Thursday, December 31, 2009

2 Points!

We don't disagree with benching Alexandre Picard but remember you are replacing a 40 game defencemen, who is even with a rookie liability @ -13, also as good as Campy is playing he does not cover for Carks as well as #45 or provide the speed and positioning #39 requires.

To out "shoot-out" the Islanders is something...I attribute it to Kovy's skill and status...he makes us feel like we are "Big Time!"

We love Saint-Pascal and he won another for us tonight but if he has a "Tighter" game he's gotta bring it!

CiCi...hurt Kuba's feelings...ya gotta get him off the Power Play...he's lost his offencive confidence and it shows!

Because Kovy goes we all go backwards...I'm not sure we should go back through our points as much as we do routinely in the offencive zone and on the rush.

PS: Ottawa Senator's first NHL game January 1910 (100 years ago). No wonder Tranna hates us we had guys like Gilmore, Pulford, Clancy, Howe, Art Ross and won the Stanley Cup in 1910/11 years ahead of the Leafs!

To Rob in Kanata!

Earlier in the season, I thought that we had established that you had one of the weakest hockey minds in Ottawa. But your drivel and inaccurate comments are back!!!

It's Mr. or Bryan Murray to &*^$#@(!

You have no money, CAP or players to trade enough already with your fantasy trades!

Do you realy know the difference between an AHL Roster and the Sens...we are holding our own with out our "Captain and our #1 center you dolt!

Your 5th Defenceman, Alexandre Picard, is holding his own after 40 games, far exceeding go to move him now and ya got the whole league waitin' to kick your arse in a trade!

So to you and that other Anonymous know it all, just STFU unless you have something constructive to add!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good effort...too little!

Goal tending, defence, speed and skill is tough to beat...the kids are just plain good!

Loose early, since when did we get so good that we can start each game like this!

St-Pascal got out played.

Shannon likes Kovy! So do we!

Foligno looks good.

Tough night for #45!

Once a game Cheech hangs a point man with that late, tight to the wall, roller...he got Campy and Picard tonight! And then cannot get back to catch the third trailer.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A chance to balance the attack!

We'd like to see...

#26; #43; #27

#9; #12; #25

#73; #22; #71

#10; #18; #41

But CiCi is stuck playing Cheech and Foligno higher in the pecking order!

You non believers should be collectively kissing Alexandre Picard's and Matt Karkner's arse because between the two of them they have saved a very shaky SENS DEFENCE in the first half the season when neither one was expected to crack this line up!

Campy just high lights the "Pup's" short comings.

We get out smarted by the Western Teams in that we try to adjust to them...let's just go out and take it to 'em!

"Zebra Mgmt!" Take Two!

Big victory...we deserved to win...Ottawa needed that!

How do you think the Habs fans feel today?? I counted our usual 6 grievous infractions for the game.

The Refs, playing good cop bad guy (Frazer) is "Stink a poo jodhpurs" and yes, he tried to sh&t the bed! Frazer with his TV make up and "Big Hair" hockey helmet looks not a day under 65, looked pretty forlorn under the "Hot Lights" and the direct scorn of our #25!

It used to be the Officials would have to manage or be allowed to manage the odd game...for example when Vancouver had a bad team and the Visitors were sent streaming to the box in typical "Homer Coast League fashion". Note: This has been going on for a hundred years, my dad who played out there years ago, in the old Western Pro League, told me it was on account of the "Silver Seven" shellacking the Millionaires and he was serious.

But to the case at hand, this major involvement of the Refs in the out come of every game has gone too far. They are wrecking it for everybody. It only takes one bad penalty call, one bad goal call, you don't have to freeze the Montreal power play totally, they would have been stone cold was Ottawa's PP supposed to perform being shut out completely game after game...and these late in the game meaningless penalties to balance the stat sheet drive me they think we are that stupid...I guess they do.

So to Mr. Frazer and your colleagues, you guys are officially warned...the honeymoon is over...we shall be relentless...because as we have seen in Montreal they don't even complain and you continue to sh&t on them anyway!

Post Script: a good Boston/Tampa game ruined by McCauley/Van Massenhoven see Jesse Connolly...maybe it's our Division excludung the Leafs?

Monday, December 28, 2009

I smell "Zebra Mgmt!"

Over heard in a "Hard Drinkin'" bar in downtown Tranna...Nico was not there..."If we have to cave on "Head Shots" then I want total management of the games!" Author unknown.

