Monday, January 2, 2012

Butts has got to score!

Re: No passengers.

If we are to make the playoffs Butts has got to score. As he has demonstrated in games played at his speed and penalty shots when he has that extra nano-second he can really sink 'em! This is re-enforced by the number of posts hit @ ultra high speed. With his pay check he ain't goin' down so when Winchester comes back old #16 has got to stay in the line up because he represents the potential of more goals than either "Daug" (at this point) or Winchester. Now, the problem is where to play him...where he has at least a chance to make a play/score a goal on his own time.

I think we beat Marty tonight!


  1. Happy NY Nik :) Thanks for continuing to post

  2. Anonymous:

    Happy NY.

    With the return of Winchester the Coaches best play was to cary the "Daug" and roll the dough nuts (#28; #16; #23 and #18)in and out as play dictated but if Butts scores (3 gw's) and Rocco likes calling for "Zman" off the bench for that all important face offs on the wrong dot. Caspers two way sends him down to the "Dog House!"