Saturday, February 9, 2013

Forget the 15 minuters, give 'em two days off.

Put #9; #7; #11 on one line & put 'em @the end of the bench.

Put Zack back with #14 & Neil and start 'em.

Put Jimmy between Condra & the Dawg.

Put DaCosta with #93 & #33 Bingo's first line play 'em vs everyone.

#3 & #65

#46 & #61

#55 & #4

Put "Andy" back between the pipes.

"Never explain!" Sun Tzu

Friday, February 1, 2013

Not ready for Prime Time.

The Bingo boys, #33; #93 not ready for Prime Time yet.

Petr has two good shifts comes off to sit the bench and grab his shoulder?

If you have four good scoring chances and ya hit him in the neck, twice in the face & once in the are shooting too high.

"Our Red Ferrari" was more like a Volvo wagon tonight, OK but...

Andy is gettin' cute, give 'em the high glove and then take it away.

This is killin' Alfie...

Kyle Turris, shake up the lines and play him away from the other guys big center.

If you play the "Dawg" back to back he will produce.