What gives? Leafs are up 3-2 in the 3rd period on a Sunday Night in Pittsburgh and pick up the only two Power Plays and the badly needed road win! I smell " Zebra Mgmt!"

You know the Hab's Power Play is going to get a good, long, repeated work out against us because the same bulletin that was sent to Pittsburgh was sent to Ottawa...Jacques Martin, at Carleton yesterday is practicing the PP when they should have been working on 5 on 5...they are supposed to be on the road.

History repeats...about this time last year the Canadiens needing a win bad go into MSG and set a record vs Rangers (it never happened before) getting 4 unanswered PPs culminating in a 5 on 3 in the third period with a goal for a 2- 0 margin...only #6 Wade Redden and Glen Sather knew what was going on!

You know "Zebra Mgmt" is going to get this 3 pointer to a Shoot will not matter if we are up 4 after 2 periods! "But Kovy is ready for 'em!"... Spelled Kovy with a "Y" because that's the way the Montreal Blogs spell it (And they were first) and they are the ones who should be scared!

As mentioned after the last game against us, Halak is better than's time to stick a pin in his bubble...dirty goals...a bad goal...will do it every time.

We have our French Canadien Goal Tender back again...the "Hex" switches!

These guys are no better than us...let's just skate 'em into the ice! Same line up...same pairings and lines!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It wasn't meant to be this way!!

The teams that win the shoot outs are going to make the play offs the teams that don't aren't.

This is not news but I cannot get over how painfully obvious it now is to every one, even the League types. At least before they had plausible denial.

Alex Kovalev is well on his way to earning us a play off spot with shoot out goals...for an old Sens' fan this is pure gold!

It's never a bad play to shoot the puck on the net, it may not be the best play but it's never a bad one! Harry Neale and I are the same era! Just keep on keeping on...sooner or later you keep out shooting your opponent, you are going to beat him!

Once played on a team that had of the best teams I ever played on!

St-Pascal is the first guy we have had for a while, where the other guys look at our net and say: "We could be in for a very long night!"

Important two points...Jason and Alf or no Jason and Alf, I don't remember everything being so life and death at the 40 game mark...and it truly is!

Finally, the $64,000.00 Question (and for you guys that mess that up every time that was the correct title/amount of the show)? What do we do with Erik "Special K" Karlsson? Bingo for another 12 games if he will go? Note: If I were him and had my drothers I wouldn't go either.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Here 's the way I'd play 'em!

#9; #12; #27

#73; #22; #25

#26; #43; #18

#41; #10; #44

But CiCi will go with

#9; #12; #27

#73; #22; #41

#26; #43; #25

#10; #18; #44

Note: the trouble with Buffalo they play 4 lines so all our guys gotta play!

"We are going to make a game of this!"

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Observations because nobody watches for themselves anymore they just take someone else's word for what went on!

Last night I observed the dismantling of a professional hockey team!

Through injury, being out played by a superior opponent and Zebra MGMT!

Nick Kypreos could be/is the stupidest ex pro on TV. He is not only a Neanderthal , he thinks he's a fence sitting politician, speaking on behalf of the Front Office. Him and Pierre, what a way to lose the coverage at the Olympics! Monday morning (before the fall) he and Bob McCown are congratuating each other on how they turned the Leafs around and were going to make the Play Offs...Nico was serious...I think the man suffers "Delusions of Grandeur!"

And for all you Don Chery types...wake's 2010 not 1967... when you can hit a guy through his shoulder from the blind side hard enough to seriously wrench his shoulder, jar his head, knock his hat off and give him a standing concussion...that's a "Head Shot!"

And this "Head Down" bullsh&t, the man is in a puck fight in the corner with another player and this big "tough" guy hammers him from the blind side!

By the way...Nico, before you tell me I'm are wrong, man, "Dead" wrong!

I don't think anyone has ever had over forty shots on goal in an NHL hockey game and lost 8-2.

We have had a way too much big money in the Infirmary for the whole first half of the season...#17; #24, #19, #27, #25, and now the's usually a sign you are too old and beat up!

Sens hockey is getting very tough to watch!

Note: It must be weird for the big kids coming out of Junior... "Wow!"...Head Shots I can half kill someone and "get away with it!"...and...the Canadian players good enough to play Internationally thinking "I better put the "High Hits" (the Head Shots) in the closet till after the Tournament!

