Sunday, February 26, 2012

Unlike defenceman...

Unlike defencemen you can very easily have too many starting goalies...ask any goal tender!

Robin Lehner is our goalie of the future. He doesn't need Mr. Bishop breathing down his back at this point.

Ben Bishop getting a big league contract for next year tells Robin you are on the outside looking in.

If Robin plays OK today I would assign Ben to Bingo. But more than likely Alex will be placed on wavers or given away tomorrow.

Unless "Andy" is finished for the season I would not have brought this increased presure to bear on Robin...I guess Bryan has lost a little faith in Lehner...again I believe he should have been brought to the "Show" this year instead of playing goal with a bunch of kids in Bingo!


  1. Nik:

    I see it differently.

    I think Lehner may have thought he had the job regardless. BM may have had his fill of another "mouthy, hothead" goaltender (see Emery), and decided to light a fire under the kid and his "ego".

    How Lehner reacts will show us his character.

    A little goalie controversy isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    Don't know anything about the Bishop, but presumably the best goalie not playing in the league.

    Time will tell.


  2. JL

    Eventually the 2 way (for #40) and the one way for Bishop will bust Robin's balls...maybe Ben was/is better but Lehner is going to win someone a cup!