Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Caution" broken spirit!

Like I been tellin' ya this one was over out west...the Calgary Cowboy sure taught us, ( Coach Paul) a leason...Yuck!

"Karl" is continuing to cost himself a lot of money, he's playing like a seventh defenceman, who is kept for the power play only...we may have to trade him for Rundblad (Joke!)

For Paul to push "Andy" back out there tonight is the second biggest blunder of the season...get a feel Coach, it's your number one job!

Forget about ruining the Big Kid, the goalie, let's get him some big league exposure...

As hard as he tries #4 is not a 4 on 4 defenceman.

Alfie is still the best but 20+ minutes every night is way too much! One of these jerks is going to catch him when he's too tired to defend himself...he's had a close call in each of the last 2 games.

9mm looks like the plug we got from the Sharks, I think that 4th one really hurt him mentally!

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