Friday, December 31, 2010

I like this Line-Up!

Just good enough to provide some watchable hockey and make a real hard run at 9th place.

Brian Elliott will bounce back tonight...

As I recommended, Mr. Kuba should have been sat two seasons ago.

It's tough to sit Jaarko but he drew one too many penalties @ the wrong time and the Coaches (plural) don't like him...

I shall enjoy tonight's game as I have finally got my mind around the potential of this team...

So deadline, box 'em and ship 'em...anyone, over 30, who wants to get on the plane out of town...

"Don't re-sign the expiring contracts...pick often, pick well!"

Note: Alfie should finish this season with the Sedins...the final piece to their puzzle...

We would recommend to Eugene that he keeps the present MGMT GROUP but only if they agree to gut the place...I'm talking the "whole room!"

"Hey" Mr. Zebra, there usta be a "rule"...ya put the brakes on, on a penalty's over, no goal...what's all this "American College" doodles???

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Canes are tough!

Down five (5) to one in minor penalties at the end of the second but still tied, they beat Tranna 4-3 in the third in a typical one-sided, ZEBRA MANAGED Leaf game...the best (or the worst yet) two (2) "even-er-upper minor penalties" @ the 20:00 minute mark of the third period...and that horse poo is really starting to stink!

Oh ya in Tranna they count a "Double Minor" as only one penalty on the score looks my day it was two for the high stick and two for drawing blood...that's why they called it a double...double means two!!

We shall go as far as Brian Elliott wants to take us...

Alfie talks to the kids and that includes Kovalev...

Petr has suffered enough, he will be Sensational tonight...

"EriK" will break Staal's heart tonight, letting him think he has a break away and then tracking him down from behind...I think it's the best exhibition of skill and speed on display in the NHL today!

Four (4) in a row!

For you dorks, like Johne and Peter Sidorkowz, who insist there is no ZEBRA MGMT, the new Modus Operandi is the calling of one team for FOUR (4) count 'em four penalties in a row it completely exhausts them, even if the home team doesn't score they are done...this little tactic ensures that Washington is going into the New Year's game on the come back...the Habs suffered 5 in a row last night and they were down two nothing...Jacques says: "Tabernacle, quatre en ligne et un autre pour le bon measure!" to the French guys that is...

Ottawa has had this happen three or four times this season...this is the ZEBRA telling you, I'm in control here "Bub" so let's see if ya can beat these guys short handed all night...the worst part it totally defeats a veteran team mentally cause they know what's going on...

Example: How do the "Broad Street Bullies" get nothing against us and get 9 minor penalties the next night...give me a break...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Without Prejudice!"

Ya see...Bob Mackenzie and Pierre McGuire don't know what a head shot really is...and they have been secretly advising Colie all this time...

Our guy clearly hit the Czech kid on the button, shoulder to chin and his approach was quartering on the blind side...remember that was not a defenceman, that was that gutless cruising (across) the neutral zone forward...

So grow up you old timers...and face the music...ya can't hit a guy like that are going to kill somebody...

Stack 'em anyway you want...

Stack 'em anyway you want...but play Petr and ZacK @ Center...and roll 4 lines...Fish/Alfie get Staal...

#73; #22; #25

#71; #12; #11

#9; #1x; #27

#18; #15; #26

But if they moved me up to Offensive Coach...

#9; #15; #26

#71; #12; #11

#18; #1x; #27

#73; #22; #25

And I'd wait and just let Chris Kelly give their (Carolina's) 4th line a good old fashion "Shellacking!"

Note: ZacK Smith's 4 in 26 games projects out to 14 goals!

Monday, December 27, 2010

No penalty; no review...

No penalty, no review, no talk of shit!

It was one thing to give Pittsburgh the extra PP just like Tranna always gets but this is just more HOUSE LEAGUE baloney that Gary and the (Non-) Brain Trust think are going to make Pittsburgh, Sid and the League look better to the National TV guys. It just will not work boys because there is no national TV audience for HOCKEY in the ol' US of A.

It was nice to see Crosby get two minors and squeak like someone stepped on his thumb...the guy is still a Prima Donna!

Fluery is about to wilt...

Letang is feeling the pressure...that was just a super "Little boy" frustration shove at the boards on Rocco...

Carks just ended one of their "thugs" career...

And the other guy is not as tough as advertised...I was hoping Nicky was going to go him in a fair fight!

Malkin is a highly skilled cheap shot and someone (Great 8) is going to straighten him up with a clean body check...

So we shall see if we got the horses to go it without Rocco...maybe for a couple of games but after that ???

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Let George do it!"

In the old days there was this expression: "Let George do it!" What it meant was I can do it, I can get this job done but I just can't be bothered.

- picked this team to WIN the I know I'm old and have slipped a little bit but this is ridiculous...ridiculous I tell ya...

- so many guys are leaning over their oars that ya can't tell who is actually rowing...Bruce's xmas report card could get him banished from the dressing room...

- aging is mother always told me hang around with young guys it will keep you young...however the converse is also true, ya get enough old fogies hanging around and all they want to do is retire...

- from here on in this will be like watching the expansion SENs...strictly for the aesthetics of the game...I'm P^&&$# Off @ them! "Shoot the f*&%en' dog!"

- "Don't sign the expiring contracts...pick often, pick well!"

PS: "Rocco's situation is chronic"...not cronic like it feels to me!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's so over for these guys!

- Ya know who has turned into a very ordinary hockey player is Jason Spezza. To go out there NIGHT AFTER NIGHT AND DO NOTHING. Disrupt (Break up) the PP time after charge Fish with 3 turn overs and "Rocco" with only one is an insult to your (our) intelligence!!

- I know that the scouting staff has been all changed but we want the goalie scout fired anyway!

- "EriK's" speed is increasing...he's gone from faster than most to the fastest recovery in the league...he tracks everybody down!

- At least Coach Clouston cut #17, Philippé's ice back a little tonight...PK and regular.

- Poor old "Sarge", he just wants to go play golf some where warm!

- Boy, when Alfie misses early we're done.

- If you don't respect your young coach ya can play dirty and think you can get away with it (read 9MM; Jaarko and to some extent 1x)...

- So put the college kid in the Limo to Bingo for twenty games, shoot the f*&%^n' dog, Number 33, he's got a broken mind and let's start over again in goal!

Friday, December 17, 2010

"Ya gotta win those to make the playoffs!"

My kitten erased the rant!

Rocco is "OURS!"

- Rocco is our whimp...ours...we will tell you guys what to think of him...

- This Colorado "Show Time Cut" (Rycroft, who finished in Lake Erie in the Lake) couldn't score or fight and was basically a career up and downer...where does this guy get off critiquing our Jason, I vaguely remember this guy, he couldn't put a patch on Spezza's arse!

- Colorado are hurting...too's time to end their little charade...these guys are doing it with mirrors...let's start them on a December sleigh ride...

- Give Brian Lee one more game, give him 20 minutes plus, he is skating better than Kuba or Carkner...

- We shall not get many PPs tonight so it's up to Chris Kelly, his Kill Team and his line with Road Warrior Nick Foligno to win us another road game...

- let downs, it's your time man...

- "Don't re-sign the expiring contracts...pick often, pick well!"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stephane "Get in the way" Auger!

- For a guy who has been Refing since he was sixteen, he does not know where to stand or how to move to elude the puck and it's carrier...

- Auger refs like a guy that's never played and he has a bias against Ottawa... he certainly wasn't going to call back that goal and award the Wild with a TMMOTI Penalty...

- Pascal's got to be better with defending the front of his net with his stick...ya gotta have enough confidence to take a shot from the corner behind the goal line with your pad and come out a little bit and defend the cross crease pass with your goal stick...ya don't have to be Johnny Bower or Rick Wamsley to know this stuff...I was taught that when I was 11 years old!

- Alfie, with his old man and his old skates (My advice), just like old times gettin' us started!

- Nick Foligno, our best road warrior, as advertised!

- "Don't re-sign any expiring contracts...pick often, pick well!

Brian Lee to be "Show Cased!"

- Brian Lee, after about 25 games, is to be "Show Cased" for the Home State Team and their fans...I'd play him with Kuba so he looks tougher and faster!

- Only Koivu and Havlat have the offence to hold the puck on the goalie so Pascal's hip flexor and saddle should be safe till the third period.

- Nick Foligno is/will be our best road player from now on!

- I wonder if Regin ever looks at the number on his sweater and wonders??

- When I come back after I die, reincarnated as Stan Mikita, I want to play in Tranna where I can slash, spear, cross-check and hit guys from behind all season long and not get a penalty, then get traded to the Senators for the playoffs!

- "Don't re-sign the expiring contracts!"

- "Hord our Draft Picks!"

Monday, December 13, 2010

The comeback that never was!!

- tonight was the Buffalo turn around game that didn't materialize.

- an overtime loss to these guys tonight was not good enough.

- anyone who thinks Kuba is a 4 million dollar offensive defenceman should have their head "Read!"

- Rocco just gives too many of those easy ones away eventually they come back to haunt you. That's why he can't play vs the big offencive lines during the's never occurred to him how dangerous those plays are!

- Elliott's lightning glove has gone tentative...

-"Erik" will have to learn how to finish the rush, those pucks to no where are not good enough, ya can't just turn it over time after time...

- "Don't re-sign the expiring contracts!"

Sunday, December 12, 2010


From the good ship, SS Senator to Bryan Murray @ HQ in Shawville!

- required immediately one (1) National League type goal keeper to help right the ship!

Be advised: "We have no goalies in our system!!

- Pascal Leclaire lost over board after being put on Long Term Disability...

- Brian Elliott got in the wrong car and was Limo...ed to Bingo for 10 days of depressurization...

- Robin Lehner, who can't get in the goal in the AHL as when he does he's not been good, has been sent to back up at the World Juniors...

- "Our" Brodeur is practicing and that is all, for a long long time...

- Bary Brust, who is only two games under 500 in the NHL and that's better than some guys I know, deserves a shot...

- I know our rule..."Don't re-sign the expiring contracts!" But ya gotta offer Florida one of our "Excellent DEFENCE" prospects for their disgruntled goalie and pay the man his price! It's not just for this year but for a couple!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Poor Old Devil!

Ya beat the poor old Devil, Martin Brodeur, as prognosticated Volchenkov and Brodeur after their performance this year will no longer be considered "elite" players!

Note: I don't know what happened to my other projection?

- Rocco, the penalty killer, loses both draws in the last and most crucial kill of the game and he managed to be slow covering Kovalchuk as he hits Leclaire in the glove, a shot that could have/should have gone in!

- Ya got an All Star College goalie and a first round Major Junior Goaler but we don't have an NHL Goal Tender on the Big Club at the moment.

- "Sarge" used to give Marc-Andre Fleury the odd tough look...imagine what he must think of our Pascal...

