Sunday, December 9, 2012

Can I have my sanity back!

Joined Twitter to follow the hockey action...I have just been censored for ranting @ everyone.

Give us all a break, I'm ready for play again!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


That's the shot we paid a second for and have been waiting patiently to see all year. Nice goal Kyle!

"Andy" isn't exactly chopped liver either...

The coaches might just as well leave Jason alone on the bench it's not helping...

Big goal for 9mm...

Another strong game from K28...

Zack is starting to feel it...

O'B had a nice game tonight...

John Tonelli was also a marked man by the ZEBRA...

5 for 10 vs 7 for 14 for us @ home it's subtle but it's there...and it stinks!

SENs in Six!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sophisticated dirty play!

Rangers were better than us tonight...

Sneaky dirty players usta be complemented as a skill, Rangers are not fooling anyone but the REFs.

Without Jason our chances are very limited...

"Andy" is trying...

Shooting low on Lundqvist is just wasting your time...

We needed a scorer, all season long...

Konopka was great @ the dot down the stretch...

Butts ain't Alfie but he had 5 shots on net...

We don't do anything easy...SENs in Six!


Tortorella and Boyle should be fined $2500 and another $10, 000 for starting the whole thing game one! He's already down $40,000.

Tortorella, "the Paper Italian" should be censored by his piers for the stupidity of trying to play playoff hockey all year long...he should lose his coaching licence!

American viewership is up 15%...who's kiddin' who?

Alfie should sit tonight he looks terrible...

Carks lead the drills at practice today...da, this is good!

Winchester's chance of a lifetime tonight...

SENs in Six!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Total Team effort!

Coach Paul out line upped him, out coached him, out toughed him, out scored him and I think our coach is mentally tougher than Tortorella...

We are afraid for Alfie...

"Andy" was better...

"Karl" was masterful...Norris type masterful...

"Jason" and 9mm needs our good ice...

"Carks" did his job...

Chris Neil clutch...

Nick Foligno...just John Tonelli like...that's all...

Kyle Turris is getting pretty pissed off but he just keeps going back for more...

K-28 @ the dot...

Everyone was good and the kids continue to improve...

SENs in Six!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It ain't over yet!

"Andy" can be better, he had a small case of "Happy Feet!"

The REFing wasn't bad...

I'd dress the big fellas next game...Carks, Klinker, Kanopka even...

This is a learning experience for "Karl"...

The kids will be better next game...

Good third...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Upset...what upset? a fair fight this one's a lock...SENs in Six!

The pressure on Torts and his New York Rangers is unbelievable...

They are not that good and if the SENs play just a little bit we'll be OK!

Rangers' smoothies can't play on their bad ice any better than we can...

Lundqvist does not like playing against his coach, his coach's son or anybody else who is Daniel Alfredsson!

Kyle Turris is a big, big, big key to this series and he's up for it!

"Andy" is cool...

We're ready...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

THN says we got a 25% chance!

THN says we got a 25% chance to beat the Rangers and that's their readers. I'd hate to see what those donkeys think to themselves?

We gotta win one in "New York!"

We gotta upset John Tortorella to the point where he loses his bench for prolonged periods of time.

Our Swedes know their goalie better than anyone (shoot high)...he's a metal case and thinks he is being played too much...I think he's right...

Don't bother Marian Gaborik too much just let him sleep...

Torts will use Brad Richards too much...wear him down...Legally...

SENs in SIX...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Ben Bishop Journeyman Goalie!

Big Ben Bishop is very big and this is good!

Big Goalies come with long arms and long legs which makes for a bad trapper and a huge 5 hole...

3-3-2 is 37% not .500 in NHL regular season play.

Robin has 20 games more of playoff "Experience" than Ben and is a Champion, a winner...

Ben Bishop is a "one hand on the stick goalie"...???

I wonder what the "room" really feels about this "Parachute Job!"

"Karl" certainly can't like it too much or the guys Robin won the Calder with!

This move still stinks!

So if ya want me to shut up then tell the "Company Men" to stop trying to sell Ben (He is a pig in a poke!) to me!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Big Ben again!

The Brain Trust are going to try and sell us Big Ben again...

I hope he does decent for his own peace of mind...

It's tough to shut the wickets with a sore groin...and after 6'1" you are a five hole goalie...

We are keeping the Boston/Swedish Secret Weapon in reserve...I guess...

"Experience", Ben has one American League playoff game under his belt, which he lost...and of course the other guy just happens to be the Calder Cup playoffs MVP!

I hope this error in judgement doesn't cost us...I don't like it...

Monday, April 2, 2012

The future is now!

All this stuff about refining your skills in the American League, the team is too young to make a run in the playoffs but it's good experience. These are all excuses. The future is now! What do you think all those building blocks during the season are for...they are for this year's edition of the playoff Ottawa Senators! We are officially not building for next year anymore, we are going to compete in the playoffs THIS YEAR!

If I hear one more Tranna guy call us the "Ottawa SENs",  I'm going to shoot the TV and go lookin' for him!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

2 - 4A!


Kyle Turris may never be a number one center iceman but he is as Greg Zaun would say a 2nd line 4A. That's with AAAA's...Nice clutch performance Kyle!

"Andy" is the reason we're in. Thank you! It's going to be you and Thomas for all the marbles, first round.

We ain't no powerhouse yet but we got some depth, some skill and a lot of try.

I'd give Alfie the week off...but Jason has to come back and play.

