Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's call a Pawn a"Bishop!"

Let's call a spade, a spade. Ben Bishop has not been brought in here for one year. This guy is a first string NHL goalie.

Bishop has been brought in on a one way contract to block Robin Lehner for the final two years of his (Robin's) entry level contract from having any chance at games in the "Show!"

There is no Merit Principle involved in "One Way" contracts...unless it's you that has the one way (little joke!)'

Lehner is to be taught a lesson.

I project it is us, the SENs, who will receive the lesson.

Bryan Murray, you are the best, but you are playing with fire!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Rock Star!"

Three first string goalies...this competition thing is BS...just try to put this man in Bingo for the next two seasons...we got a problem!

Undefeated in three! ;-{

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ben to Binghamton!

Sending Ben to Binghamton has nothing to do with Alex Auld. This has every thing to do with high lighting the fact that Bishop is on a two way contract now and kind of shielding the fact that Ben Bishop, with his one way contract, will be our, the SENs, NUMBER 2 goal tender and play back up to "Andy" no matter how good Robin looks in camp.

It's good move to buy some time but...

To all the gentlemen @ Senschirp, Robin Lehner does not see himself as a third string American League goalie or even an Ottawa Senator's back up goalie...he and his agent see him as a starter in the "Show!"

Sunday, February 26, 2012

This is no "Depth Move!"

This is no depth move, this is an "End Game!" A MISTAKE!

Bringing in Ben Bishop on a one way contract with "Andy" and his 3 year deal is telling Robin "We'd like to take another look at you in another two or three seasons when we think you will be ready!"

I think Robin will demand a trade or head home to Sweden...our guys are the only people who don't see how good he is...he should have been up here all year...

This is the type of move that makes you wonder about who has control the player or the Manager..."Ya can't stick your number one prospect in the minors for three or four years no matter how young he is!"

We love Murray/Murray/Dorion but I think they are going to blow this one!

Unlike defenceman...

Unlike defencemen you can very easily have too many starting goalies...ask any goal tender!

Robin Lehner is our goalie of the future. He doesn't need Mr. Bishop breathing down his back at this point.

Ben Bishop getting a big league contract for next year tells Robin you are on the outside looking in.

If Robin plays OK today I would assign Ben to Bingo. But more than likely Alex will be placed on wavers or given away tomorrow.

Unless "Andy" is finished for the season I would not have brought this increased presure to bear on Robin...I guess Bryan has lost a little faith in Lehner...again I believe he should have been brought to the "Show" this year instead of playing goal with a bunch of kids in Bingo!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Ya can only be on the train to Chicago so many times!"

They usta say: "Ya can only be on the train to Chicago so many times!"

"Karl" says to his newest best friend Eugene..."Don't send the Limo for my good friend Robin, it's time he gets used to your Silver Bird, the Leer, because he will be going first class from here on out!"

Robin says: ";)"

This man is so ready it hurts me to write about it.

Initially, I thought, play Alex vs Boston but the guys on Senschirp are right throw Robin Hood right in the frying pan...let Brian see what he's got!

I stood 10' away from Lehner and maybe 12' from Wamsley @ Training Camp, Rick couldn't take his eyes off him and he couldn't stop smiling...the rookies couldn't score on him they were totally intimidated...

The "Big Kid" was and is ready for his shot...I, for one, think he will be not just good, he will be really good...

Note: Alfie likes him too!

Brad Marchand...a "Coureur de bois!"

Marchand...annoying...infuriating to play against...

#63 (that's a bad hockey number) 21 goals/42 points in 60 games that is too many for a guy of his talent and ability...

5'9" and 183lbs...he's really 5'7" and 190lbs and that makes it worse...

We have all played against this type of player when you try to hit him ya just can't get a good enough piece of him and then the next time he submarines ya (scaring the shit out of you with his career ending move)...looks like he's working harder than everybody else but he's not...the puck just seems to come to him all the time...I think Chris Neil should change Marchand's puck luck...or maybe Nick Foligno, they call the guy for everything he does anyway...

These type guys, I think, are all descendants of the Coureur de bois (that can be both good and bad) and have to be dealt with...he's carying Boston right now!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beware the "Ides of March!"

"You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there!" Yogi Berra.

Beware the "Ides of March" and the grind of the end of Febuary...

I don't like Tony Montreal talking about the Habs catching Ottawa..."Wake Up Boy!" It's over...