Monday, December 21, 2009


We get a full house and we throw that at 'em...

Two evenly matched teams battle for two periods even but we commit three grievious infractions and the Big Bad Bruins play a perfect game according to these two Zebras! Man that's getting hard to watch.

Our Big Money can't score!

The pressure on your goalie when ya can't score is unbelievable.

We need St-Pascal for a status change!

Every other team in the League is allowed to interfere on the "Here they come!" rush except Chris Phillips and they call him every time!

Cheech didn't hold up his end on the big line tonight!

The "Pup" cannot take any more shifts in play three pretty reasonable shifts then a turn over...or a complete missed assignment...Note: #65 does not retreat to the front of his own net very well leaves Kuba alone on the island all the time!

Pic missed one tonight, if you are going to stay up and play high, you have to realize the danger and do something while you are there...

People don't realize how effective Chara is...he cowed not one but both our so called scoring forward lines tonight...

Note: To this point I don't see anyone in the East that when we have our full team that we can't stay with in a fair fight (Fair Refereeing). Sooner or later we shall learn the value of the Power Play and take advantage...

Note II: Often when you commit an uncalled infraction...wipe a guy out and trap three forwards you go down to the other end and score!

Note III: Penalties assessed to Boston, vs Toronto 6 all roughing and tripping; vs Chicago 2 but the Hawks only had one; vs Philly 5...this is a very tough bunch...they come to Ottawa what gives?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Big Ask!

Four days ago I asked for a goal from a DEFENCEMAN and got four (4) of them!

For Boston and in order to rattle that Thomas cat and no doubt he'll be in there, we need not just one but one each from Winchester and Regin...

Cross Bar...Ya don't play the back up's back up back to back...Brian Elliott has lost twice to Thomas in a shoot out 4-3 and deserves his chance @ vindication...notice how no one talks about how in the old days (last year) our Ottawa goal tenders would get routinely shellacked by the Bruins.

Marty Brodeur says "They are quicker than I thought!" (Talking about us!)

Boston knows we out skated 'em twice but that's no reason why we can't just skate 'em into the ice tonight!

Believe it or not it opens up the point shots and the winger coming late as their forwards over commit on the back check.

Mr. Ice Maker...we want good ice tonight...the "Parkay floor" Bruins might as well be the Ducks for that crap they have to play on game in game out!

Keep playing the "Pup" with Alfie as #65 tells Hugo he has to take care of all of the Alfredssons.

Carks, ya don't fight these mugwumps have nothing to prove...later on in the new year when we have Neil back I'll go fetch "Yabs" for a game and we'll have it out!

CiCi if you can work it out Picard and Carkner should be out their against Boston's secret (Bergereon's) second's their catalyst!

Friday, December 18, 2009


For a hundred years, back up goalies have been getting skinned on the road...just look at the game in Buffalo tonight...enough said!

Elliott comes back again tomorrow night...he will beat those guys with no equipment!

Alexandre Picard the 3rd star richly deserved!

Philippé has lost his offencive "feel"...even when he has a shot on net he does not look dangerous...go with 4 forwards...give Campy or Picard a shot at the first power play!

Kelly and Ruutu our two best forwards for the third straight game.

Where is our "Big Money" with the exception of Fish the rest of 'em are on Christmas vacation!

What good is out shooting your opponent night after night if you have no top six forwards who can score!

To all our penalty killers...if you are going to screen your goalie you are taking the responsibility to block the shot!

Brodeur may or may not be the best but he's too good for us @ home in Jersey! #1030!

PS: Happy 65th Schreibs! The "Voice" marches on!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wilson Street...a tough sell!

3 Wins in 4 games, two shut outs, including shutting down the first place Buffalo Sabres in a crutial 4 pointer (game 1 without Jason) and Wilson Street give him the second star?? Boys, this is not Toronto you committed a bad hockey "Faux Pas!"

SENS needing a goal from a DEFENCEMAN "big time" and not only does Pic get the winner but should have got a helper for the second goal...he is the only D-man we have who will go all the way to the net! Wilson Street starts talking fluke...could not even give him an honourable mention...if you hadn't noticed our big money was stymied at the time. Nice game Alex!

Winnie was just OK...timing is everything!

Leave Campy on the 4th line, he is interesting to watch and pretty effective.

Ryan Shannon..."Fear strikes out!"

