Thursday, April 28, 2011

NHL's Sheriff will believe anything!

Colie Campbell, his Refs and the rest of his office will believe anything not to have to suspend a player for a head shot! This one is pretty shaky but Andrew Ference, again, fooled everyone on the ice, everyone in the hockey office and "Sheriff" Campbell with the old "Pee Wee" move of positioning yourself for the partial blind side hit and then looking up ice,as is Jeff Halperin, to "look off" the Ref! They all bought it...and I think Halperin was an even easier target as he had not returned from La La Land from an earlier hit...Colie...ya got lucky again but one of these times the "Kevlar" will do it's job...

Vancouver's GM Gillis get's the nod for the best fine taken this year...he had to stop the manipulation of the games for Chicago...two of Colie's Refs had to swallow their whistles!

If Boston can't knock Pronger off those old, used up knees and out of the series they lose...but hit him fair, he's a cream puff!

PS: I know Mike Murphy made the ruling...I don't care, I blame Campbell!

PPS: Fish advances, again!


  1. Can't agree with you more on all points Nik, though if you are predicting Fish will beat Vancouver, you might be wrong on that.

    People may have though Gillis was whining, but he did ensure a level playing field for game 7.

  2. Oman:

    Ya, Fisher's boys look pretty ordinary!

  3. Nashville will be lucky to win a game. Rinne might get them one. Talk all you want about their d, at the end of the day, you have to outscore the other team to win.

    Gillis was bang on. The stats he cited speak for themselves. Funny how things were different for game 7.

    Campbell continues to embarass not only himself, but the entire league on a regular basis. That interview alone with TSN should've been the last he gave as an employee of the NHL.

    How can this sport be taken seriously, when "wrestling" is reffed more fairly?


  4. As per usual, I stand corrected. So I'll make another final bold claim (until further notice): Nashville will be lucky to win 2 games.

    Oh, and this year strome, next year yakupov (or grigorenko), then... the world.