Friday, March 30, 2012

"What gives?" "Where's Lehner!"

Have we, the SENs, lost our minds...where is Robin Lehner?

Robin got shelled and pulled against Adirondack...

Lehner is backing up @ home to Hershey and comes on in relief in another loss...backing up down there...on a last place, brutal team...

This garbage (this utilization) is not good for one of your cast-offs let alone the young FRANCHISE GOALIE!

Note: Robin is learning how to lose..."To die gallantly on the battlefield @ a secondary front!"

Robin Lehner, GAA 2.01, 3W, 2L, SV% 935, with a big shut out in Boston for good measure. Those are big league "Showtime" numbers!

I think (I know) Lehner is still better than Ben and/or Alex...

Get him up here before we become the laughing stock of the league...

Note: For the Swedish Karma and the Bingo group togetherness, if nothing else.

Note 2: This two call up thing is bullsh&t!

Note 3: Robin could take a Taxi up Sunday morning to Long Island...

Monday, March 26, 2012

"It's us or them!"

It's us or them! So show 'em no quarter. Take the crowd out early...

I'd bring Alex but ya know they like Ben, injured or not...

The difference makers shall be Foligno and the Bingo Line...

"Steady as she goes, Karl!"

Winnipeg does not qualify as a "Time Zoner!"

"Big Buff" should be given due attention a la "Karl"...

I don't think they can play four lines with us so Paul keep 'em rollin' over...

"Andy" will get it done tonight, "in Ander$on, we trust!"

Saturday, March 24, 2012

We need a "Miracle!"

Unfortunately he's sitting in Bingo!

"Andy" will play his heart out to give us a chance tonight but our horses are trotting and theirs are running full out. Note: It's Big Ben, the lamb to the slaughter...stay up, boy and look good, keep your head up!

"Karl" cannot skate away from the "double team", I have no solution for you...dump it and save your skin..."Ya can't play in this league for 30 minutes a game @ 165 lbs!"

Our "elders" are out of gas.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hey Lloydie!

Hey Lloydie, Big Ben has played exactly like a 5 year American League Journeyman goalie with a Master's Degree is /was expected to play. Just like I told ya, "Andy" is not going to be ready for awhile yet and in the mean time Bishop will take us right out the playoffs.

"Knukleball" slapshots do not come at you at 100mph, just like in baseball they come up to you @ 75mph, a slow ball. It's like a "Change up" but it accentuates your position at the moment of arrival!

Big Ben says that the shot was coming right at his head and that the puck dropped about a foot.
So if he's standing up, the puck should go a foot and half over the net. At the end Ben is reaching up with both his blocker and his trapper thus he is not only down too early but he is on his way down even further...give the guy a break "Karl" saves his beacon when he does his once a night stumble behind the net.

I think this acquisition and the way it's effected Lehner has broken the "Swedish Karma" and thus the SENs playoff karma.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We're in trouble!

The REFs don't like us again. I guess we talk too much.

What's happened to the interference call?

Our hockey sticks are "Horsesh&t!" Fire those SOBs!

Chris Neil did not complete one pass all night...I'm talkin' ten feet.

Turris can't score, his big shot is a myth.

Kuba never gets the puck out of his own end clean anymore, half the time he turns it over.

Z-28 is a bad penalty every night.

Big Ben is not a lucky goalie and if you are going to survive in the show ya gotta get lucky once in a while. Knukleball goal but he's down early reaching back up for it...any catcher will tell you, ya gotta stay up, make yourself big and take it on the chest.

I think the handling of Lehner has broken the Swedish Karma that was propelling the team to the playoffs.

I guess we have to bring "Andy" back too early for any number of reasons.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leaf's fans are a joke!

Alfie should order all Leaf fans in Ottawa silenced.

Hey Simpson, take off the rose coloured glasses, the Tranna guy, who was brought along too quick and who, we were supposed to watch get shelled, just shut us out for 75 shots worth while our guy, the 5 year goal tending master's graduate, who hasn't seen 20 shots for 4 games, watches 3 go by him. 3 goals on 18 shots (Leafs had like 4 scoring chances all night) just doesn't get it done!

Let's move on and get some rest, our guys are out of gas. When is Andy comin' back?

Friday, March 16, 2012


The SENs web site is sure to post Robin Lehner's record this year in Bingo...

How would you have liked to play 32 games behind those bums...Robin is 3-2 in the Show.

How would you like to be facing another 40 games next year behind those bums again with no hope of any games in the NHL.

If I was some Palooka from the Eastern League I'd be fired up but if I was supposed to be the 21 year old "Franchise Goalie" I'd read the "group think", look at Big Ben's 5@Finishing School and ask my agent to move me on!

Note: the MVP of an American League All Star Game is one thing...the MVP of the Calder Cup Championship Team, now that's something to crow about!

Some have said look at Ryan Miller...Ryan is a .500 goalie in the playoffs, never got to the big dance and lost the Gold Medal...I got Saint Patrick or "Marty" just ready to go!

The Wilsons and AJ get a goal tending lesson from Ken all the SENs Company men, start to listen...

AJ, the Company Man.

Like Simpson, AJ, the Company Man says:"We, the SENs, have four goalies!' (Along with a whole lot of other sh&t like: "It's good for the kid!" or "The kid has got to wait!" etc...etc...etc...referring to the FRANCHISE goalie!)

