colie...ya got lucky again but one of these times the "Kevlar" will do it's job...

Vancouver's GM Gillis get's the nod for the best fine taken this year...he had to stop the manipulation of the games for Chicago...two of Colie's Refs had to swallow their whistles!

If Boston can't knock Pronger off those old, used up knees and out of the series they lose...but hit him fair, he's a cream puff!

PS: I know Mike Murphy made the ruling...I don't care, I blame Campbell!

PPS: Fish advances, again!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


- Sixth, what do ya do with 6th? We pick Drummondville's Sean Couturier and keep your mouth shut! It appeared as though he was somehow coming to us all along!

- How appropriate if of thirty teams the two most likely to get the shaft and lose one and the Islanders...there is a reason the lottery is cloistered, secluded from the world!

- Bryan's reputation at the draft has now definitely preceded him so just a solid showing should be enough to bring home the beacon.

PS: Cory, you egghead, we should be picking no worse than third (3RD)...fair THEE well!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Good move!

- Giving Bryan Murray a real shot at building the team and for three full years is simply a "Great" hockey, business and Ottawa move! Remember the last time he told us he was coming back, this time Eugene told him to come back and finish what he started in this calender year.

- It will be interesting to see what the coaching staff looks like...I guess it's the man from St. Mike's and his ontourage?

- Note: We still gotta draft well...( did we end up in fifth?)

- Note 2: Training camp, the Merit Principle, Rocco, his Captain and the goalie are the only three guys who have the team made!!

PS: "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they say!" Matthew of Ottawa...R.I.P...