To Hugo's Pup, you're wearing out old Kuba, but both you guys were good tonight.

I liked Ruutu's game tonight...Alf embellished one but friggin' Roy draws one every game so at least tonight they evened out!

Kelly out worked everyone and deserved to score that goal he was the only one to deke Miller all game.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gord Wilson = Howie Meeker!

Howie Meeker won the "Calder Trophy" for rookie of the Year in the National Hockey League. He wrote the first "how to" for hockey coaches but what he forgot was that two of his centers, the guys who carried him, were Syl Apps and Teeder Kennedy and this scewed the book.

As time went on his Hockey Night in Canada criticisms of guys he thought were lessor players became so tough and questionable the players had him removed by word of mouth as their union was nowhere at that time!

Now we are not suggesting the removal of anyone...but Gord your criticism of Brian Elliott over the last ten games has been a way over the top and the people on "Wilson Street" have been letting you continue with the exception of Eastie. That BS tonight about deflected shots has got to stop.

It is my opinion that you along with Pierre McGuire and Central Scouting misjudged Brian and you are too obstinate to admit you were wrong. Thus you have been constantly increasing your criticism of Elliott since they brought him up last year!

PS: While I'm at it Yorkie get off the fence...take a side...have an opinion...remember you're the!

Monday, December 14, 2009


1. Rough game for Mr. Elliott...but when the Radio guy, who thinks he's a goal tender, starts to blame deflections on the goalie, it's time for a new Goal Tender Analyst! Wake up and listen to yourself!

2. First goal, Pic if you are going to pinch have a look at who is going to try and cover for you.

3. Our "Own end high" coverage is brutal...especially on the winning goal...#41 just play your position.

4. First time I ever saw Alf just leave a puck for a Tranna guy!

5. Carkner's fightin' screws up the pairings big time! Also seems to draw him down mentally...have a look for that net hanger Kessel!

6. "Big" Nick Foligno was my first star tonight!

7. Philippé is getting worse by the game.


The secret to beating these up starts is TRANSITION!

Offencive Zone Time has been the Leafs' forté of late but does not mean they are entitled to it!

As GN was saying get on 'em and get the puck out and we should take it a step further and transition cleanly, counter attacking with odd man rushes. Believe it or not, if sucessful this evolves to our Blue Line and their Blue Line and then the Leafs are done because Kaberle and his group cannot defend their own zone!

We all like Aaron Ward but we don't want him...he is the wrong guy at the wrong time...does not fit us right now!

We are going with the speed, energy and mistakes of our young guys...they are coming along better than expected!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Halak is better than Price.

How do you lose to a team that has 2 goalies and nothing else?

Our Power Play is the only one in the league that does not shoot from the center of the ice on the point shot! Oh for 7!

Stop shooting wide...we are not gifted enough to tip them so we might as well put it on the net...#17.

Philippé is not as gifted offencively as we think...

Phillips is burnt mentally...he is playing too much. We are too fragile...can't seem to come back from any bad break!

45 shots and the same number of scoring chances as Montreal...what gives?

CiCi...8th Too many Men is too many! (your "Honda Racing" mind!)

Volchy likes that shooter too much he can't give him up to the goalie even when it's the correct play!

Believe it or not we need a goal from a DEFENCEMAN!

Elliott was fine...but ya need a French Canadien goal tender to beat the psychs them out!

I think we are a coach short...we need a special teams "Specialist"

Hey "Crossbar" this is a "Big" game!

1. This is the "Habs" a big game and once again you are clouding the issue...this is Kovy vs Montreal!! This has nothing to do with what you think or your opinion!

2. Kovy said and I quote: "If"...Eugene is pointing to me!

3. Everyone else talks in generalities, AK was for sure and you go to specifics and you are wrong most of the time!

4.You are wrong about Alexandre Picard.

5. You were wrong about Brian Elliott last season.

6. You are like the old fish wife...when it's goin' good your with us all the way but when it turns bad you attack the defenceless...subject to the current rumour around the team!

7. The reason you are wrong a lot is you are the games for yourself...have an original thought!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Making sense of the Karlsson promotion.

Eric Karlsson was brought up to play with Mr. Kuba...plane and simple! (That was the day 1 game 1 master plan.) And they want a right hand shot to run the power play point!

Lee was sent down because he scored a goal and stopped shooting...then he took a dumb penalty at a bad time.