One, is gone and long forgotten (#35); one, (the Franchise #40) is buried in the minors for another two years with out another NHL game for the duration; one, the back up (#30) can't beat a last place team or win a shoot out and one, the starter (#41), who is pretty injured and is being rushed back early!

Note: Coach Paul is the only one who seems to notice the facts of the situation.

Note 2: Versage should be released (gased) for betting on the wrong team during an Ottawa radio broadcast....two days in a row!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Orpick is a dork and is going to get his comeuppance...

Kris Letang, the PENs announcer is going on about how he is the fastest, the best recover in the league,  (All our descriptives we have used to describe "Karl" first) is tracked down and then trapped in his own zone by the two slowest Rangers on the team...

Sid could be trouble for the Pens PP (Too many quarterbacks) but with two bums on the third line, "look out!"...

"Geno" is the best in the League right now...

I think Fleury can still be had...

Mario/Sid still gets a little of the Tranna treatment, in a one goal hockey game, #10, Gaborik, on a clear break away in his home rink gets hauled down no call...

I think in a fair fight we can still take these guys!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ben Bishop!

Ben Bishop is very good but after 5 years @ finishing school he is still a little too rough around the edges for me. The whole league has identified the 5 hole.

Big goalies stop a lot of shots that are high or wide or both and this includes #40.

Robin Lehner is a shoot out/break away specialist.

"Karl" got us a could have been worse.

I bet Mat Gilroy is a right hander, a lot of American kids play ball and golf from the right side and when they went to hockey did not switch over to shoot left.

We need some new shooters for the shoot out everybody knows our moves.

We have a well deserved reputation as the worst shooting team in the league. High and wide...should be a fine!

Coach Paul, ya got all balled up on the lines tonight, don't start to out think yourself.

Monday, March 12, 2012


The reinstatement of the Red Line is a non starter.

The relaxation of supplementary discipline for head hits is NOT!

In the eighties if you won something in sports you were much too self depreciating (modest) to say much. After winning a very humble team type golf tournament I re-introduced the term "We deserved to WIN!" it caught on and I have deeply regretted it ever since.

In January and February the Leafs set a league high for games played without allowing a Power Play goal...what they forgot to tell you was that none of the GTA refs call penalties on Tranna! Note: It wasn't highly publicised because 75% of the Refs come from the Tranna Area.

I would bench Robin Lehner in Bingo before he has confidence issues.

We should give Gonch some rest and play big #39 some games in case we play Boston in the first or second round.

Ya might as well bring "Andy" back early because like I was tellin' ya, that cut is going to be re-opened and re-stitched every game until next September. It's not as bad as it sounds your body pretends that there is no feeling there and the nerves string along with the story.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Ben "is" Jonas Gustavsson!

Big Ben is Jonas Gustavsson, quick to go down, slow to get up, blocks a lot of net, is pretty good but he's awkward...Robin Lehner is Cary Price, both MVPs of the Calder Cup! Get Lehner out of Palookaville before it's too late!

Zack Smith, 10 minutes, no PK, 2 shifts in the 3rd period, one good shift with Alfie and the "Black Smith". I hope our coaches are not brow beating Zack unfairly because I think he's still suffering from Post Concussion Symptoms (Syndrome) and the accompanying depression. I'd give him a couple weeks on the IR.

#14 and #36 are both good, tough, hockey players givin' it 100%, imagine if we had some "touch" there?

Note: We are the fastest team in the league and yet draw (take) the most minor penalties...this does not compute!

I want Alex Auld's job...have been in his position and it stinks...just collect the pay check and smile!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The old "Euro" slew foot!

That's the old Euro slew foot, ya don't sweep 'im ya just cause Gonch to lose his edge. Ya can't put a man down like that with out committing a foul. Buffalo are going to make the playoffs now...a two point swing for them...

Miller was the difference, we got the puck behind him about three times and didn't score any of those times. He has Jason's number, has him psyched right out.

Big Ben is too big. He's good but he relies on his size too much. He looked awkward in the shoot out even on the one he stopped. (Robin is a break away/shoot out specialist??!)

Like I was tellin' ya and Kevin Weekes, the goalie, reiterated tonight, Bishop's approach to defending that puck in the corner is the old fashioned way leaving too much for the guy to shoot at when he really should have no shot at all. You have to look at the guy and square up to him a little bit more. Put your pad on the post and stay up!

Note: It must be a real good time being the goalie in Bingo, ya lose 6-1 tonight, you win about 3 games a month, (that's if ya get a couple shut outs) you are in last place (even though you are the current League Champion) they 've scored 200+ goals on ya already. AND the Brain Trust is telling you, you are stinkin' the joint out!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wins, Coaches, Dinosaurs, etc!

Nice win from the secondaries, Cowen, Zack, Nickie and the "Black Smith!"

Coach Paul gave Torts a lesson last night, "Don't under estimate my BINGO Line!"

Doug MacLean, dinosaur, retired old boy hockey guy, says we can keep Lehner down there for two more years on his entry level deal "To Learn!" While on Monday he, at his age, is being sent back to TV School to learn how to act!  They should issue him with a list of our players and prospects and how their names are pronounced!

"Big Ben" is real good and real big. But what comes with that is a big 5 hole and a big gap between his legs when he is down on all fours (that's why the old fashioned goalies usta spral flat out) however those big goal pads sure help. He's a keeper!

Sixth Place would be's always nice to finish 6th. I called 7th what was I thinking?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stifle, Edith!

"Depth move"..."Healthy competition" poo, I wish that the pundits, the insiders, the know it alls, would just stop..."Stifle you guys!"