- Everyone talks about Alexei but if I was on the Senators @ less than Mill and was watching Philippé play night after night makin' four and half "actual" I'd call for a "Sit down strike of all the players"...maybe that's what we are seein'!

- So all together now..."Don't re-sign any of the expiring contracts!"

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't re-sign the expiring contracts!

- Jason Spezza is not a penalty killer...never was , never will be...too passive...ya can't follow the play when you are killing!

- It time to start to blame the goal tending, neither one of our targets deserve to be in the show! Brodeur...the "Kid"...time to give someone else a chance!

- Kuba is hurt again or he better be because nobody in the "Bigs" is allowed to play that timid when he's healthy. He's our "China Doll!"

- As a team we are not fast enough or aggressive enough to play Coach Clouston's dump and chase!

- Alfie change your skates...tuck 'em in a size smaller we need that step!

- Foligno is TERRIFIC!

- Alexei says "F*$K You Coach!"

- Gonchar cannot believe this is the same team that should have beat him in last year's playoffs..."Can I have a Mulligan!"

- John Tortorella yells at the Zebra, shits on 'em...waves 'em off and they love the guy, he must be their New York kinda guy!

-Thought for the week...from pg; Oman; Sandy; Michael; JL; PvR and me: "Don't re-sign the expiring contracts!"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I think that when the ZEBRA started to squeeze us early on the "Veterans' just threw in the towel on this season!

We bought a "Pig in a Poke!" Pascal was/is a big part of the downfall of this team, the propaganda kept propping him up but the players saw through him early and gave up!

Playing Spezza as a penalty killer is pure lunacy...wake up you guys!

Alfie's accumulation of frustration, injury and age have finally caught up with him...Frank Selkie would not let the "Rocket" exhibit himself any longer at about the same age, he paid him his full salary to advise Mgmt!

Kuba was "Done" two years ago!

Fish is a "Country Video" guy! In more ways than one.

The support staff like Foligno and Regin would have done much better if they had some guys to play with instead of being asked to cary the team!

Carkner's spots are showing! He should be fighting more and playing less!

"EriK" should be cut loose...let him run, let him play his game, he's all ya got!

Coach Clouston, right or wrong, may have been a much bigger factor in #15's departure than we thought!

Coach Clouston's reluctance to change will result in a return to Junior for further seasoning!

Bryan has left us a shit load of good DEFENCEMEN the future is not as bad as one would think!

Don't do anything stupid...lets leave (Next year) the "New Guys" some money and CAP space to work with!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Too tough to watch!

Too tough to watch even with the sound off...PM at least get your left and right part of the screen right...the wife's watching the left side of the screen where you told her to watch and the infraction occurs on the right!

- PM...stop commenting on "EriK", he could stop you with just his feet, he would not even need his stick! Plus he could skate you at your best...right into the ice!

- the old guys are "done" and the kids are not ready...yet!

- when I played Pee Wee the "Goaler" had no mask...when he would stand side ways in the net we would accuse him of being afraid of the puck!!!

- And when he lets the go ahead goal in every third period, we'd convert him to a forward! It should have been about 7 to 1, like as if we were playing with out a goalie!

- Rocco is no penalty killer, he doesn't know who to cover or where to stand so if you are going to continue to use him as such, teach the guy a few things he's never killed anything in his life!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some thoughts for practice tomorow!

Relax, the ZEBRA are going to give you at least a level playing field...we can still take these guys in a fair fight!

Coach Clouston, ya play the French Canadian Goaler from Montreal "Card" and ya get Wamsley to tell him to stay up on the shooter cause they (everybody) are shooting him high glove all the time.

Phillips looks a foot taller and a half a foot wider...and Sarge says "Da, that's good!"

Philippé, the 17th, is a plus 3, draws an assist, plays 26 minutes, takes a shot on the wrist that an ordinary defenceman shakes off and comes back out and starts playing like the "one arm man!"

You are going into Montreal, you must go strong down the middle, you play your four best centers at center. They are, in no particular order, Kelly, Fish, Rocco and Petr. This is because it takes four lines skating to stay with the Habs @ home!

Winni sits for offencive zone sins! Don't make it the end of the world tell him he draws back in the next game!


#71; #19;'s time for Rocco and Foligno also, to get Butts some shooting!

#9; #12; #11...Alfie is ready for Fish again, he will out skate the kids @ Centre Bell!

#26; 1x; # 27...Alexei will single handedly pull Petr out of this slump!

#73; #22; #25...meanwhile Kelly and his guys play high/low with Price!

Hats off to Kelly!

Hats off to Kelly and his original line...excellent!

A tip of the cap to Pascal, but before we get too excited, that shortie went into the center of the net, what goes on there, it almost sunk the ship as we immediately went into the tank and the "Box!" You don't guess and fall down and away when you know everyone goes high glove on you all the time!

Butts and the first line was just OK!

If Coach Clouston even thinks about breaking up Kelly and Ruutu I am going to lock him in the "Bat Cave!"

Chris Phillips just seems to settle Sarge and Kuba...they look to him and say "OK Let's go!"

Kuba's wrist effected his passing late???

Ya don't think the Zebra have an effect on the out come of the game...look how far those two non calls go!

"EriK" doesn't know if he should stay or go...gentlemen that's bad coaching...let the kid go...let him soar with the eagles!

Winni is averaging an offencive zone penalty a game lately, let him sit one!

Good ol' Lucky Leclair!!

Marian Gaborik is the "best" second rebound man in the league! He goes to the net and he stands there like a "Vulture!" Pascal's only hope is the snow bank or kick it past him!

I think Coach Clouston benched the wrong should have been Winni but put Butts with Rocco and 9MM...Alfie, Fish and Shannon...Alexie and the kids (1x/71)...Kelly's old line, our best line, #73; #22; #25...

Just when we were ready to break out...our goalie will find a way to lose another heart breaker...I can't watch...I'll be in the basement trying to teach, telepathically, Chris Neil to hit the net, the top left corner even, with a broken hand...ya shoot the bottom of the goal tender's crest and let it sail high and wide into the top corner! It's a golf shot...a little control fade!

I don't mind telling you I don't like the look of this one!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


We need some changes!

Do better...score a goal!

Chris Phillips is going to lead us out of this slump...believe it or not the offence comes from the "D"!

I want Butler!

Rocco change your game, you are no longer a have the worst pass completion percentage in the are paid to finish your plays...shoot the GD puck, that's all ya got!!

Cut "EriK" loose...let him run I don't care if they get a couple on him, he'll get us rolling on offence!

"Sarge" tighten your gun site...start knocking the odd defenceman down...ya might get a little more room and you just might get one!

This is Elliott's team give the man some goal support!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Butler is on the way!

Coach Clouston forget about how intuitive you are...go back to what worked best!

Kovalev and the kids...Alfie and Fish...Kelly's line etc...etc!

#9; #19; "#16" and these two old fogies are told "Butts better get some shooting!"

#12; #18; #11 and let's start looking for Alfie again he's the only scorer we have.

#71; #1x; #27 and Alexei has your undivided attention on the bench!

#73; #22; #25 and remember they are your best line!

#4 and #55

#17 and #65

#14 and #39

#30 in goal because I don't think Pascal will ever win us another game, the boys have quit on him.

The Power Play is #11; #19; #16; for 55 seconds and then get Kovalev out there against the other guys second string! The Defence doesn't change...#55 makes a rush then EriK makes the next one!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Resilience our team has none...I think the Zebra just beat it out of us in the early going this season.

Ya can call it rebound control, you can call it down too early, you can call it not catching the puck, you can it a Sponge Bob belly pad, you can call it not handling the puck well, but all I know is the puck is in play for the opposition forwards all the time, every cycle, every rush!!! If we were playing "Road" hockey I'd have the goalie, #33, deflecting it into the snow bank every shot because he sure cannot cover it!

The puck sure doesn't roll for Nick Foligno like it used's the training camp hex...and ya better believe it!

Someone should tell "Rocco" it's a "rest" nap not a sex nap!

Do something...bring someone up...sit an old forward and an old defenceman!

Our broadcasters fiddle while Rome burns...Gordie sounds like he enjoys it!

Coach Clouston appears to have lost his "Magic!"

The Power Play genius should be "shot!"

PM is a pre-packaged jerk...where did he play and who does he think he is...TSN should make him their first cut!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feed Pascal to the Sharks!

Ya gotta fight fire with fire, feed Pascal to the Sharks, tell him we don't care how well you play, just win the game...two to one, six to five we don't care!

Coach you cannot play your big penalty killing center (Rocco) against "Big Joe" he is not good enough defensively, Fish gets that job all night.

9MM gets "Fifteen White" and he better skate him into the ice because he can if he wants to!

Give Kelly Jaarko back and tell'em to shape up...Neil goes around out there shooting like a guy with a broken hand!

Foligno, Winni and Shannon are not a fourth line so tell them they don't get the night off, we want "at least" a plus one on the score sheet and one goal!

Coach Carvel, start playing Chris Phillips 27/28 minutes a game, he's gotta show Kuba and Gonchar that an "Old" DEFENCEMAN can play hard and well even though he's logging big short, we need him to lead, we need him at his best again!

The Sens hockey fans, the people of Ottawa want a DEFEAT of the Sharks!

Monday, November 29, 2010

White Helmets!

White Sweaters vs the Oilers...I don't mind that...we're going to have to grind one out!

Brian Elliott is our goalie!

These guys can flat out skate so "EriK" get him out and get on your horse!

Coach Clouston be yourself tonight!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ya don't think those guys shouldn't have beat the Pens!

Ya watched our very good hockey team tonight, with two of their first liners blowin' scoring chance after scoring chance, beat a faster club than Pittsburgh!

Hopefully the "Baloney" will stop for a spell while we go on a "run!"

Brian Elliott is our goalie, we just play better in front of him! And he pitches shutouts where one is enough!

Alexei and Fish are magical when they are on...Foligno should be on that line!

Put the grind line back together!

Carks played well...everyone needs a game off once in a while.

Give 'em all the day off, half of them don't practice anyhow!

Be advised!

Tranna is the only team in the league that does not receive penalties for Hooking or Holding...every one else like Buffalo and us get a boat load of 'em! And yes "Too many men" also fall into this category!

Last night in Buffalo down three nothing @ the 15 minute mark of the third the Leafs receive the make up call to Orr for roughing as they were the beneficiaries of a 3 minor penalty advantage on the ROAD...they score short is ironic as Buffalo's clincher is a "Shortie" earlier on!

Boys, ya gotta keep it "double clean" tonight at all costs cause these "Stinkers are sinkers!" (Read ZEBRAs)

Starting Elliott is a great call...we have better luck in front of him and he makes the "Big save for the win"...

Foligno will not score tonight!