Picard is taken off the Power Play because he is a left hand shot and he missed an open net.

Volchenkov was supposed to be back for Boston but will play Heatley with one arm if he has to. (Anton is staying...we love what he brings! He's a Bryan Murray kinda guy!)

Phillips needs old #24, he's getting a little fatiged.

Carkner needs to again settle into his 5-6 role with Alex, heel his wounds and begin to dominate again from that position.

Nobody is being traded to anyone yet...who are you going to trade?? Kelly is back...the kids up front are to be given a chance to show...Picard has beat out Lee and Campy fair and square the coaches love the guy, he listens...the Boston tieing goal! Do you big time traders want to move Spezza...I guess not!

This is just every day garden variety hockey team type moves @ Twenty games!

What a luxury to have an extra DEFENCEMAN as I project he shall be needed again almost straight away...

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Their ice and boards are worse than ours...sub-NHL Standard! This is Boston for Cripes Sake not Florida!

Special "K" should draw a few penalties instead of taking them, this will help on the long road trip.

That same Zebra is making it look better but he is still stage managing all the Sen's's Kabuki's that "fake"...."fantome" sh&t "CALL" that just kills the guys on the ice and our really is bush league! And this jerk knows sometimes it only takes one to break our/my spirit!

Brian Elliott...what can you say he's makin' 'em earn it! Every goal! Every night! Great Job!

Jason's game is so bad...I am predicting it will turn vs "Heater!" and that will end it! Or...

We need Volchenkov...our cracks are beginning to show! Remember the pecking order! He puts us all back in place.

This reminds me of trying to play a 2-1-2 pressure game with no rushers...their QB-D man just picks you apart!

CiCi, when we go into our mid game trance/slump after another borderline penalty call use your time up the Ref and snap these guys out of it!!! Make up a new line...put a forward on defence do somethin' shake 'em up!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Matt the "Chaperone!" Carkner has arrived...the Ref gave him the "vets" pass on a trip and then gave #45 the "fantome" call! And that's OK! Congrats Matt ya finally made it!

Sainte-Pascal is fine it's the type of bump that "fogs" ya (plus an almost hyperextended knee) and pisses you off cause your leg and head hurts at the same time but he 'll be fine!

Alf, our Captain, stepped up vs Buffalo again, didn't want Kovy to worry too much while away.

Kuba...imagine if he played like that game in game out. That was a $4mill type player's game!

Jason leave more blade on your stick (the toe), it will change your luck and you may hold a few more of those pucks that are going through you! Ya can borrow my wooden 4 goaler if you want's only going to take one!

Neil can't stand prosperity...having a hell of a game and then just has a complete brain cramp!

Fish was the best face off man in the League tonight!

The Sens are the only "Home" team in the League that consistantly take more penalties than the visitors! What gives??

#9 gets it...the front of the net is the place to be!

Chris Kelly, the most expensive and the best 4th line center in the league, has to drag around Mr. Ruutu the most expensive and the best 4th line left winger in the league all night but what a luxury for CiCi to never have to worry about them getting caught out there vs Crosby or Roy. "PRODUCTION" price per point per minute...they are also the best in the league...even I don't worry about them anymore!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Tough fights, big hits, good win!

Tranna does not play us like they are a last place club...good battle tonight.

Sainte-Pascal stole one in the third!

Mr. Eastwood, the Kessel first goal went in by Kuba (Thanks for the correction GN!) and the Stats man (our Dork!) charged it against #45 but there was no chance for Leclaire.

Fish is slowly bringing the wrist shot down...and into the net!

Kovy like fine wine just keeps getting better each game...they are starting to make our first line look bad.

Greg Carvel, ya can't play your fighter as a 4 man, you are stretching the man and again he and Philly are not a pair...looking bad on the second goal. As they made Pascal look bad on that one also.

No Volchenkov till next week at least so all you Picard experts, 22 minutes (2nd amoung your 6 D-men) a plus 1, sets up 2, saves the worst PP in the league...if he had puked it up as often as Kuba or Phillips tonight he would have been benched. #45 is playing his way out of here he is playing so well!

Our Home Game...their Refs!

We think, and it seems like, 90% of the Refs were born and brought up in the GTA!

Control...we're looking for a completely under control 3-1 victory.

If we get our one (1) PP early watch out the Zebra's Game MGMT Plan is in effect!

#19, #11 & #27 still scare these bums so show 'em what ya got!