Ya got three, count 'em, three first string goalies for next year where you only have two big league spots...this remains a "big" problem because two guys are on one way contracts and a third guy, who just got another shut out today, the "Rock Star", is on an entry level two way.

So let's be truthful, your future Stanley Cup Goal Tender, is to be left to rot on the vine in the minors with another very young and very inexperienced defencive hockey team. (And told he's no good) Wake up! There are no NHL Games for Robin next year! Champions don't develop on last place teams.

Al Rollins, aka, Ben Bishop, will be a good NHL back up goalie, he should not have been given a one way NHL contract unless you were planning to move Robin Lehner on to another organization.

I, personally, would have traded Lehner (and I love the guy, he's a thoroughbred) to the Leafs @ the trade deadline for a first round pick because he is going to win a Stanley Cup just about anywhere else he goes.

Note: Even if you try to hold him he's out of here first chance he gets...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Al Rollins!"

Big win boys, big win!

Colin Greening, first star, playing where he should have been playing all year. Gordie Howe...

30; 31; 32 it looks good on 9mm...

Big Ben, I don't like his approach or angle when the puck is in the corner (Throw back to Bower and those guys) but he is big and fast and down a little early, all the big goalies go down a little early now. Good first win.

Turris had a decent game on Stamkos. Timely goal...for himself...

#4 a broken nose, hope it doesn't back him off any...

The "Black Smith" is all effort but if he keeps this up Alfie will start to find him...

I still like the "Bingo Line" (#15, #23, #22) that's as good as a -3 as I've seen for a long time...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Brain fatigue!

Bad ice!!

Brain dead, I'd go and find a couple more fresh brains...Winchester maybe...

The "Black Smith" was terrific...

Lehner looked just average...

"Karl" not only wore the goat horns but he gave away the "Norris" tonight.

Jimmy is very good.

Jason is physically worse off than Alfie...

Z-28 is a gamer but his speed and reactions are too slow!

Condra has played a lot of hockey, he's all in.

Coach Paul, your squad may be out of puff!

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Company Men!

Robin, you were spectacular, you're a "Rock Star!"

But the Company Men are out to move you along...

James Abson, a Tranna guy, talks Tranna with Bob for twenty minutes and then more Tranna with Shawn Simpson for another ten before mentioning that Robin has only played two games!!! It was 3 solid wins! It's like Bryan sayin' 50 games when Lehner has played 80 games as a pro and has a Calder Cup and the MVP!

Simpson says: "Robin starts to look like Mike Palmateer, swimming" when the man is under a 40 shot type extreme presure and Konopka misses the guy on the wrap around! It was the 4th shot in that sequence...give yourself a shake! This goalie of little experience (less than Robin) cannot find away to get Lehner out of the way and back down fast enough.

It's Company Policy..."He ain't ready!"

Someone slipped I can't tell you who and said if they bring Robin along too fast the money that he is projected to make at the end of his current contract will be astronomical...Is that any way to base a guy's playing ability!

Just like Antonio in Stoney Creek!

We have been there. Just like Antonio in Stoney Creek (and this guy knows the "Gaff!"), who watched live the Leafs last Stanley Cup victory, I watched and watched and watched. I was in a NFB documentary on hockey filmed at St. Pat's College (Father Sy Campbell) and everytime it was shown the Hi-Light Feature film of the 67 Cup was shown with it...also I had played against Walton and Ellis.

The point is we have seen it all...people, coaches, advisors, the hockey group think, who couldn't put a patch on Robin Lehner's ass but are so quick to relagate him to Palookaville for 2, 3, 4 years with the Binghamton Senators, who are really Elmira trying to play in the "A" since being gutted after the Calder Cup Victory.

It's time for a rethink...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Robin Lehner is not Jonas Gustavsson!

Robin Lehner is not Jonas Gustavsson, he is Cary Price!

Do you think Price would have consented to be sent down to the "A" for another two years seasoning...after he won the Calder/MVP!

Wake up! This was the classic, old boy, group think mistake. Robin Lehner should have been the back up goalie for "Andy" this year and he told you so! (And so did I)

To be sent back down to a totally different, younger group of the "Raggedy ass canal boys" in Bingo and expected to cary that team was insanity!

If I hear another SENs hockey "EXPERT" try to tell me that bringing in Ben Bishop on a one way contract was a good move for fair competition...for the Merit Principle..I shall personally ruin his hockey status in this community.

And what is really annoying is that this bunch of group think, Company Men continue to say that this so called "Depth Move" is good for Robin Lehner's compete level. (Trying to beat out a one way contract) YOU will see his compete level when he is in the other net playing for Chicago. YA can't bury the good kids anymore they will not put up with ya and they don't have to!

I called the shot in Boston and I'm telling you again...start to back peddle right now!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's call a Pawn a"Bishop!"

Let's call a spade, a spade. Ben Bishop has not been brought in here for one year. This guy is a first string NHL goalie.

Bishop has been brought in on a one way contract to block Robin Lehner for the final two years of his (Robin's) entry level contract from having any chance at games in the "Show!"

There is no Merit Principle involved in "One Way" contracts...unless it's you that has the one way (little joke!)'

Lehner is to be taught a lesson.

I project it is us, the SENs, who will receive the lesson.

Bryan Murray, you are the best, but you are playing with fire!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Rock Star!"

Three first string goalies...this competition thing is BS...just try to put this man in Bingo for the next two seasons...we got a problem!