#13 will score the winner!

Alfie will skate miles and lead us to victory!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hey Walkom!

Hey Walkom, Colie Campbell doesn't play for the Ottawa Senators, why are you taking it out on us!

- Kennedy has both feet in the crease and his jock resting on Pascal's shoulder...ya got a "Player in the Goal Crease" or "Goal Tender Interference!" Take your choice but ya gotta pick one!

- Kelly's double minor, the second one was weaker than the first, ya just can't make stupid f&*%in' calls like's horse poo and you are killin' us...Pittsburgh had just won 4 in a row, share the wealth...a fair fight is all we ask!

Now we got the old Pee Wee trick where you line the guy up blindside (Fisher) then take him out looking away and looking off the Official...did none of you guys play pee wee!

These calls are heart breaking game changers...Wake Up! Your ZEBRA MGMT system is fooling nobody...we are sick of it!

PS: BTW you are under REVIEW!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where was "EriK!"

On a very offensively challenged team "Erik" cannot be sat for two games in a row!

Phillips and now Kuba have absolutely no offensive up creativity...that off the boards and out to the Dallas guy every time does not get it done, also you would think after all these years they would know that there is no halfway pinch, either go "big" or "stay at home!"

#33, I just don't like the way he plays goal, two through his legs, two completely open nets, two on the ice sitting on your bum looking into your own net completely lost and down just a hair early on every shot. Ya gotta have that winning goal...Morrow's going nowhere except high glove, that's all he's got! He "quicked ya!"

"Rocco", how many times (four) did they take it off your "Tooth Pick" tonight?

Bryan ya gotta shake 'em up! Trade somebody!

Monday, November 22, 2010

OK...let's see Butler!

Nice win guys, Alfie that was clutch...we were working on another "Done!"

"Rocco" give one, get one is not good enough from you...

Pascal, a little deep, a little early (Kopitar), 30 shots 3 goals, not bad!

Butts comes in for Neil and another shake up is on...

#26; #71; #16

#12; #19; #11

#9; #13; #27

#73; #22; #18

PS: the National House League hockey dad exec is too dumb to be a Director, he wants us now to believe that he didn't know Referee Dean Warren was on the Union Executive, Warren was defending himself and every other Ref in all the Performance Reviews because Walkom wouldn't. Colie, you are "done", your explanation is not believable, you are too dumb for the job!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let's call a Spade a Spade!

League parity, in the NHL is a joke...

The Islanders and the Devils for that matter should not have won a game so far this year!

Toronto Maple Leafs, 7 Wins, they would trail the Marlies in the standings if they played in the "A", they need a lot of help and they get it every night, home and away!

Conversely, I don't know what Bryan said or Coach Clouston did to the Refs but they gotta talk to someone, this horse poo has got to stop...ya can't watch it...I have to listen on the radio I can't take it anymore.

We like the Coaches' line changes...put #17 and #4 together, it's do or die for these overpaid "Floor Flushers".

"EriK" gets a night off, Hale's luck is needed.

It's not the goalie, Elliott is SENsational, even his professional coaches don't understand what "Wild" confusion around your own net can do to a case you have not noticed he does better when he is left all alone...because we sure don't move anyone out of in front of him!

#22; #19; #11

#9; #13; #27

#71; #12; #26

#73; #18; #25

#36 and #55

#4 and #17

#14 and #39


The "Law of the Senators" since the days of Jacques... "Defence WINS!"

Coach...Get 'em ready...remind them about the start in St Louis, ya did a nice job there!

Remember it comes from Colie Campbell, through that former "Bad Ass" in the War Room to the Refs on the ice, so for your own sake STFU!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Colin Campbell, defender of the Head Shot!

How many times was Colin Campbell the NHL seventies, a scrappy, physical defender @ 5'9" (you get it in the head in every exchange), who fought, averaged about one concussion per city played in, he played in about 6 cities!

How smart is this man perceptive is he? Campbell worked for Jacques Demers for a long time in Detroit and never knew the man was illiterate?

Colie's biased and inconsistent rulings, were never challenged because they knew he was challenged and they were lose good players, "Franchise" players season after season thinking that "the American fans loved it", while losing millions (Eric Lindros - 50 mill) and congratulating "Old Scotty" himself a concussion victim is completely brain dead! That "Head Shot" remains on the books to this day as "Legit!"

Colie, fall on your sword, for your kid's sake, go out like a man...take the fall for the absence of a total no "Head Shot Rule" for over 40 years! You will be remembered not as a Tyrant of Officials but as "Head Shot Campbell!"

It's not the Goalie!

It's not the Coach, although I wish he had a little more status with the Refs.

It's not the Captain, although he could be a little more vocal.

It's not Gonchar, although he should be on the other side on the PP.

It's not "Rocco" although a penalty killer he is not.

It's not "EriK" although I wish he wasn't so dirty...joke!

It's not Fish although I wish he'd get well.

It's not Petr although he chose the "Devil's Number".

It's not the third line, although more production...goals are needed!

It's not Alexei, although he should shoot more...again!

It's not 9MM, although his wheels are gone!

It's not Foligno, although I'd have him in the top 6!

It's not Shannon, although he's not big enough.

It's not Carks, although I'd like to see him beat up a "Middle Weight" just to show the other team how mean he can be!

It's not our PK, although we should be using 4 sets of forwards minimum, with the number of penalties we receive!

It's not the goalie, he is SENsational!

It's the National House League's balancing act...they expect the fans to believe that 30 teams all spending different amounts of money are all almost equal and are fighting for a playoff's getting very tough to watch...

Note: I usta have my own League in the basement. I could always manage to get an all Canadian final every year...amazing...actually it was pretty easy!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The E-mail!

E-mail...marked "URGENT" your eyes only!

Time: 1959 EST @ the Time Keeper's Box

From: C.Campbell/War Room

To: Referee Dennis LaRue

Re: Ottawa Senators

Mr. LaRue, Lash, I don't care if you have to call three in a row, we want a momentum swing that will give the Blues the lead and continue on through out the game...if three is not enough call four, all in about the span of 12 minutes that ought to do it...break their backs/their spirit. They are divers & quitters...

Note: We are doing your performance appraisal at the end of November and we want all thirty teams fighting for a play off spot till game 60 of 82!

PS: You know my feelings about OTTAWA and players who come from there, you'll notice that there are none of my Referees, the ones that I own, are from Ottawa!

Hockey Fans vs Colin Campbell!

Let's not let this Palooka off the hook...

- The arrogance to not apologize to Marc Savard, oh ya I forgot he is from's unforgivable, who does this old JERK think he is?

- Many, many, too many years of inconsistent application of the Hockey Laws...brutal...a Sutterite Hockey IQ of about 50...similar electronic brain patterns...

- the stupidity to fight, at his size, a runt of 5'9", with John Weinsink...and he didn't win, contrary to what the Tranna guys think...that's a myth! It was a jump from the side and "Wrassle"...hang on for dear life! Ask Don Chery?

- the miss use of Power of Position Pressure to force out Stephen Walkom, he broke the man down mentally with more E-mails, Walkom, who in a fair fight would break him in half!

- How did the silly old fart ever rig that Labour Court Hearing, he must have got some "inside" help there big time..."Colie" was/is and will always be in big trouble with Referee Dean Warren...I don't know why some of the other "Wronged" Refs didn't speak up...there were enough of them!

So nothing is so bad, ya can't even ignore the old washed up geizzer!

And another thing, those stupid, childish, inaccurate explanations for fines and suspensions did and still do drive me right around the bend!

We need this one!

Home Call warning! They have lost 4 in a row. You are playin' the St. Louis Blues deep in the heartland.


Think...the hockey IQ of this team right now is around a Sutterite 50!

Play clean......we are not good enough to play dirty!

I don't think anyone hits as many posts as we do, we even have scored a bunch off the post...

One of the leaders must step up...Alfie, Rocco, Sarge somebody...

Kelly's line has to be better...

Phillips needs more support on left wing give him Foligno back...

#71; #12; #11

#1x; #19; #27

#73; #22; #25

#9; #18; #26

#4; #55

#17; #65

#14; #39


Coach, ya gotta somehow get 'em ready to play from the "get go"!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's time for Colie to go!

It's time for Colie, the Neanderthal, to go because:

- Harry Sinden and Bob Clarke are gone!

- hockey dad's should not be execs in the kid's league!

- leaning on the Referee-in-Chief, concerning another Official, when the issue was all did they ever win that Ruling? "Tampering"? Black Mail? Old Boy's Club?

- putting Stephen Walkom back on the ice (PRESSURE), to high lite an old man's short comings.

- allowing the Tranna Minor Penalty imbalance to continue (it's a sham), when in reality the best case 5 years ago was "Rock Bottom" and a rebuild...

- Daly, Campbell and especially the "Boss" have been there too long...remember Clarence Campbell end up a convicted "embezzler" and the "Eagle"...Power and Tenure corrupt...move these "Clowns out!"

- we know he can't get a regular hockey job, so put him out in the paddock, one of them Markham race horse pastures!

Tranna's Lee Versage the closet Leaf fan!

OK, Lee, the Referee explain:

- the make up calls at the end of "Every" Leafs' game!

- the projected "2 hour" imbalance in minor penalties the Leafs shall receive this season even if you count the "Make Up" calls.

- how some of the Refs (GTA guys) just only have a problem with those dirty Ottawa guys! And we are talking over a career!

- how you can call "too many men" every change on the fly but only certain teams seem to get that call? Ottawa gets 400% more than Montreal or Toronto!

- the number one (Pet peeve) the complete bogus phantom call at the most crucial time! Like when Tranna really needs a goal!

Note: your big Philly team could not score in the early going receiving five (5) minor penalties (nine (9) total) last night...they must be a pretty dirty team...oh no they just play dirty against Montreal not Ottawa!

Note 2: Seems like a lot of Tranna guys talking on the radio about my SENs...Lee Versage, Scott MacArthur, Phil Melanson (Montreal Leaf fan), Gordie Wilson, Mike Eastwood (Toronto Maple Leafs)...

Note 3: Lee, the only way the Yotes could score their forth goal was short handed because everytime they turned around there was another of their men in the "Box!"
I guess Ottawa will just have to get better scoring short handed, eh!

Monday, November 15, 2010

"Thor" can pith off!

- that's the worst "reffed" NHL game I've ever seen...get in the way why don't ya!

- Referee Rule Number one, "ya can't cause a foul and call a foul on the same play"...the Minor Officials in House League are better.

- 4th line with two good players needs a third guy, who scores every 150 shots!

- Brian Elliott is SENsational!!!

- Alfie's at 85%, Fish is at 80%, 9MM is at makes it tough...

- Calgary has the Sutterites, we have P-man, Gordie Wilson and his Propagandite Lieutenant Mike Eastwood...they should be made to listen to what they are saying!

