Friday, December 30, 2011

I like...

I like the "Big Line" if Rocco is skating and Alfie is shooting high! #11 has had a bundle of chances lately where he is too gassed to get the puck up but we still would love to see 400 @home.

I like this second line of #22; #14 and #7; Turris should get some shooting with these guys.

Update: Alfie with Turris I'm OK with this also.

I would like to see the "Daug" get a couple shifts with Nick and ZacK.

I like the look of Zman and Neil out there together, they look like a throw back to the 70's, no feet, no hands but very effective hockey players in their own way.

I would like "Karl" to stop reading his press clippings and get back down to business.

I like Alex in the net tonight, "Andy" looks tired...we gotta get him some rest.

I would like #4 to sit one more game because if it's a groin a mid-season rest is as good as anything you can do for it.

Update: Phillips and Lee...if you are good enough to play you are not hurt!

I would like our PP play to dumb it down...SHOOT the $%^&*# PUCK! Not WIDE...Not HIGH...Not BACK IN THE CORNER...but TWO FEET OFF THE ICE ON THE NET! How you do this is...don't dink with it. Shoot quickly before the box closes!

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