Undefeated in three! ;-{

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ben to Binghamton!

Sending Ben to Binghamton has nothing to do with Alex Auld. This has every thing to do with high lighting the fact that Bishop is on a two way contract now and kind of shielding the fact that Ben Bishop, with his one way contract, will be our, the SENs, NUMBER 2 goal tender and play back up to "Andy" no matter how good Robin looks in camp.

It's good move to buy some time but...

To all the gentlemen @ Senschirp, Robin Lehner does not see himself as a third string American League goalie or even an Ottawa Senator's back up goalie...he and his agent see him as a starter in the "Show!"

Sunday, February 26, 2012

This is no "Depth Move!"

This is no depth move, this is an "End Game!" A MISTAKE!

Bringing in Ben Bishop on a one way contract with "Andy" and his 3 year deal is telling Robin "We'd like to take another look at you in another two or three seasons when we think you will be ready!"

I think Robin will demand a trade or head home to Sweden...our guys are the only people who don't see how good he is...he should have been up here all year...

This is the type of move that makes you wonder about who has control the player or the Manager..."Ya can't stick your number one prospect in the minors for three or four years no matter how young he is!"

We love Murray/Murray/Dorion but I think they are going to blow this one!

Unlike defenceman...

Unlike defencemen you can very easily have too many starting goalies...ask any goal tender!

Robin Lehner is our goalie of the future. He doesn't need Mr. Bishop breathing down his back at this point.

Ben Bishop getting a big league contract for next year tells Robin you are on the outside looking in.

If Robin plays OK today I would assign Ben to Bingo. But more than likely Alex will be placed on wavers or given away tomorrow.

Unless "Andy" is finished for the season I would not have brought this increased presure to bear on Robin...I guess Bryan has lost a little faith in Lehner...again I believe he should have been brought to the "Show" this year instead of playing goal with a bunch of kids in Bingo!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Ya can only be on the train to Chicago so many times!"

They usta say: "Ya can only be on the train to Chicago so many times!"

"Karl" says to his newest best friend Eugene..."Don't send the Limo for my good friend Robin, it's time he gets used to your Silver Bird, the Leer, because he will be going first class from here on out!"

Robin says: ";)"

This man is so ready it hurts me to write about it.

Initially, I thought, play Alex vs Boston but the guys on Senschirp are right throw Robin Hood right in the frying pan...let Brian see what he's got!

I stood 10' away from Lehner and maybe 12' from Wamsley @ Training Camp, Rick couldn't take his eyes off him and he couldn't stop smiling...the rookies couldn't score on him they were totally intimidated...

The "Big Kid" was and is ready for his shot...I, for one, think he will be not just good, he will be really good...

Note: Alfie likes him too!

Brad Marchand...a "Coureur de bois!"

Marchand...annoying...infuriating to play against...

#63 (that's a bad hockey number) 21 goals/42 points in 60 games that is too many for a guy of his talent and ability...

5'9" and 183lbs...he's really 5'7" and 190lbs and that makes it worse...

We have all played against this type of player when you try to hit him ya just can't get a good enough piece of him and then the next time he submarines ya (scaring the shit out of you with his career ending move)...looks like he's working harder than everybody else but he's not...the puck just seems to come to him all the time...I think Chris Neil should change Marchand's puck luck...or maybe Nick Foligno, they call the guy for everything he does anyway...

These type guys, I think, are all descendants of the Coureur de bois (that can be both good and bad) and have to be dealt with...he's carying Boston right now!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beware the "Ides of March!"

"You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there!" Yogi Berra.

Beware the "Ides of March" and the grind of the end of Febuary...

I don't like Tony Montreal talking about the Habs catching Ottawa..."Wake Up Boy!" It's over...

I don't like Burkie walking around like he's already made the playoffs...

"Andy" makes us or breaks us...

We like our third line a lot...

And our forth line ain't bad either...

Net crashing is over for the regular season...

Ya gotta score the first goal if ya don't get any Power Plays...

If we had got a PP in Boston, we'd be in first in our division...No?

Boston 48 shots and shut out...they don't do so hot either with no power plays...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Caution" broken spirit!

Like I been tellin' ya this one was over out west...the Calgary Cowboy sure taught us, ( Coach Paul) a leason...Yuck!

"Karl" is continuing to cost himself a lot of money, he's playing like a seventh defenceman, who is kept for the power play only...we may have to trade him for Rundblad (Joke!)

For Paul to push "Andy" back out there tonight is the second biggest blunder of the season...get a feel Coach, it's your number one job!

Forget about ruining the Big Kid, the goalie, let's get him some big league exposure...

As hard as he tries #4 is not a 4 on 4 defenceman.

Alfie is still the best but 20+ minutes every night is way too much! One of these jerks is going to catch him when he's too tired to defend himself...he's had a close call in each of the last 2 games.

9mm looks like the plug we got from the Sharks, I think that 4th one really hurt him mentally!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Canucnik urges Spezza...

Jason, let's spend some of that 7 mill, pick up the phone and call your Tranna guys in the League Office. Take the big fine ($??), kick ass and name names, lay it right out there on the table...this small market bias, in so many ways, just stinks!! It might even draw you a suspension but what difference does it would make me and a lot of other fans feel better..."Ya got jobbed!" squeal about it!

PS: Jason and you know we still love ya...don't go in the "Tank" for ten games and tell me to "Relax!"