Monday Night in Philly!

- It's 17 degrees and sunny, they have every door in the rink open...

- the pucks are stacked at the garbage door right beside the incinerator...

- the ice is like sugar cake...

- how do you build a brand new rink and not put in enough "Pipe!"...but you see they did...who in the name of the Broad Street Bullies wants fast ice...

- the Flyers think they are "pretty good"...they are getting the "Home Call" and more importantly they are getting the "Lacombe Bounce!"

- 6 D every body get's 20 minutes. What gives? What kind of coaching is have "Peahead" Pronger...he is supposed to be Super D.

- Pronger is cross checking everybody all over the place again...eventually they give him one minor penalty. This is the "New" way now for the "Bad Boy" Vets...4 infractions = one minor penalty!

- BO is OK but he's not Bryan Elliott!

- Laviolette, still has some blind spots...

- Claude Giroux is their best forward and he just realized that he didn't get enough money!

- Scotty Hartnell is the luckiest "Tipper inner" in the League!

- In a fair fight, we give these boys a run for it! This is going to be another good one.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Shut out!"

- Brian Elliott is truly a big time goal tender...tough...skilled...confident!

- Alfie clutch goal @ the right time!

- "Sarge" very cool tonight...lead us back there...

- "EriK" is "fast"...he recovers better than anyone in the league!

- Kuba = solid.

- Foligno and his 4th line are a wrecking crew! Hit of the night!

- "Rocco" with his "Offensive Tooth Pick" blows the easy flip out for the "Kill Team" resulting in 35 seconds of extreme pressure where Boston could have and should have scored!

- All Kelly and his two "Wingers" do is win the game for us every night!

- Chris Neil pushin' Chara around...sleep well!

Famous Cup Winning Goalie Tandems!

Thought of in 60 seconds:

Glenn "Chico" Resch and Billy Smith;

Jacques Plante and Glenn Hall;

Terry Sawchuk and Johnny Bower;

Grant Fuhr and Andy Moog.

The Boston Garden and it's inhabitants!

- It's 17 degrees and sunny, they have every door in the rink open...

- The pucks are stacked at the garbage door right beside the incinerator...

- The ice is like sugar cake...

- Brian McGratton is having the edge taken off his skates, he doesn't want to be too deep in the ice when he throws the big right hand...

- Thornton is thinking about his tape job, not for his stick but his wrist...Note: He tapes his wrist and fore arm almost to the elbow...

- Lucic is sitting there grinning like Rocky Marciano, thinking about his next victim...

- Chara is wondering how he could be more intimidating...make a rush lose the puck and squash Kuba...ya know we gotta test this guy???

- Tim Thomas is fighting with his focus...we are so easy for him???

- Coach Julien may have made the blunder of the week preparing for the last war instead of the one they have tonight...

- The Bruins have never seen our "A" road game...the attack forecheck...

- Our "Bad Ice" Power Play, "Sarge" and "EriK" can lay 'em flat with the best of 'em!

- Our best goalie in full force "Battle Mode!"

- This is going to be a better game than Chris Stephenson may think!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Not a fair fight!

- When you are going up against "Roberto" with our "Pascal", it ain't a fair fight!

- Don't give me the propaganda...we quit on him and he deserved it! DONE!

- Those guys are good!

- Ottawa Ontario on cool November night and we are playin' with a tennis ball on a very poor sheet of ice...get on the Ice Maker!

- Petr, well done!

- "Rocco" is no defencive specialist!

- "Sarge" ya salvaged us some pride, we liked that late goal!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Corperate memory/hockey recollections...just think!

- Where is our Coaching Staff's Collective Memory? Last year, I sat and watched my understaffed, broken (#17; #9; #27) and hurting Ottawa Senators, both Alfie and Fish were on the hobble and yes, Rocco was out there chasing Sid but his core was not 100%. When are we going to learn...conserve your energy...preserve your players...

- Put Pascal in.

- Make Kuba play they deserve to go in together...

- They, the media, keep saying the first day of Training Camp...Philippé has not played since mid March 2010...injured 6 times last year for a total of 30 games...broke his leg this year???

- "Rocco" the penalty killer is on for the last Atlanta PP GOAL and he is on for the last Tranna PP Goal...#19 has been on the "Kill Team" for three games. His kill rate in the clutch at the end of the game zero (0 for 2)...he is simply not very good at it...too passive...

Note: Gentlemen, history repeats itself, the trick is to make your own luck so that it does not repeat on you...for Regin to be still wearing #13 is a hockey sacrilege...Petr bend to the Hockey Gods, "Thor" was number 4, he was out there with you in sweater 43!

The "Kill".

The Penalty Kill, note the connotation of the word kill...

- PK or Kill to cause the death of an organized power play, or the act of doing so!

- the "Kill Team" forwards, who were originally big tough and not particularly skilled guys chosen to sacrifice their energy and "body" in the "execution" of their task!

- one big job that we often forget is if the D-man gets trapped in the corner it's the forward's job to clear the slot or at least get in there and "Wrassle" for position.

- one big job that we don't forget is picking up the ring around from our defenceman on the side wall in order to clear the puck. Colour me very, very, very vulnerable!

- blocking point shots, forget it, but every once in a while you either get there too early or too doesn't matter you pick up "Grape Shot" right from the mussel of the "Howitzer!" This shot carries great potential injury! Especially for some of the more offencive forwards as they don't know how to protect themselves!

- Big #19, has been bothering the other team's huge point man during the power play, being tall, gangley, with a long reach and stick makes him particularly annoying. "Here" comes the ringaround, the big point man pinches, thinking I either get the puck "or" I squash this guy, who scores in multiple bunches and is their first line "Super" center...not only will win win the game we will probably knock 'em out of first place!

Coach Clouston, you "fire ball", this is very poor, short sighted coaching, don't burn yourself out trying to be the smartest guy in the room! Let "Rocco" take the draw and then get him off! Note: If he's not winning the draw he should not be out there in the first place!

Note II: We haven't even touched on the "cronic problems"...

Note III: Coach, in case you haven't noticed, your dressing room is already half empty for practice right now, Alfie's whole line should only play the practice...don't hurt "Rocco" on the PK!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

4 Lines Won!

- ya gotta lock down the easy ones, well done.

- Spezza and Alexei shooting the puck...a beautiful sight!

- Chris Phillips, cool over...let's go have some fun!

- Elliott just looked so confident! And he's getting the "Lacombe Bounce!"

- the POWER PLAY is officially dominant...2/3!

- 4 lines nice to watch.

- Alfie killin' on the first one..."Rocco" was killin' on the last one...just saying!

- I'd send #17 home to visit his mother for a couple of weeks!

"Special Teams!"

As old Coach Jacques usta say: "Specialty" teams win hockey games!

- a full complement of forwards means you can/should use 'em all!

- 2nd PP Unit starting first tonight, all night, Alexei, Petr, Neiler up front Sarge and EriK shootin' BBs! (OK, Ball Bearings/SSG.)

- first unit going out second all night, "Rocco", 9MM, Fish up front Alfie and Campoli trying to hit Fish in the hands in front! (Old hockey expression...put it on his stick)

- Kelly and Jaarkkko first "Kill Team!"

- Fish and 9MM second "Kill Team!"

- Foligno and Shannon/Winni third "Kill Team"

- Alfie gets a rest on the PK until the game hangs in the balance at the end!

- "Rocco", only if we are under extreme pressure late in the penalty and ya want him for a big draw in our end!

Note: "Denis' Hot Rubber" keep asking the Ref for a "Frozen Puck", the guys from "Hotlanta" have not seen a "Cold" puck since the last time they were here.

Monday, November 8, 2010

We used to love to see "Carson!"

Carson Ryan, the big center iceman for the Shawville Pontiacs. "The Best, they ever had!"

- We used to love to see Carson Ryan come out to kill off the penalty because we knew that was the end of their offence for the rest of the period! He'd just scored two, one even and one on the PP!

- Coach, if your "number one" center man is also playing "number one" on your number one Power Play, he can't be one of your top penalty killers...we're talkin' 27, 28 minutes a game!

- We know you are a very savvy hockey man, maybe the smartest guy in the room but "Rocco" has never played these kinds of minutes and never gas this illusion, penalty killing is good honest important work!

PS: Seasons have been known to turn on Coaching blunders such as this!

PPS: Now that we have a full roster I'd only use Alfie in an emergency!

Note: Datsyuk had one shift on the PK and Zetterberg had 23 seconds...these guys are energy "Buzz Buttons!"

The calm before the storm!

- we are going to win 3 of the next 5, I can feel it...and that is acceptable at this point!

- Jason "Rocco" Spezza is not a penalty killer...let him take the draw if you must but then get him off!

- Dave Hale with his shirt off makes the "China Doll" look like one of those Czech ballet dancers! I'd make #17 play five in Elmira!

- Nick Foligno will give you a good effort where ever you play him, Flash and Nick deserve as much ice as you can find for 'em!

- 9 MM is just what the Doctor ordered for Alfie and Fish...a little picker upper!

- Kelly and Jaarkkko will benefit from #25 seeing some PP time, it will slow his metabolism a bit!

- if I had to play Pascal one game I'd give him Vancouver but let's hope we don't see him at all!

- Guy's if you skate well, it lessens the chance ya get out coached...just sayin'!

- If you skate well, ya rarely get a too many men penalty!

- With this team if we skate well, we win!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Late Call...Saturday Night!

Eugene: Bryan, Nik just hung up the phone, he's fired up, he wants us in First place by January 1st, 2011.

Bryan: What's the play?

Eugene: OK...move Lee...anywhere...this makes room for one extra forward so Coach Clouston can rotate ZacH and Winni...Dave goes down but on a very short leash...we got some big money DEFENCEMEN, who have yet to prove their worth this season...

Bryan: What's old Nik think about the goal tending situation?

Eugene: Bryan, do you really have to ask!

Bryan: OK...have Canucnik prepare his recommendations.


#9; #12; #11

#1x; #19; #27

#73; #22; #25

#71; #1y; #26

#4 and #55

#17 and #65

#14 and #39

#30 #3z

"Tour de Force!"

That game was a Tour de Force by Alexei up front and Brian in the net.

Before we get out our little catty comments on the Habs second goal, listen to what your head coach had to say!

Big game ZacH, nice goal!

"EriK" your speed on defence is a pleasure to watch, just skate 'em into the ice and take "your" puck off ' to a big hit it's almost as demoralizing to the attacking forward!

Chris Phillips, Volchy's legacy, you are now, in between all the time...either too far out or too much toward the middle...retreat further to your net where you are safer. Just as you regained your puck skills ya gotta get the "Feel"...your "FEEL!"