Leave #39 & #45 together for the entire game...gettin' ready for #24's return!

Sainte-Pascal will make Kessel's wrist shot look Minor League!

Skate these guys, I think Burkie's Defence is slow!

If the "Chaperone" hits #55 hard...early...he goes away for the whole night!

CiCi your "on" if there is a stream to the penalty box, tonight, in your building half full of Leaf Nation, do something...options:

1) Throw water bottle @ Lines Man.

2) Call a time out and just stare at the Ref for 30 him up!

3) Greg asks the second Ref the same question the other guy just answered for you...Repeat!

4) Send the "Chaperone" to the Time Keeper's Region to ask for explanations or to just simply stare the boy down!

6) Call the good Cop to your bench and without swearing, start screeming and slobering in his face!

7) Have a Pocket Sized copy of the Rule Book in your back pocket...suitable for producing for the fans!

8) If all else fails pull the team to your bench and wait him out!

Note: A lot of these are losers but it's time, ya gotta make your bones with these guys cause they are going to try and give it to you in the throat tonight!

Note II: CiCi this is going to cost you ten grand the best money ya ever spent!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Volchy is on his way back!

For all my friends and "Peanut Gallery" inhabitants, you guys know who you are...Exx the Belleville Ballerina; Wilks the sitting Black Ace (Now we know why!); Duff/Pynch there's a left and right winger for you; Canuck Abroad the Euro Sex Machine; GN the non-believer; Isaac our new scoring forward! "Here's the GAFF!"

We fluke out of training camp with a throw together 5-6 pair of #39 and #45, who just happen to play extremely well and lead the league statistically. Now our coaches both scoring forwards and possible "Peanut Gallery" residents cannot leave well enough alone. Carvel has an insistent desire to pair #39 with #4 after they have looked good killing a penalty together...he's the only one in the rink (besides the Peanut Gallery) who can't see that this is a match of the same type of guy and it will not work. The other guy, the Boss, thinks he's going to take trade bait, who has been playing exceptionally well, and turn him into "Bobby Orr" by giving him huge amounts of ice with #39 but often with lesser lights and by asking him to exceed his demonstrated Offencive abilities...the stretch is still going on!

Now, here is where the blade stikes the ice, the rubber hits the road, the Sens succeed or fail on this one...I project that Picard plays reasonably well vs Tranna...trigering the Volchenkov switcheroo...#4 & #39; #17 & #24; leaving #14 with my man Picard and leaving absolutely every D-man with the wrong partner...the other option (or switcheroo II) which is just as bad is Carkner with Kuba .

What these gentlemen fail to realize is that ya got 3 NHLers and 3 AHLers so you have to apply yourself and your brain when you are coaching them and look for CHEMISTRY and a match...if we come out of this with anything other than the following we are in trouble...

#4 & #24

#17 & #14

#39 & #45

PS: Ya can't flop, flip and screw around with DEFENCE pairings like you can with forwards.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Coming up to Twenty!

Goal tending is directly related to your DEFENCE...

We need Volchy plus one DEFENCEMAN soon...

#41 has contributed effectively nil and his potential is nil...we need his money...

Jason one (1) goal isn't good enough...

More Alf, I want more...

Philippé has to throw one body check every 20 or that everyone remembers how big he is!

When Carks throws 'em early in the game rest him a bit till he gets his second wind.

For "Alexandre!" less coaching during the game...less criticism from the "Peanut Gallery"...let the man play his game he has a contribution to make...

I still like Kovy...5 on 4..."Big Time!"

Pascal and his defence do shoot ins by someone who knows what he is doing every practice for a half hour for one month...

Dry land FACE-OFF competition or make it a CHAMPIONSHIP but get all the centers and all the old centers involved...this will pay off in the long run...1975, Pittsburg, Ron Shock...

Bring the puck back down again we are the worst shots in the league...

We hope Regin's upper body finally heels so he can find his guts again...

Get Mr. Elliott a tad more work...

Someone start to put some "Big Money!" on the board...we're too cheap...Ya gotta change our luck!

Best ice @ the Bank in years...WTF??

What are we doing supplying and playing on good ice with this team at this moment...this is our home stand we want slush and bouncing pucks until we find our game again...

The Refs are over blown, egotistical, pompas asses and subject to flattery, ever notice how the "Mighty!" Quin butters them up before the game it's CiCi take the hint...