Friday, February 3, 2012

He stole the magic!

Dan O'Rourke has done his job. He stole our magic, broke the spell!

We have lost the swagger. We look like that last place rebuilding team again. So Bryan sit tight.

"Andy" has got to be tired, dead tired...

9mm looks like a guy, who is out of sync (4 big ones)...

Kuba is retreating early again...

"Karl" is making #17 jumpy and with good reason...

Jared looks like the rookie, he is...

Jason is now shootin' when he should be passin'...he can't win...

Coach, ya can't play Alfie that much...Turris either for that matter...they are your second line not your first...

#42 looks stronger than #16...

Our only chance that I can see is if we drop out of a playoff spot and some how manage to find the magic again...Oh ya and the Leafs are solidly in a play off spot...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do you know what they have done!

The "unspoken" conspiracy has done it's job...from the trumped up grudge to the adherence of all hands (Refs), this group, lets call them them the "One Call Gang" has managed to down us 4 in a row (and it started about game 25) but more importantly they have split the room (Jason returning to his Tranna roots), broken our spirit (have a look at the bench, Alfie even) and have driven off our Coach from his young players...they might as well have brought in a "Hit Man" from Calgary...with a real gun...a 44 magnum that shoots rifle bullets. This was an inside job!

New hockey term..."Civic Prejudice!" They are not even big time enough to admit it!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pittsburgh always get the "Home Call!"

Pittsburgh always get the home call except when they play Tranna. (Look at some of our games.)

Last night, Leafs get three straight man advantages to stand them to a lead until well past the mid-way mark of the third period. This is the usual horse poo but it will be interesting to see how far the ZEBRA will take it tonight...remember the Blue Team is a collection of Colby Armstrong types!

Ottawa, every other team in the League is about even, the SENs have received a differential of 62 minutes more short handed because "Karl" is a diver...Coach Paul was/is a rookie coach from Detroit and Western boys (read REFs) don't like the EAST!

The Tranna guys have an 11 or 22 minute plus...for that bunch of over the hill retreads!

"One of their best and brightest!"

Dan O'Rourke, 6'3" 200lbs. tough guy REF. One of the NHL's Best and Brightest. Calgary, Western Bronko Buster thinks "Karl" is a diver and that he alone knows what to call and what not to call and if it favours the Western Team or a big market team like Boston or Tranna (all of the time, every game) so be it!

This guy's a cut...he's a cut as Ref...he was a cut in the East Coast League as a player...he's a cut in life, who would base himself in Atlanta if he was a NHL Ref unless he was running away from about his ability to Referee!

Note: Steve Lloyd is offically a "Company Man"...go home to Carleton Place with all the other Leaf fans! (We got beat by "TWO" Power Play Goals! When we had none.)

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Stretch Drive...

Forget Zack and the Bingo guys it's time for your top six to step up and grab us a play off spot...

"Andy" is ready to do his thing...

"Karl" and his mate have to tighten it up just a quarter turn...

I'd play Foligno in the top six...

Carks plays a lot on the way home...

#4's hands have finally steadied...

Jared and "Gonch" just seem to pick up the pace as required, keep 'er goin'...

We all love Alex but it's time for the "Big Kid" Bingo is no place for him now...

For now Boston, at home, is a practice but after that we gotta be in every game!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Company Men!

Ya know who really annoys me almost as much as these small time incompetent Refs, are the "Company Men", Versage, York, Galley, Millen, Healy...guys, who have been around it and through it for years...and on both sides of it...telling us it all evens out...there is no big market bias...the REFs are doing a fair job...these dull, non-street smart, blinkered, fawning followers should be told to "STFU" if you do not want to be objective or truthful don't say anything!

Note: How long it has taken Coach Paul to drop the Detroit glow and to start to defend his players!

Note: Anyone who has played a little knows it only takes "ONE" call not three or four to completely turn the momentum of a game.  I think we should have had, as tired as we were, at least 5 maybe 6 points out of those untalented Left Coast Type Teams...we actually did beat the best one out there!

Note: I think Zack suffered a concussion and is still trying to play through it!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Poor ol' "Karl!"

"EriK" flubs one, goes the wrong way and then gets accused of "Diving" by these Tranna centric League Officials. Remember these are the guys who put the puck on it's edge for TV time outs when the puck is bouncing all over like an Indian Rubber Ball.

Their goalie caught some luck and ours didn't!

The Ducks are a good one line team, sometimes, if they are fresh, one line teams are tough to beat. It's funny how easy the games become when you are out of it.

Phillips plays well so Kuba takes the night off...

Why dress Carks and then go with 5 Defencemen?

If Alfie blocks one more shot I'm telling Hugo on him.

Petersson, our human bullet, needs to play with the big guys.

Jason...I know the system has you high in your own zone but be more pro-active, play a little "hard" defence once in a while.

9mm is feeling the eyes of California on him.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The "Daug" plays...

Ya don't change a winning line up except for injury...

The "Daug" plays only if you don't have to freeze him...

Zach goes only if the trainers plural OK it!

I'd give Pete Petersson a shot with Jason, moving 9mm to Turris and then moving him (9mm) back and let Alfie perform his magic on the human bullet...

We still like Foligno/Neil/Z-man as the 4th line but playing 12 to 15 minutes. Anytime you can save Spezza/Alfie/Turris a little playoff enery it's a bonuus!

Surround Zack (if he goes this afternoon) with his Bingo Brethren (Cons/Daug/Butts)...