Alfie, either you or "Rocco" gotta cary it in for the first Power Play Unit, you guys are not quick or rough enough for your poor dump ins...I don't know what's wrong with Fish, he looks like he's out there on one leg! Maybe he is!

"Rocco" out there killin' for Kelly...Coach, you are on very thin are one "Wrasslin' Match" away from "DOOM!"

It's nice to see the guys passing the load around from game to game...Alfie got us goin'...Fish in Tranna..."Sarge and EriK"..."Rocco's" 4 pointer and tonight Alexei with "Ells" just gettin' it done game after game!

Message "Recieved!"

ZacH, ya got the message but don't let that deter you from "Letting them know you are there!"

Chris Neil, we want ya comin' hard early just like the old ya remember when you would intimidate their whole team, however if we are winnin' going away in the third put it on cruise control because you are a natural target for the ZEBRA!

Chris Phillips, confidence is the single most important factor in this game, and no matter how great your natural talent, there is only one way to obtain and sustain it: work!

Sergei's shot ain't no spinner. "Sarge's" tape job is like the rifling in the gun barrel of a Sovetsky Soyuz 16" sea rifle, (superior to the Bismarck), the puck revolving faster than most. It hits you like a ton of bricks, Gonchar hit Roloson on the shoulder and the puck just spun pass him without hardly changing direction, knockin' Dwayne to the center of the net!

Coach Clouston, no amateurs on the PK, the Habs PP is too sophisticated, Alfie and Fish after Kelly and Ruutu...repeat!

Note: Our break out, either wins or loses for us tonight!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Montreal - March 22nd, 1894!

- Ottawa/Montreal, the first ever Stanley Cup Game! Ya could look it up!

- the Habs crowd...tin horns, leather lungs and a general rabble predominated! They remind the author of "Euro Football Rowdies!"

- the "ice was fairly good!" (It's never been "good ice" for us in 115 years, Ottawa teams always had lots of speed.)

- the referee forgot to see too many things...except for an Ottawa disallowed goal...I kid you not!

- the match resulted in favour of a less talented Montreal team by 3 goals to 1!

- after a game in Quebec the next year that Ottawa won 3 to 2, the two officials were sized by angry fans and dragged back into the rink, with the aim of forcing them to declare the match a draw...Ottawa has never got a call since!!!!

- Last night, the Habs are changing on the power play, the Buffalo defenceman has the puck all alone in center ice, Gionta is 30' from the Montreal bench, #57, Pouliot, jumps on behind the Buffalo guy, surprises him and takes the call now that's what I call too many men! Note: the Zebra did not want to break their (Montreal's) perfect too many men penalties for two years! It's no wonder with calls like that! Remember ya can call it (TMMOTI) every shift change on the fly and we seem to get one every other night!

Friday afternoon!

- Pascal is unmentionable...passé...our Super-Sub...

- Philippé is not ready and he likes it that way...he will tell us what game he will come back for...the Habs @ Centre Bell in Montréal on Saturday night...are you kidding?

- ZacH is being sent to purgatory for hockey's original sin...stupidity!

- Butler is in Montreal!

- We gotta do something with Brian Lee!

- We gotta do something to keep Dave Hale!

- We gotta do something with Jacques Martin...let's get him lookin' at the clock again...the score clock!

- this is game number 14 for Petr...let's hope he's over the hump...over the jinx!

- No "Rocco" on the PK...I repeat: "No #19 on the PK!"

- Time for our designated "Roadster" big Mike Fisher to have a huge game!

- Price is down early a lot...boys, this is a very good sign for us!

- We shall see if Markov is still shaky tonight in nice if the Habs drop the ball again!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Too loose for the Habs!

- a big game from our goalie, when you win 4-1 and get out shot again...your goal tender has been very, very good again!

- when your number one center can produce 4 offensive points a game ya don't have "Rocco" out there killin' penalties!

- David Hale deserves to keep our "China Doll" on the shelf in the infirmary for another week of games!

- Coach Clouston, playing with the lead, this has become a "Coaching Issue", we are not retreating back far enough in our own zone to help the DEFENCE and we are not taking care of the puck...the safe play, boys...saves a lot of energy!

- Chris Neil, you are in one of your brain dead phases, that's two or three games now where you take the "Bad" penalty in the offensive zone at the "Bad" time in the game..."Wake Up!"

- Keep rehearsing the Power Play, it looks terrific but we got a long way to go should be one of the best in the league!

Beware the Isles of November!

- we need another big game from our goalie and our POWER PLAY!

- I would give Philippé a quick ten games in Bingo but we know it's a money thing...did you catch him doing the circle drill...favouring his bad leg! (50 games)

- Alfie hit the trainer's table at 9am and we'll see ya at game time!

- "Sarge" keep talking to them guys, cause ya know ya got their attention now!

- Coach, Rocco ain't no penalty killer, teach him, don't smell him! We know he gets cold but it's not like we're playin' "out door" hockey!

- Tranna (we're watching!) plays the Russians in D.C. tonight, gets skated into the ice but...manages to get one more Power Play than the CAPs in regulation and were ahead 3-2 in the third until OV scored a PP goal of his own. They like to be just like us they got a point. Minor PPs 59...Minor PKs 50...they are still projected to be over an hour ahead of everyone else in the league for 82 games!

Note: #42 Tranna, with both skates in the crease, his arse in Brian Elliott's face the other they give the SOB (Kuleman) the goal...too much...give me a break!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It was usual Tranna, it was tough, it was dirty, it was unfair, ya have to beat the Leafs, the Zebra and the "War Room"...but we got the "W"!

- #35 Blue in the opening ceremony skates up to the Blue Line in the semi-darkness, he looked like two guys or the "Blob" from a horror film!

- the Leafs play better with out their Captain...Komo is done like dinner...Wilson just expects the call, he doesn't even have to look at the replay!

- Coach Clouston, we love ya, but why on a team full of good penalty killers are we using a Seven Million Dollar hockey player with a chronic bad back and sore groin as a penalty killer...and don't give me that draw BS, that's just poor coaching...

- Brian Elliott just improves every game...and that's pretty good!

- Nick Foligno gets to sit up front with Bryan on the Charter home and tell Mr. Murray how he was really the Second Star tonight...and he was!

- Alfie will play until he's well into his 40's or until he wants to pack it in! He's "extraordinary!"

- Kuba is up...he had an effect on Hale's game...

- We're no powerhouse yet but it's getting better each if that "Power Play" starts shakin', look out!


- It's Tranna, it will be tough, it will be dirty, it will be unfair...let's just get the "W".

Second cycle through...

#12; #19; #11

#71; #1x; #27

#73; #22; #25

#26; #18; #1y

#4 and #55

#36 and #65

#39 and #14


Forget the player's numbers, turn your luck, make your luck!

Note: If a guy ain't scoring for 8 or 9 games (1x) ya don't move him to the wing from center, where he was contributing some good passes, some solid play!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Nik's Premonition!

Clairvoyance...I am only "Clairvoyant" about my hockey team the Ottawa SENATORS, when we heard that Petr was going to change his number I was alarmed but when we first saw him in his #13 sweater I had the worst premonition that he would not only have some bad luck himself but that it could and would effect the whole squad. I even considered changing my prognostication for the up coming season!

Serious blunders call for serious fixes...lose that "Number"!

There have been some instances where that number didn't bother it's player...but in the vast majority of cases it's a bum and the guy wearing it is/was a bum!

As I stated very early on, I think it is/was a bad idea and I still do! Unless it has become an us and them Euro/North American thing! Change the number Petr!

Note: Often a player wearing #13 after being sent to another team for poor play, changes his number when he gets there.

Memo to P. Regin: "If I was your golf coach, a player of your ability gone cold, I'd make you change your 64 degree wedge, the 13th club in the bag!"

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday thoughts!

- Tuesday night at the "Home Call" ACC it doesn't matter where the ZEBRA come from but they will just happen to be from the the GTA..."Logistics!" Question: "Will the SENs' penalty Box be big enough?"

- Greg Millen, the game colour guy/commentator's helper, just happens to be born in Toronto, works for Leafs TV and writes on the official web site of the Toronto Maple Leafs...what gives? for a goalie, he is terrible!

- On the Leafs site they have a picture of the "Largest" goalie (J-S G) to ever play pro goals...the four corners are clipped to make him look smaller...he's on an angle to further reduce the shock (all camera men, who photograph "large" people, do this)...have you ever seen him, in his pads, straight on and standing...have you ever seen him, in all his glory, with his butt stuck in the net cam...I count 5 measurements in excess of the very generous rules...ya got see him live because they will not show him on TV!

Note: J-S G, the B-- B--- B---- B---l's picture has been taken down, I assume he's been put back in the closet where they hide him!

- Memo to Kaye Whitmore, the NHL's busy goalie measurer, I know ya missed "Just an over Sized Guy" a couple times in California, he always seemed to have a cold but if ya don't get to Tranna to take your measurements before they are out of the play offs whats the point?? By the way your explanation on NHL TV is "Bafflegab"...did you ever work for Stephen Harper?

- Komisarek is beatin' up small forwards "again", so ZacH, take one for the team and demolish this "Fakir", pull the arm out of it's socket because he will not fight with you, he will try to "Wrassle" and hang on!

- Chris, #3, their so called Captain, needs a lesson early!

- Kessel has lost his confidence, he thinks he's all they got and he is right, don't give him any encouragement! "Thank you, Kessel!"

- Wilson is about to lose it...don't be afraid to chirp him..."Mr. Wilson, why would an American Master Mind want to coach this pathetic team in Canada!"

- Burkie's "Rough Necks" are the cleanest team in the league...that's the biggest joke of all...

- In a "fair fight" type game, we are still too good for these guys! I'm still mad because they fixed us that first game in Tranna!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

To the Head Zebra!

- Boys, it's official we are the Eastern Conference "Patsies!"

- that make up "Goalie Interference" call was supposed to be called on Tranna...come on get your act together, it "stinks!" You guys stink. And...and the wrong f*&$%n ZEBRA called it, he's supposed to be watching the puck...yuck! The S.O.B was on the wrong side, behind the corner of the net, out of position to make that that jerk out!

- Chris Phillips, in his "13th" season...I hope that's not a retirement project on his work bench..

- Petr Regin, good old 1x, is totally discombobulated by that unlucky number on his back...he cannot win a draw...complete a pass or get a shot through to the net...he should be sent down and his sweater burnt!

- our guys have a way too much respect for Chara, I think they are afraid of him.

- the Bruins are ruining the game...they got too much talent to have to play the trap!

- Like basketball the "Trap" should be legislated out of the game!

- "Road Hockey", 25 shots...ten clean break aways...what are we doing!

- Greg Millen is a little too "Tranna" for me...he does our games, he's all over our radio, did the TMLs not want him, he's a hometown boy after all...I thought we got rid of him a couple years back!