PS: We are still looking like 7th and head and shoulders above the Leafs and Habs!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Take the Win and the Two Points!

I wanna see who gets the Phily Flu...cause we ain't that tough but we're scrappy!

Neil plays best with a harness on but we'll have to take it off for Thursday Night!

Sainte-Pascal what can you say...brilliant...then he stinks but he won the shoot out and the big point!

Picard should have been +1 when many are negative or struggling... like the rest of 'em I might add... but finds a way to set up the "Go ahead Goal!" in the third.

Here is one for all you Scoring Forwards...Alex is playing with Spezza and Alf because he can actually go cross ice and break out a forward with some speed and position on the opposition...and don't think Mr. Picard isn't feeling this pressure as all those EXPENSIVE D-MEN look on from the bench.

Kovy is if he can cary Cheech he's worth the whole 10 yards this season alone.

Nicky Foligno should be left with Regin they do neat things on the ice...#26 kinda matches up with these guys too!

I hope Philippé is still recovering and is not hurt again.

Matt Carkner is our most "Cereberal Defenceman", he may have been a career minor leaguer but man does he "think" a good game.

Alf, you and Jason should stop cycling, Fish's line is the cycle guys get paid to score...take it to the net... lose it or score... you are wasting too much energy.

Stay off Sainte-Pascal...and I mean it!!

Stay off Pascal Leclaire, get on Kovy cause he just laughs at ya...or Campi, who is defenceless as far as warding off critism because he gets to play with guys like #65, #17 and Brian Lee when he first came up.

Pascal is suffering from PENALTY FATIGE...there is nothing wrong with his game. He and every Ottawa Penalty Killer is experiencing the same thing.

This is the best goalie we have seen here since "Legs" Frazer so get off him and get off him Sainte-Pascal tried to tell you the other night...Mr. Leclaire will tell you when he has had a bad game and which stops should have been for all you road hockey goal tenders out there and that includes the Tranna "know-it-alls!" shut TFU!

PS: Can you imagine how nerve racking it must be to play behind our DEFENCE.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Why Toronto and Montreal demand that Ottawa be discriminated against...

1) Small market but a pretty good team...way better than their teams.

2) Kovy and Alf , two 36 year old stars that they can't match.

3) Two fighters that both can play a little against their skill guys...look out!

4) A young coach with a plan that might work.

5) A non-corperate fan base that care about the team!

6) Jason a Toronto guy that they always coveted but could never have!

7) A place where French guys don't mind playing.

8) The Nation's Capital so they think we have to be diplomatic in all things.

9) Don't seem to care when the big hogs systematically steal all the resources of their respective provinces.

10) Try to apply the same system to our Division in NHL Hockey.

11) Our General Manager is wiser and more patient than their two guys put together.

12) We have an established "Captain" their teams don't.

13) We are the only Canadian Team in our Division who can truly compete with Boston in a play off round.

14) They know intuitively that we are the only ones who would put up with this Officiating imbalance!

15) Have Draft Choises coming, big skilled DEFENCEMEN, who will fill our boat and sink theirs!

16) Why did a very competant but "older" Referee in Chief chose to step down and go back on the ice did he have a secret he was afraid to share???

17) Toronto and Montreal think they are still in a six team house league and that one of them should win the Stanley Cup every year.

18) Of the three teams we are the only one to have a "Bona Fide" French Canadien goalie...Price is fading away and the "Monster" is unproven.

19) Alf gets high sticked, cut and downed late in a one goal game and we get a "Oh! I didn't see it from both Refs and two lines men...if that's Kessel in Tranna that whole crew is gone or gets 20 games in the American League as penance!

20) This is two years in a row "they" have tried this Refs don't like us...blown call...Oh "WE" missed it BS and it looks like they are going to get away with it again!!

Note: Feel free to add to this list, I am going to sent it to New York, New York with a CC to Tranna. Just so they have it on file for future reference,

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Mental Confusion refers to the loss of orientation (the ability to place oneself on the ice, by time, location and personal identity)...who are we or better yet who do we think we are?

Neil's misconduct should have been a 5 on 3!

Winnie's elbow is a firing was "Bush" League by a bush a very poor time!!!

Ruutu has to know when to shut his act down for the betterment of the team.

Cheech seems to set the stage for us...he's lagging the play and has to foul to keep up...and it seems like it's every shift...then he gets the veteran's pass and they give one to Chris Neil for nothing...I mean you can't even argue that with the Official.