The Ducks will fly early...

The "Super SENS" will finish 'em late!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's time to see what ya got!

To Coach Paul:

Before Bryan Murray (three weeks) can recommend someone new to Eugene we must see what we actually have on hand...

Andre Petersson has to play top six and he has to fit right away so put him in tonight with Uncle Alfie.

Borocop, I think, is already penciled in as our sixth defenceman for the stretch run. He has to be the spark to light Chris Phillips' fire or we go all the way playing 4 defencemen most of the game?

#14; #19; #9...size/skill

#20; #7; #11...speed/finesse

#23; #15; #22...Calder Cuppers re-united

#71; #28; #25...what a play off 4th line...a difference maker!

#17; #65

#2; #55

#4; #74

#41...and eventually #40

Monday, January 16, 2012

Trap Game!

Oh, we are still so vulnerable when we are not ready mentally...

Jason starts us off...then cannot win a face off all night...

Alfie was a step late all night and he had the chances...

9mm's worst game as a SEN...

Neil is just not an offensive player anywhere on the ice...

"Karl"was sleeping for most of the game...

The LINESMEN were horseshit tonight, I think it was one of the guys who puts the puck on it's edge during time outs?

Tough one "Andy" but let us hope that your team mates show up in TRANNA!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let's Nitpick!

Great game boys, Alfie, Andy, Jason, Kyle et al!

But the Coaching...Jason killing two minutes of PK when we have the best in League on the bench (fresh) and Spezza is now playing every minute of the power play. What is Jason (25 minutes), 9mm (25 minutes) and Karl (30 minutes) doing out there in the dying seconds of the game...did we not already try and discard this idea earlier on in the season. (Make the same play over and over looking for a different result). It's bad coaching gentlemen, when you have Zack, Kyle and Z-man as your other centers. We all know "Karl" is a super star but the other guys know how to attack him late in the game, they box him out of his own box offensively or trap him in the corner. If there was one guy who should have been on the ice it was "Carks" standing on guard for "Andy" in front of our net. Have none of you ever tried to jam a late goal past a huge, ugly defenceman? Foligno is our best checker with out the puck in all three zones...he should have been out there.

Elite coaches don't make these kinds of "Ego" mistakes. Jason does not have to be stroked his confidence level is just fine. Montreal should not have got a point out of this one.

Friday, January 13, 2012

"You owe me one!

Andy, ya owe me one. Last Habs game as I sat surrounded by Habs fans sitting in the Molson box proudly wearing my Heritage sweater. You guys completely laid an egg...ya made Price look like the reincarnation of George Vezina. The Montreal fans thought they were at a clinic or a hockey school some where in Gatineau...

So we want Price's head on a platter, show these guys no mercy they would do the same for you. No smiles or laughing from PK tonight. Cunneyworth is a great guy but he hasn't got the pieces there to beat us so lets just systematically take 'em apart.

SENs win 4-1.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Remember the Alamo! or is it MSG!

First game @ MSG...we are up one nothin', skatin' 'em into the ice...PPG...PPG...Rangers up 2-1. We get 40 shots and have to beat 'em in overtime...ZEBRA ALERT!

Lundqvist loves our Swedes, he thinks he can out think us...Alfie and "Karl" have news for him...this time everything goes in just under the bar!

Jason is finally ready for the bright lights of ol''s his team now! (with Alfie)

The League reporters, the Tranna guys, have not caught up to how good we are yet...they don't really know us or how good "Karl" is. How fast Kyle is. How tough "Andy" is. How young Alfie "feels". How responsible Jason is. How improved Kuba is. How strong 9mm is. How skilled Foligno is. How hard Zack can shoot. How tough mentally Cons is. How perfect our "Cyborg" is.

Note: I think the prognosticators on the Senators Prediction Panel...STINK! If any of you were betting with the Bookie...he'd own your car by now! SENs win 4 to 1.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Law of Humanity!

Galley says the guys are trying to "hurt" you when you they hit. And we better admit it and get used to it.  What about intent to injure?? It's a major penalty!

You guys, Yorkie, Chum, Kipreos and you, the Alumni, are starting to fall all over yourselves trying to defend over the line, dirty, dangerous plays. That's why we the fans get so many "crazy" over the top explanations for some of the more "brutal" hits!

You don't think Dave Steckel didn't meant to hit Sid and hurt him or that immature Goof for the Rangers, who concussed Alfie...Gary Galley, ya can't hit guys like that anymore, it's against the Law of Humanity!

You guys all coach and teach hockey school for kids...ya can't propagandize this type of play on national TV or local radio's bullshit!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hope the Whites are "real" clean!

Congrats boys, you guys are starting to believe...I was one of the very few that never had doubt. "Andy" only goalies know how tough you really are!

We are going to have to play our cleanest road game of the season against the broken Penguins. They already get 15 more and 38 less for an advantage of almost two full games over half a season. Some say well it's only 4 you know how big four points are going to be? Mario needs a win bad for the home town fans so I'd practice the PK not the PP tomorrow.

Notice how in every case that even though you pass the baseline testing and you are cleared to play it takes 4-5-6 games to get back up to speed...think about it...Alfie...9mm...even Gonch and now Chris Phillips...I don't think he should even be out there right now trying to play through it. These guys, these valuable assets, are/were very vulnerable to great injury, greater trauma.