- And Eastie don't give us that NHL Propaganda that there was lots of time to make it's baloney and you know it! Trust me no one agrees with you on this one!

- Tranna tonight 3 minor penalties/PPs to none in the first period...a 50-42 advantage thus far this season...why can't we see some refereeing like that...we were the home team and we got the most penalty minutes again tonight!

Alfie wants to play with Fish!

- I told ya, Alfie wants to continue to play with Fish and #11 told his Head Coach that also!

- We woulda gone all the way and put Jason on that line also at centre, #12; #19; #11...load 'em up!

- Alex (aka Mario Lemieux) loves playing with his kids, #1x and #71...

- Coach ya gotta play Kelly vs Bergeron and let Chris Neil and Jaarko just feast on the Boston Wingers every draw...I mean "Let 'em know you are there!"

- Chris Kelly make the Ref make Bergeron put his stick down (Flush) every time and talk to Patrice, chat him up, he cheats...he likes the "Edge"...that's why he's so good @ it!

- Big game for our 4th line tonight, they can't get caught "stoogin'" around at the far end anymore!

- Don't go near Timmy Thomas tonight, leave him alone, don't hit him...if he gets "fired up" he is unbeatable...maybe he will fall asleep.

- "EriK" this is your game..."they 'll be comin' for ya!"...surprise the sh*t out of them...dazzle 'em!

Note to Peter/Silver you ever have an original thought or have turned into a the way "El Fuego" is correct, it's Hispanic slang for "He's glorious!" or "He's on fire!" Ya could look it up!

Friday, October 29, 2010


- if Jason isn't 110% I'd hold him out 1 more game...Coach ya change a winning line up at your peril!

- Chris Phillips looks like he's got a big project under way at his work bench, just like two seasons ago he looks like he has a bad case of "Shop Worker's Hands"...

- Probable lines if Jason plays...ZacH gets the ride in the Limo...

#9; #19; #11

#26; #12; #25

#73; #22; #18

#71; #1x; #27

#65 and #36

#39 and #14

#4 and #55

Elliott but Lehner gets the Tranna game...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

When ya get your Sea Legs under ya, you win the draw!

- Nice goin' boys, 61%...67% for Chris Kelly in the face off circle!

- Petr is snake bit!

- Alfie, you and 9MM no more skatin' on game day unless ya want to and ya don't have to practice anymore either!

- "Sarge", you tested my faith, but instead of coming late with this squad ya gotta come takes awhile to get to know these guys but they are a good bunch with some talent!

- Coach, close the "Infirmary" and send those guys and their $15 mill to Elmira...joke!!

- Alex keep talkin' (teaching) to "Mario" and Petr, they think they are playing with Mario Lemieux...

- I have said something similar to this before but Mr. Hale may have just played Kuba from the "Infirmary" to the Press Box!

- Another solid performance by our Number One Goal Tender!

- Jaarko was the best passer on the ice tonight next to Alfie!

- Philly with speed boys like "Flash", Petr, "Mario", Fish and 9MM brakin' it out and "Sarge" standing beside you, don't handle the puck, ya don't have to...

- Coach Clouston keep your "Teaching Easel" at hand and in use, the really good ones learn something new everyday! Note: I meant it for the players but it applies to the Coaches also!

Draw Tips!

Some draw tips to use on the "Souped up, psyched up" Panthers...

- We 're at home, always make the Ref make the Florida guy put his stick down first...then play for the delay!

- in your own zone if the other center man's play is to draw the puck back, go by his blade and tap his shaft hard just above the is physiological and psychological, his up and back stroke will come up short leaving the puck for you every time!!

- Denis' "Hot Rubber" are playing at home in Canada, insist of the time keeper and the Refs that they keep cycling "Frozen Pucks" into the game...most of the centers who play in America don't see a frozen puck from one end of the season to the next. Note: Don't let PM keep the "Good puck...the one in play!"

- If they are tying you up every draw, get Alfie to politely ask the Ref to drop the puck flat so a least ya get a chance to win the draw "clean!" Often people (the Refs) need a reminder!

- when the Refs see that all four centers on your team mean business it gets their attention...they pride themselves on dropping the puck well when they are concentrating!

- winning the draw is a skill but it's hard attention!

- if you are a Left Hand shot "bark" at your Right Winger...keep him in the game...he can help you big time!

- a guy in Baltimore invented artificial ice but he did it for the fancy skaters not Canadian hockey players...hassel your ice maker before every game!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


- #13, this will be my last post on Petr's has hurt us but it is now time to move on...

- Parting shots...three assists in nine games just doesn't cut it...

- there is no thirteenth floor in most hotels...even the Race Horses at Santa Anita have no stall number 13.

- Luck...what's luck...luck is not letting history repeat itself on you personally!

- Sequence...notice Coach Clouston has never tried #11; #12 and #13 together!

So in summation...#13's power is best ignored!

Note: The SENs have Petr pictured in #43!

The "Refs!"

- If the Ref doesn't make the Visiting Center put his stick down first on the ice the Home Team loses all it's advantage...which you are supposed to have.

- the young Refs, the "Newbies", just up from the bushes, don't have a regular rhythm and every once in a while fake dropping the puck, this is murder on the timing of your center ice men.

- we need a dry land "Draw" competition...all centers...Ron Shock, Captain of the Penguins, 1976!

- the Leafs in a pretty evenly called "fair fight" type game get that gift from Stephen Walkom...can you imagine if that call had gone against Tranna!! One or two of those a year can keep your season going...

- Tranna still maintains a large minor penalty (power play) advantage over their opposition while fielding one of the "Dirtiest teams in the league!"

- Florida should have called J-S G (Just a Supersized Guy) for being the largest (Blue and White) beach ball the League has ever seen and had Walkom make Tranna forfeit the game! I count at least 5 measurements he exceeds!

- Stephen Walkom, like all come backs if you are past the "Best Before"'re done!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nine seconds to get their "Sea Legs!"

- If the two Big Russians can keep their CONFIDENCE, we are on our way!

- Karlsson and Kovalev, 9 seconds a new Record, could be a season turner!

- Goal tending like we saw tonight can turn a team around!

- We're still not playin' great "D" but it's coming!

- Jason, we need you for the draw among other things...

- Don't, I repeat do not change the power play!

- Let Fish try the wing with "Flash" and "Winni"...on second thought we need Fish in the face off circle!

- 4 lines...4 lines... do you know how long it's been since we had 4 lines! Coach Clouston, ya get some credit for this!

Bryan, we need a "Ringer!"

- Bryan, a ringer, a goal scorer, a Guerin!

- Coach Clouston, ya take "Flash" Shannon to one side and tell him, he's playing with Alex and Petr...the Senators, his career, his whole life depends on him to score tonight!

- Chirp's banner is wrong...wrong season...Heatley's number in use...unlucky #13...#33, St. Patrick, the wrong number for this team...1000 points, 1000 games, 1000 points again, 1000 penalty minutes, 1000 penalty minutes again these are numbers for the "Hall of Fame" not a current team!

- Bryan, I think we need a Numerologist (to unilaterally change all the numbers except #11), a CAPologist (we should be getting some of that cash that's burning away in the Infirmary) and one of those Rah Rah Power of Positive Thinking guys!

- Boys, ya shoulda put the kid in there can he save ya if you don't put him in the NET!

Note: I have moved my Pyramid to the point of ATTACK!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Play the kids!

Bryan, ya gotta see what ya got...

- Put Lehner in the net, he says he stops 'em all in practice...

- Bring up Butler, ZacK and his unlucky number goes to Bingo...

- Play Jason hurt, he's been playing hurt for 7 years...

- Make #13 (Petr) change his number, it's killing us and he hasn't had any luck other than bad with it's a jinx in North America...Note: "Norse Myth" having thirteen (13) people seated at the table will result in the death of one of the diners!!

- distribute the minutes of your three pairs (#36/#65; #4/#55; #14/#39) more evenly, stop trying to match until you see how each pair is doing that particular night...

- start handing out fines for shots not taken...that unnecessary third pass, I'd bench the guy...this includes "Erik" on the Power Play...

- Coach Clouston, when your team is getting out pinched, out skated, out hustled...take your time out...and really give it to these's one of the few things you can do early in a game...

- these guys have been coddled enough...start ripping individuals...

- put Petr and Kovalev on the 4th line try to establish 4 stronger lines again...

- spend beyond the CAP...try stuff...roll 'em around...up and down...when ya gut this bunch next year your are going to be rolling around in CAP cash...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Habs too fast for us tonight!

- if they got the puck, then we don't!

- my pyramid is not strong enough to over come unlucky #15 and unholy #13!

- we can't score...heck we cannot hit the net!

- "EriK", the Power Players work for 30 seconds to get you that "look" from 15 feet...take the shot!

- Jersey blanks the Habs, Habs shut us out, Buffalo blanks Jersey, we beat Buffalo...what gives?

- we're so fragile, unlucky #15 gets fouled, Habs come down and score with two of our guys trapped in their end! Turning point????

- Elliott has to figure out that rebound off the back comes right back out to his left foot! That's about 3 times I've seen that one now!

- KOvy maybe done!

- Jason is a big hole to he done? Are we done?

- $15.8 mill in the infirmary, it's too much, too tough for us!

- Bad teams get nervous playing in front of their own fans!

- Let's give Robin a start...before "Fancy Feet" returns!

- When your team consists of "old smoothies" make sure ya freeze the "Gosh Darn" was bad enough in Buffalo last night, Denis called it "Hot Rubber" but in your own rink...ya freeze those babies "Rock Hard".


Toughest shots to stop!

- For the record, a goal tender's toughest shot to stop is a late deflection. No chance!

- Second toughest shot is a screened "Pin Ball" shot...Buffalo's first goal!

- Third toughest was when the shot blocker #24 goes for the shot block gets caught half way, screens the goalie and does not block the shot...automatic goal.

- Forth toughest when the D-man half heartedly throws his stick in the way of a big "Boomer" from the top of the circle creating a diversion and causes the goalie to momentarily lose sight of the puck. You are doing nothing to make yourself look good, you are doing nothing to help your goalie...note #14 got chewed up pretty good when he got to the bench...let your goalie clearly see the puck if you are not going to stop it!

- If you guys did not realize you got a Grant Fuhr type performance from your goalie last night then WE CAN NOT HELP YOU! Twenty (20) pressure packed shots in the third when it mattered rebounds...ya could just see the Ottawa DEFENCEMEN gaining in confidence...come on people look at what you are were not getting that earlier in the season!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Congratulations Alfie...1000 points...#75!

- Style, the "Hat Trick", Alfie ya did it in style!

- big game by a guy who looked like the old Chris Phillips.

- Brian Elliott played like a "Pyramid Powered" goalie in the 3rd! 20 shots!

- "Mario", that's the best DEFENCIVE game you have ever played!

