Saturday, November 20, 2010

Colin Campbell, defender of the Head Shot!

How many times was Colin Campbell the NHL seventies, a scrappy, physical defender @ 5'9" (you get it in the head in every exchange), who fought, averaged about one concussion per city played in, he played in about 6 cities!

How smart is this man perceptive is he? Campbell worked for Jacques Demers for a long time in Detroit and never knew the man was illiterate?

Colie's biased and inconsistent rulings, were never challenged because they knew he was challenged and they were lose good players, "Franchise" players season after season thinking that "the American fans loved it", while losing millions (Eric Lindros - 50 mill) and congratulating "Old Scotty" himself a concussion victim is completely brain dead! That "Head Shot" remains on the books to this day as "Legit!"

Colie, fall on your sword, for your kid's sake, go out like a man...take the fall for the absence of a total no "Head Shot Rule" for over 40 years! You will be remembered not as a Tyrant of Officials but as "Head Shot Campbell!"

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