So forget all the League and leadership (BOG) bullsh&t, Bryan start holding them out until they are ready...that goes for Winchester, there is no need to rush him back. Look at Sid...and that big "intentional" clown in Tranna should get life with no parole! That "Goof" that hit Alfie knew exactly what he was doing!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Memo to Coach Paul!

Played on a very experienced older team, our much lauded International Coach would think nothing of once he gave you the tap and told you to change on the fly...of holding your shoulder or even your sweater until the man you were replacing was approximately 10 feet from the bench. It just gave everyone a second chance in case the puck came toward your bench or the "arsehole", who was supposed to come off, decides to stay on and play the puck!

Note: Now I know that this is the "Show" but clearly you have a problem which stems from you. That's you plural, the coaching staff!

Note 2: That one time you cheat and break up a rush or get the advantage of the other team is far out weighed by the number of short handed goals resulting from TMMOTI Penalties!

He's comin' to our rink @ the park!

Danny Briere, he is comin' to our rink @ the park. It's not Philly or Gatineau, it's Ottawa.This gifted, lucky, little, local hockey player, who would not think of playing in Montreal or Ottawa for that matter...the pressure, the taxes and now the ex wife(?) will have to come and play in our barn today. Note: He got a lot tougher when he went from Buffalo to Philadelphia. I think we should give him a little extra attention. The three center rotation to start with as he spends the majority of his shifts coming back late or hiding and hangin' around our net. Then ya tell him about his Hat Trick, he fans creating a BS change up rebound, a second goal Chris Phillips knock in for him and the last one because he stays late hiding behind the net...he didn't deserve to score one let alone three. And to finish it because he likes to play hard on the young guys Jared Cowen should commit to him behind the net and squash the bastard then we shall see how many groin hooks he throws after that!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

"We was robbed!"

The ZEBRA management of the momentum swings of this game was orchestrated like an impresario!

I think the Philly fans still intimidate the Refs.

Pronger's legacy...teaching these punks to act and play like cheatin', chirpin', dirty little rats!

This was a classic example of...if you commit an infraction on every play, they cannot call 'em all.

How do these thugs, these bullies, get 36 minutes of PP time more than us?

Chris Phillips, when you make a mistake you have to correct it...Paul, he is not a 4 on 4 player anymore!

"Karl" is not at his absolute best in afternoon games and he still got two assists?

When Butts scores and Neil is going past the puck looking for the big hit...switch 'em up!

#19 and #14 have lost their connection, Jason expects too much on defence from Colin and then ignores him on offense.

Coach Paul, the TMMOTI PENALTY, is on you, SIR...start grabbing sweaters and holding guys on the bench...

Andy, we do it all over again tomorrow!

Note: Old Goal Tender axiom..."If ya don't know where it is don't move and open yourself up!"

We don't get pushed around today!

Our Defence is bigger than theirs.

Andrej Meszaros is very good but vulnerable.

Flyers put Mat Walker on waivers and they only have 5 defencemen. No Timonen but to recall Erik Gustafsson; Swedes are hot these days.

Laviolette will be trying to line match as teams of late have trouble when we just roll 'em out one through four, one after another.

Andy is playing well enough to get the bounce.

We might even see "Bob!"

This is where we see if we really have enough "Road Game" to weather the early storm.

If "Andy" has to play both ends of the weekend,  ya gotta bring up the "Kid" NOW!

Everyone must keep their stick down, we are still the most penalized team in the league deserved or not.

"Karl" you're on!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Yorkie" you're all washed up!

Have seen York come and go. He must have sleep walked with blinkers on through out his entire career. Some of the opinions and thoughts on the game that Jason, Chum and Brian Burke try to foist on the every day fan are just plain "crazy" and the fact that they have two-thirds of the fans, players and insiders believing them is sad..."VERY SAD!"

Wake up, boys...Chris Phillips got bumped four (4) count 'em for 9mm and he's a human tank.
Alfie can work through the groin and his back but that gutless head shot out of nowhere knocking you senseless...who needs it?

Thought for the day...the second shot is damage to the "already" damaged brain...your brain doesn't heal that fast...I know and it was admitted to me by the doctor!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Guessing "Borocop" first call up!

Coach Paul will most likely ask for Mark Borowiecki...but Ottawa might be told to call on Patrick Wiercioch, the Merit Principle. My favourite is 6'4" 225lbs Eric Gryba, who cannot catch a break with this organization and will probably be moving on if the "Status Quo" remains in place!

There is no rush for Winchester, the "Daug" has Bingo karma going for him. Ya don't change a winner if you don't have to.

"Andy" just out played the best goalie in the game tonight.

We have got to find some extra duties for "Karl"...34 minutes and he is not even breathing hard! Then again we could just go with 5 D and play #65 for forty minutes.

If there is one thing that Coach Paul can start a rant @ Wednesday's practice is this "Good ole boys" pass the puck to your bud when you are staring at the best scoring chance of the night...shoot the puck on the net!

Butts is starting to get himself in position to score...the big shooters will tell you it's only a matter of time.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Butts has got to score!

Re: No passengers.

If we are to make the playoffs Butts has got to score. As he has demonstrated in games played at his speed and penalty shots when he has that extra nano-second he can really sink 'em! This is re-enforced by the number of posts hit @ ultra high speed. With his pay check he ain't goin' down so when Winchester comes back old #16 has got to stay in the line up because he represents the potential of more goals than either "Daug" (at this point) or Winchester. Now, the problem is where to play him...where he has at least a chance to make a play/score a goal on his own time.

I think we beat Marty tonight!