- KOvy, ya was just warming for those Habs tomorrow!

- Big #9, big game!

- Shannon nice goal, nice goin'.

- I'd bring up two (2) give Winni a game off he's hurtin' and he can't see!

Phillips best vs Buffalo!

- Chris Phillips has played his best hockey over his career in big games against Buffalo.

- Give Phillips to "EriK" and start 'em...25 minutes each no PP time...extreme DEFENCIVE concentration! "EriK" gets Roy all night...a battle of the Titans!

- Brian Elliott will make a game saver/winner in the 3rd period's what starting goalies do!

- Petr will score tonight as my "Pyramid" will nullify that number on his back!

- "Mario" go to the net and push that big kid around a little, he's not nearly as tough as they make him out to be!

- our starting/winning DEFENCE pairings...Phillips and "EriK"; Campi and "Sarge"; Carks and Hale.

- And above all play as clean and smart (Too many men) as ya can because we are the designated "Patsies" this year!

- Coach Clouston have that blank cheque made out to "Con Man Colin" Campbell/NHL Flower Fund, stuck in your back pocket because one of these nights you are going to have to take the big one...the big "fine" cause ya gotta get the ZEBRA off your team!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

No record for Tranna!

- No record cause #81 a slash and you knew the "Even up" was coming he was not going to have to serve it all down a man. NY gets a bullsh*t interference call half way through because they were coming too close.

- 3 PPs for the Leafs to 1 for the Rangers, two nothing! First frame.

- I counted 9 infractions the Leafs committed in the first period that Ottawa would have been called interference and tripping on the same guy on the same play!

- PM work on your "inside"'s when the guy stands "in front" of ya not behind you! (Kaberle)

- PM stop telling these great young kids they need "to find a step"...coming from a guy who was a step too slow, an inch too short, a pound too light and a tad too "soft".

- PM start giving the pucks back...we know you are keeping them for yourself!

- 5 Tranna PPs to two, not enough tonight!

- Armstrong cross checks Girardi in the neck and knees him in the call...then #9?? scores their only goal...and yes with in 10 seconds here comes the "Chicken Wing" phantom call...give me a break, this was a 4 or 5 nothing shut out for Byron tonight!

Note: For the record Burkie's "Rough Necks" in 6 games have a 35-27 advantage in PPs, but not one night have they been penalized more than their opponent...5-3; 8-7...that's Ottawa, 4 minors after the score was 5-1; 4-4 on the road; 9-7; 4-4 on the road, and 5-2 last night...guess what that projects out to?? That is a 100 minute advantage/differential over the course of the season! And that's with the even up calls!

Torts sits Lundquist!

- Guess Big John Tortorella with his team struggling and going against Tranna @ the "Home Call" ACC, has thrown in the towel!

- In five games in the first period this year the Leafs have received one double minor in Pittsburgh, "Luke" cut the guy bad they had to call it but the Zebra gave Tranna a 5 on 3 to start the second and score two to get the lead back. This would not be so pathetic if it wasn't so obvious! Buffalo, Boston and Ottawa be forewarned the "Controllers" mean business!

- these guys don't score unless it's on a PP or off the momentum of several PPs.

- the Blue an' White Beach Ball will be in the net again tonight...largest goalie, in his equipment, to ever play pro goals! I think he is in violation of about 5 measurements.

- if both Refs are from a 100 mile radius of the GTA...hold the phone...that "Box" ain't big enough.

- I don't blame Torts, I'd sit the "Bad Boy" also cause ya know they are going to try and make an example of him!

Note: If the Leafs make it through the first period with out a 2 minute minor being called on them, it will be an NHL Record, 6 games in a row to start the season...and counting...

Note 2: If I was "Burkie", I'd be embarrassed for my "Rough Necks"...what a record to have?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The "Supernatural!

Just went out and acquired a magical 1970's Egyptian Pyramid. It's a lucky 7 inches all around, every dimension...has King Tut himself out front. A lot of people don't believe but a lot of people do...preserves old boys...sharpens ya up...improves your ya more could we not give this a try!! I placed it right under my computer...I can feel the energy surge already!

The Egyptians were not a democracy, many democracies, like the NHL, are not fair, but their society worked very well one of the most efficient ever, they were moral and truthful, if you stole or cheated them they "cut your hand off"

So relax let "Pyramid Power" do it's thing...we beat Buffalo Friday night we can still turn this thing around!

PS: If I was Head Coach, I would have a séance, an exorcism and a dressing room burning of Number 13. Notice #15 did nothing for ZacH!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Red's Pyramid!

Am seriously searching for Red Kelly's Pyramid (Power), at one point in time they were in every dollar store and even some expensive Jewellers in Ottawa.

The projection for twenty games is about 7 wins; 10 loses and 3's not good enough!!! Bad luck, the Hockey Gods and the Tranna Office (the Controllers) have conspired to hold us back.

So unless we lose those unlucky sweater numbers and break the luck with some heavy Pyramid Power we are headin' for the trash heap.

This is a beautiful hockey team, old and graceful, talented, skilled, brave but when it's not your's not your turn!

I think in a fair fight we would have run away with the Eastern Conference!

Note: Ya know what I love about Tranna, they are kickin' the snot out of us, so the Zebra give 'em a 5 on 3 to start the third to go up 5 - 1 then they fill the "Box" to even it up...and we are supposed to swallow this sh*t!!

Note 2: So ya think I'm nuts...Montreal/Leafs 1st period two (2) PP's to none...Ottawa/Leafs 1st period two (2) PP's to none...Pittsburgh/Leafs 2nd period Pens up one Tranna gets a 5 on 3 and scores two...NYR/Leafs one PP to none...Is this bunch of Burkie's rough necks really the cleanest team in the league??? Our game I counted three infractions on us when we could have bounced back but the phantom call to snuff that thought out!

Hockey Superstition!

- Ya don't play "Kitty bar the door" because it don't work...almost always the other guys score!

- Ya let your goalie go out first because he's the most important guy on the team!

- You don't take a great player's number, especially if he played the same position as you, because it's bad luck...#33...that's why teams hang 'em up!

- Number the "Death" Card in a Tarot Deck...the number is poison...Petr, this is your lucky game seven, if ya don't score in Buffalo lose that sweater're killin' us!

Note: ZacH, I would not have touched an Ottawa Sweater with #15 on it, it may be still toxic as you are finding out!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I forgot!

- The fix was in, Pittsburgh had not won a game in their new rink yet! Note: I have been and stand corrected!

- Too many men is a penalty that can be called on every change on the fly...they should make it a play stoppage not a penalty!

- On the same play our guy takes a slash on the hands, top glove, ya hear it,the pop, all over the rink!

- Boy, this is going to be a long run to first place in the second half of the season.

- Lehner sure looks good in our net...big, huge, tall, full!

- Brian Lee is not a National League Defenceman. Yorkie, Picard will be still going up and down when Lee is long gone.

- Petr, either score a goal or lose that unholy, unlucky and useless are a jinx!

- Alfie and "EriK" should play together as often as we can afford to!

- Stop ragging the refs, those Tranna guys already dislike your talented bench! Note: 75% of all Refs are born within a hundred miles of the GTA.

- To Bob/Calgary...guys from Ottawa, who go to Alberta are called "Nouveau Cowboys", we shall keep Bryan if only he gets Regin to change his number!!

Short Game!

In golf when you are having trouble scoring it almost always is your short game. With the power and skill we now can throw on the ice the solution is not the pretty goal but the dirty goal that is needed.

- I want to see somebody knock someone down in front of their net tonight or at least hurt themselves trying!!

- "Mario" and you know we love haven't been within twenty feet of the net for about three games!

- Phillips, forget about how fast your feet are moving, leave your skate blades in the ice and help ol' Carks because youse guys will have your ass full tonight with #71 and #87!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

To Coach Clouston!

- "Player Directive 2010-#1"

- Give Neiler back to his/your best line with Kelly, Jaarko misses him.

- Petr gets a shot with Fish and "Mario".

- Leaving #26; #18 and #15 on the 4th line.

- Leave KOvy to watch his old "Alma Mater", just for a game!

- I'd give Lehner a start to shake it up...he's too big for "Gino" and way too big for Sid!

#9; #19; #11

#71; #12; Petr

#73; #22; #25

#26; #18; #15

#65 and #5

#14 and 39

#4 and #55


- I think there are two numbers that are a jinx for us right now...Petr changing to #13 and Pascal thinking he was St. Patrick/#33 last year!

- Fleury is struggling right now...happy feet, over committing, down too early and too long, not catching the puck cleanly......have we seen this act before...let's shell this guy!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

With our DEFENCE ya gotta score 5!

- When ya get up three to one in the second ya gotta keep pushing for that 5th goal!

- With Chris Phillips and our DEFENCE this year 5 will be our lucky and only number!

- We didn't get a man advantage after the 5 minute mark of the first!

- When the other guys get 40 shots...ya lose!

- Elliott was very good tonight!

- Lehner looks terrific, big, strong, big, cool, big and very large!

- We're comin' just very slowly...the Zebra are going to make sure that this year Tranna and the Habs will have to fold in the second half to miss the play offs...Buffalo and Boston are in the same boat as us!

- Put #73, #22, #25 back together, give #13 to Fish and "Mario", forget the 4th line for Pittsburgh...

Don't worry be happy!

In every life ya have some trouble, when you worry ya make it double!

Hershey is an AHL Powerhouse, Robin, 40 shots when you are at the wrong party...ya 're just trying to get out the door and not get hit!

At nineteen if you are going to play with the men ya might as well go and play with the "Big Guys", as we all know it's two totally different games.

Note: Our guys, SENs people, have a tendency to equate the two leagues as almost the equivalent of each other...I'm not sure I agree!

Robin Lehner, I think, is ready for prime time, I'd like to see him get a couple games in the "Show" now that "EriK" has settled down and the forwards have stared to skate a little bit!

- The Habs look vulnerable but Price is playing better than I thought he would.

- As I told you guys, Gionta is feeling the "Montreal Pressure" big time!

- The Zebra seem to be having trouble getting a handle on the new Rules and calling the new game...I'd like to see the confidential directives that each ref is receiving???

- Brian Elliott earns his "Keep" tonight...this one feels like another 3 pointer!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lehner is in the Limo Saturday morning!

- Two days before the regular season opener I was sleeping/dreaming but I was also communicating telepathically with Coach Clouston. There was Brian Elliott, our number one starting goal tender at the players bench talking with Robin Lehner, his back up and the coaches. If I could have transmitted instead of only receiving, Cory would have got the message to keep "Robin" ready for Prime Time Lehner in the SHOW as Elliott's back up but lookin' @ 30 games!

- The kid was so ready, comin' out of camp General Manager Bryan Murray could taste it!

