Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I want more of our "Home Call!"

It's just not fair...

Boston PPO 92; TSH 96

Buffalo PPO 94; TSH 97

Montreal PPO107; TSH 110

Tranna PPO 102; TSH 103...But 16 of 27 games weather behind or ahead, close game or not, the Leafs get a tripping penalty to make up for the advantage they have had through out the game.

Ottawa PPO 89; TSH 119...that's a half an hour, biggest differential in the league!

Note: @ 20% on the PP that translates to about 6 points in the standings...

Plus our PP is better than everybody if they get as many opportunities as these other guys...

First time this year Tranna gets the first two penalties to kill in the first period and "Bham" two nothin'!

Tranna announcer #1: "Now we see the Toronto Defenceman Schenn running some legal interference on the Jersey forward!" They don't even understand the conflict in terms.

Tranna announcer #2: "And there is a nifty little pick run by Steckel to get his defenceman a bit of room!" This dork doesn't realize if it wasn't Tranna these plays are penalties!

Dave Jackson, the only Montreal Ref (the West Island) is getting heat for not giving the Habs the "Home Call"...we will probably get him to do our game tomorrow in a make up mood!


  1. I have been watching this trend with the Sens for a few years now, and at times it is truly sickening. Some games last year, I could just see the older players give up on the game. Why hurt yourself trying to win a game the refs have decided against you from the start?

    At least this year the kids are still playing hard and their special teams and goal tending have generally been much better. So it's not as painful this year.

    ...still doesn't make it right.

  2. Nik:

    Does the league have a "mechanism" that the Sens can go through, or does it take BM to complain every once in a while to even things up?


  3. Because he's a rookie from Detroit Coach Paul thinks if he strings along and says all the right things he will start to get the right call. Wrong Paul!

    Bryan knows his only chance is if he keeps his mouth shut and survives till the end of the season that he may get a few calls down the stretch if we are still in it. It stinks!

    You know what the Rangers are brutal and the Leafs are worse and they are both going to make it to the playoffs this season this season.

    I got Dean takin' about it and I'm not going to stop because some of the Tranna guys read this blog and it makes them think!

  4. If anyone would like to give feedback to the NHL officials association, here's the link: http://www.nhlofficials.com/contact.asp.

    I have done so in the past, when frustrated after a game in which the officiating was particularly one sided.

    I'm sure they get a lot of homer fan complaints, so I imagine that the more specifics you can supply the better (eg. specific calls and non-calls and their likely consequences for the outcome of the game).