I don't like Burkie walking around like he's already made the playoffs...

"Andy" makes us or breaks us...

We like our third line a lot...

And our forth line ain't bad either...

Net crashing is over for the regular season...

Ya gotta score the first goal if ya don't get any Power Plays...

If we had got a PP in Boston, we'd be in first in our division...No?

Boston 48 shots and shut out...they don't do so hot either with no power plays...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Caution" broken spirit!

Like I been tellin' ya this one was over out west...the Calgary Cowboy sure taught us, ( Coach Paul) a leason...Yuck!

"Karl" is continuing to cost himself a lot of money, he's playing like a seventh defenceman, who is kept for the power play only...we may have to trade him for Rundblad (Joke!)

For Paul to push "Andy" back out there tonight is the second biggest blunder of the season...get a feel Coach, it's your number one job!

Forget about ruining the Big Kid, the goalie, let's get him some big league exposure...

As hard as he tries #4 is not a 4 on 4 defenceman.

Alfie is still the best but 20+ minutes every night is way too much! One of these jerks is going to catch him when he's too tired to defend himself...he's had a close call in each of the last 2 games.

9mm looks like the plug we got from the Sharks, I think that 4th one really hurt him mentally!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Canucnik urges Spezza...

Jason, let's spend some of that 7 mill, pick up the phone and call your Tranna guys in the League Office. Take the big fine ($??), kick ass and name names, lay it right out there on the table...this small market bias, in so many ways, just stinks!! It might even draw you a suspension but what difference does it would make me and a lot of other fans feel better..."Ya got jobbed!" squeal about it!

PS: Jason and you know we still love ya...don't go in the "Tank" for ten games and tell me to "Relax!"

Friday, February 3, 2012

He stole the magic!

Dan O'Rourke has done his job. He stole our magic, broke the spell!

We have lost the swagger. We look like that last place rebuilding team again. So Bryan sit tight.

"Andy" has got to be tired, dead tired...

9mm looks like a guy, who is out of sync (4 big ones)...

Kuba is retreating early again...

"Karl" is making #17 jumpy and with good reason...

Jared looks like the rookie, he is...

Jason is now shootin' when he should be passin'...he can't win...

Coach, ya can't play Alfie that much...Turris either for that matter...they are your second line not your first...

#42 looks stronger than #16...

Our only chance that I can see is if we drop out of a playoff spot and some how manage to find the magic again...Oh ya and the Leafs are solidly in a play off spot...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do you know what they have done!

The "unspoken" conspiracy has done it's job...from the trumped up grudge to the adherence of all hands (Refs), this group, lets call them them the "One Call Gang" has managed to down us 4 in a row (and it started about game 25) but more importantly they have split the room (Jason returning to his Tranna roots), broken our spirit (have a look at the bench, Alfie even) and have driven off our Coach from his young players...they might as well have brought in a "Hit Man" from Calgary...with a real gun...a 44 magnum that shoots rifle bullets. This was an inside job!

New hockey term..."Civic Prejudice!" They are not even big time enough to admit it!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pittsburgh always get the "Home Call!"

Pittsburgh always get the home call except when they play Tranna. (Look at some of our games.)

Last night, Leafs get three straight man advantages to stand them to a lead until well past the mid-way mark of the third period. This is the usual horse poo but it will be interesting to see how far the ZEBRA will take it tonight...remember the Blue Team is a collection of Colby Armstrong types!

Ottawa, every other team in the League is about even, the SENs have received a differential of 62 minutes more short handed because "Karl" is a diver...Coach Paul was/is a rookie coach from Detroit and Western boys (read REFs) don't like the EAST!

The Tranna guys have an 11 or 22 minute plus...for that bunch of over the hill retreads!

"One of their best and brightest!"

Dan O'Rourke, 6'3" 200lbs. tough guy REF. One of the NHL's Best and Brightest. Calgary, Western Bronko Buster thinks "Karl" is a diver and that he alone knows what to call and what not to call and if it favours the Western Team or a big market team like Boston or Tranna (all of the time, every game) so be it!

This guy's a cut...he's a cut as Ref...he was a cut in the East Coast League as a player...he's a cut in life, who would base himself in Atlanta if he was a NHL Ref unless he was running away from about his ability to Referee!

Note: Steve Lloyd is offically a "Company Man"...go home to Carleton Place with all the other Leaf fans! (We got beat by "TWO" Power Play Goals! When we had none.)