- Step one get the young man to Monteal for Saturday nights game.

- This is it, this is the start of a Great Hockey Saga..."Young Swedish goal tending SENsation joins EriK Karlsson to conquer the hockey world!"

"Pricey Porcelain Pascal!"

- Brennan's "Pricey Porcelain Pascal", our family heirloom of the Leclaire family, has been chipped again or is that a crack I see?

- It's time, when recovered again, to hold him in reserve...sort of a "Super Sub!"

- I know I'm only the DEFENCEMAN's Coach , but I'd borrow his CAP money and collect a little insurance usury while we're at it!

- For the record, we have all played Pee Wee with that can't miss but "brittle" super Center but the guy can't play two games with out a tough or fluke injury takin' him out when ya really need him. I played with a great pulling guard, who never played a play off game...his GF had the crutches in the car 24/7/365!

- We are very lucky in that we have Brian Elliott, a first string goal keeper, who is 14 games OVER 500 life time.

- Elliott, ya might say, "Saved the season" last night!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Hockey Gods have intervened!

- Lehner gets his whistle wet in Bingo and then Saturday morning put him in the Limo to Montreal!

- Brian Elliott looked like a winner, big, sharp, relaxed and like a #1 goal keeper!

- PM you could not cary "EriK's" jockstrap! So STFU! The less you say the better.

- Philly keep plugging...another one off your foot right to the wrong guy...shake it off you are still our "best"...playing with #65 or #55 ain't no treat!

- "Sarge" has shook up everything, leadership, offence, DEFENCE, PP, PK, even goal tending. Gonchar is the real deal...we shall "gel" @ Centre Bell!

- Fish keep Foligno and give Neiler back to Kelly we need both lines in Montreal! Ask for ZacH on the road!

- Note: Nick Foligno hit the guy very lightly hip to the rib cage...Nick held up...he scared the guy more than hit him!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


- Both York and Galley think Pascal should get one more start because he is playing so well! I don't know who's basement they are watching the games in!

- Talk about being politically correct! 77% Popular Opinion!

- Both of these "Offensive" defencemen really know a lot about coaching goalies...York's last goalie was Tim Thomas on his way to winning the Vezina Trophy, who used to tell him..."Yorkie just stay outta the way and let me see 'EM!" While Galley had his best days standing around in front of Dominik Hasek.

- Or maybe they want to get rid of Pascal permanently!

"Change the Goalie!"

- If this was the middle of a game we'd change the goalie!

- If Scotty Bowman was our coach, he'd change the goalie!

- If Cory Clouston was the Coach and G-M, he would have changed the goalie to start the season!

- I have watched goalies live and on TV for fifty years, goalies in my net and at the other end of the ice. The best ever, winners, lucky ones, no luck losers, I have watched and talked goal tending with them all from Sawchuk and Bower right up to the present...they would tell you "change the goalie!"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pig in a Poke!

- It's all Doug Maclean's fault! If he had not drafted Pascal in the first round and became married to the guy he would never have recommended M. Leclaire to Bryan.

- the play off myth...we sat right behind him in game 6/Pittsburgh and watched him lose a three goal lead, there was nothing spectacular about that!

- as Terry Sawchuk told me "I don't want to chance it and change my luck!" talking about changing his blocker. If ya want to be a goal tender ya gotta have some luck...forget about being a lucky goalie, Pascal is the unluckiest person I've ever seen!

- I don't care if you are a pilot or a priest if you miss as much time as he has you lose your "edge"...

- Pascal Leclaire is 15 games under 500 life time...there is not a starting goalie in Europe or in the world for that matter who is 15 games under 500 life time! That to me says Ottawa Senators 29th Place!

Pascal's Problems!

- loses feel/sight of the puck/puck carrier behind his own net...vulnerable to the quick wrap around or pass out!

- bites on the first move every time!

- too much movement...happy feet...puttin' on the Ritz!

- flags instead of catching the catch, no cover!

- those great legs kick the puck right back to the attackers for a rebound or even two!

- when he retreats back into his net he makes himself small he looks "Gerber" size!

- I think he lost a game he should have won tonight and it's going to happen again too often!

- He is now o for the start of the season!

- The guy has no luck!

- I think he can still be a super sub later in the season!

Monday, October 11, 2010


- Ignore training camp at your risk of being lost, injured or destroyed!

- Lehner out played Elliott who outplayed Pascal!

- Phillips and "EriK" as a pair looked "spooked", Philly has been shaky and two steps too deep on every rush since.

- the over 35 crowd didn't play enough to be bothered! And it's been showing for three games!

- Jason "Rocco" Spezza out there trying to kill penalties(in camp)...wake up boys, the other teams got better too!

- I have finally realized who Pascal is...Why he's fun, loves to play your first move, has freckles on his nose, he's Maggy Muggins that's who..."Tra la law la law la larity...I'm off to see Mr. McGarrity, my goalie coach...I don't know what I'll do tomorrow?"

- "Muggins" is not a starting goalie in the National Hockey League...he always gives you the first one easy...ya get a goal he gives it right back...and he bites on the first move every time...#8 and the good goal scorers know it!

- PP...ya gotta take a chance...beat one guy...Alf those slow rollers around the boards don't cut it...Jason when ya turn it over @ their blue line it costs "EriK" 45 big expensive seconds!

This ones a "gimme!"

- This game is a gimme, we shall be lucky to keep the goals against under ten tonight!

- Pascal Leclaire is not a starting goal tender in this league anymore, he is our super sub later in the year.

- Brian Elliott will/should get the Carolina game.

- It's message time "EriK" gets a trip in the limo to Bingo for game four and either Gryba or Weircioch comes up as a six. I'd pick Gryba for his DEFENCE!

- Phillips gets "Sarge" until he regains his confidence...I told you guys at camp #4 was lost out there with the "kid"!

- Carks knocks Semin over and immediately kicks the puck to Campi for the break out!

- Anyone over thirty-five has to do 3 "Red Bulls" after the warm up!

- Eugene is banished from the game because instead of making his team nervous and play better, he makes them feel too reassured...too comfortable.

Note: If we are going to play like the Russian National Team played 30 years ago (14 shots...4 or 5 goals), lets go all the way...12 shots, 8 scoring chances but 5 GOALS!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


- Pascal kicks too many pucks out in front of play! He is a way too active, they get a rebound or two on every shot!

- 5 goals on 38 shots is not great goal tending.

- "Erik" is sophomore slumping...he's been reading too many of his clippings!

- Chris Phillips, and we love the guy...stinks!

- Bryan Murray has 5 guys, who look and play older than him!

- the Zebra were making sure "early" that there was no chance of us coming back or even getting any momentum...I counted three infractions on us and then they give us the cheapy!

- to the "Big Blue Beach Ball" if ya ain't cheatin', ya ain't tryin'.

- the Big Blue Machine DEFENCE is a paper tiger...they are going to fall apart...they are just not very good!

- the CBC switcher made one mistake...he showed the "Beluga's" back side just once and where he should have a crack in his ass it looked like he had a "Tail Fin!"

The "Challenge!"

- We, Ottawa Senators Supporters, challenge HNIC and the CBC specifically, to show a "side by each" comparison of the two starting goalies tonight. Pascal Leclaire is marginally the taller man by 1" but they are approximately the same weight 202+, note the difference in the size of the hockey pants, that being the girth and the crotch...

- To the League Goalie Measurer, notification number three, the Abdominal Apron and this includes extra padding and material in the crotch, is against the rules and spirit of the game!

- Pascal is an inch taller so his pads should be equal to or greater than the "Big Blue Beach Ball" in the other end of the rink!

- the strategy used to be to shoot high on J-S G. (Just a Supersized Guy) but over the years he added so much extra padding up top to his upper body that he has now taken that part the net away also. So Coach Clouston, I advocate to you and the boys, shoot low, make him move, get him out and down...go behind him!

- Conversely, if you get in all alone shoot first and ask questions later because the "Beluga" ain't movin'...

- I think tonight I am going to be treated to watching the "Largest" goalie to ever play pro goals...not the tallest or the biggest but the "Largest!"

Friday, October 8, 2010

We are too easy to play against!

- Pascal played great but...those happy feet...he moves too much for me!

- Pascal the "Winner" was a bad goal.

- Missed Jason on the PP and 5 on 5.

- With our defence we're going to need 4 a night to win.

- We are too old to fore go the pre-game skate-"flat!"

- Chris Phillips looks like the lost DEFENCEMAN...get away from "EriK" and shake it off! #14 with "EriK" and #4 with #55 and Carks with #5.

- Start thinking about scoring short handed because your going to spend the whole first period in the box.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pascal is an inch taller than J-S G!

- Pascal Leclaire is an inch taller and the same weight as the Beluga. Clearly Pascal needs some bigger "goalie gear", pads, pants, all around. Leclaire in his net looks Gerber size while clearly J-S Giguere looks to be the largest goal tender to ever play pro hockey and there have been some big ones but nobody larger!

- Brian Elliott is the same size as Leclaire so clearly he requires some new bigger pads and pants also.

- When does the League's Goalie Equipment guy do the EAST because to see that Beluga Whale down on one knee tonight up again the post in the final seconds blocking the whole net left the Canadiens no chance to score. It looked like someone had stuffed a "Supersized" blue and white beach ball in the Tranna net.

- Notice the two that the Habs did get they had to drag the Leafs' Target out of the net to get it past him.

Note: This is the second game in a row that there were no POV Bucket Shots from the Net Cam...that Switcher/Director in the truck is pretty good!

- Tune in later for Coach Clouston's strategy for Saturday night!

Elliott out played Pascal!

- For anyone who actually watched training camp (Phil Melanson) Brian Elliott outplayed Pascal both statistically and positionally.

- The one "Tough" one for Brian Elliott, where Mr. Lee, let's the guy drift by him and have a two step "Boomer" from just inside the chance...all you can do is take away the short side, make yourself as big as possible and not move or open up!

- Elliott has been steadier...looks more confident!

- Versage, MacArthur and Coach Clouston would like to start Pascal in Tranna on Saturday night and give Elliott the opener here as I and many others have advocated, it's the "smart" move early!

- However, the new goalie coach and Murray the younger will advise Bryan to start Pascal as it is the politically smart thing to do...all those expensive seat occupants want to see what there $4.8 mill has bought them!

- I think we could beat these guys using 6 attackers but without "Rocco" and our DEFENCE's a "Crap Shoot"

Note: the NHL Goalie Equipment Man should look at Cam Ward, his pads are bigger than the Beluga's box cars. Remember, these guys were/are measured @ 6'1" not 6'3" or 6'4" they have to wear 36" x 9" goalie pads. And while you're at it measure the Beluga's waist...he weighs 202 not 302! Also, if you think I'm pickin' on this guy I am, he's been cheatin' for 10 years!