WTF...hey Ref were there two teams on the ice or could you only see one...or is it you are only allowed to make calls on one!

We have lost our home advantage because we have to wait for Montreal and Toronto to catch us in the standings.

To Pascal..."Never leave the post until ya see the whites of their eyes!!!" and "If ya can't find the puck...get in the gap and ya give 'er as tall and as wide as ya got!"

The "D" played pretty well...the kids were as good as or better than the big money boys.

When Matt scuffles it takes a lot out of it does any human...but thats why you play him as a 5-6 D-man with Picard when #24 Greg quit trying to pair him up with Philly and by the way they are not a good match together.

Ok, that makes ten of 'em where we are the most penalized...and I mean a way over penalized...those guys in the League Office in Tranna (the BranchOffice) really don't have big balls like Chery thinks they do!

Kovy is fine..."Super Fine!"

Alex Kovalev is fine and will show his worth more and more as our competition increases.

It takes a while to get used to playing with a player as skilled as Alex...I don't know if you have noticed but the number of fumbled scoring chances thus far are mounting...Foligo is sent in on goal from nowhere...Regin is surprised at the edge of the crease...Milan getting nice slot shots a couple of times...and of course Fish gets many many chances but at least he's sinking the odd one!

If you have ever had a chance to play with a really skilled player you will have your share of embarrassment but you improve! Wheather it's Jr. or the "Show!"

Got to play with two or three really skilled hockey players at three different levels, for self preservation I developed the don't handle the puck...don't look bad method...that is you hammer a one timer at the net or you immediately return the puck to the "Big Guy!" with a slap pass. There is no trying to out pretty Mr. Smooth.

I am not trying to make small of's taking some time to get used to Kovy but against the better more skilled teams is where he pays off!

Example: One of the few shooters Brodeur fears!

Example 2: Our Power Play is becoming "World Class!"

Example 3: Fish really does have not bad hands after all!

Example 4: Nick Foligno knows now that he may get a pass at anytime from anywhere...and that's cool...keeps a guy ready...

Example 5: One of these games they will put #27 with #19 for a 5 on 5 type Pressure Play that will look like a Power Play!

So watch our 36 year old Super Star and our 36 year old Super Star "Captain" and enjoy them while we have them!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Important win!.. as it's official we play in the 3 point Division.

Kerry Frazer is a disgace to Sarnia...I thought he was a Tranna Hog Dog!

Alf is still the "Man"...he's finally in game shape! Saying good bye to the "Pup" helped.

Jason should not be killing penalties...don't get him hurt! Offencive Stars with bad backs don't kill penalties!

Boy, I hate Philly and Carks much as Greg likes 'em together.

The Power Play is warming...Kovy is fine...super fine!

Philippé at the point, the coaches love him, the guys are confident with him...I find him sloppy with the puck...bad decisions...I hope he improves with more play.

As I fortold #17 would fall apon the broad shoulders of Alexandre to look after...

#55 and #14 didn't play bad at all tonight I just don't like them paired together.

Only 3 D-men over 21 minutes tonight #45 was one of 'em...for the record he makes a little over a fifth of what those other guys make!

Pascal is improving if you can believe it! Side to side on Lecavalier...there is no one better!

The 4th line didn't score...I wonder why?

Nick Foligno @ 205lbs, needs another 10 and he will become the unstopable human barge...he's comin' big time! We like his game!

The love affair with #26 and #41 is officially over...Give Nicky back to Fish and Winchester gets a shot with Regin and Neil...and we need "Chum" vs New Jersey.

Head should be a Major Penalty!

Played football, hockey and yes ran over a couple catchers playing hard ball too!

I was what they called a "Hitter!" You can hit with your shoulder, your hip, your elbow and yes even your head...ya want hurt someone in Rugby hit him with your head, no headgear!

I can seperate you from the puck with a good shoulder check to the body, knock you flying with a solid legal hip check, break all your ribs with an elbow...I can choose to hit you in the head or not hit you in the head and yes I have been on the ice at NHL speed.

Any Palooka that thinks he has to leave his feet to hurt a player (knock him out of the game) in the Neutral Zone or at the Blue Line is either undersized or he doesn't know how to hit!

So enough already, there are enough concussions from legal hits...let's take the "Head Shots!" and the "Head Hunters!" out of the game.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The "A" Train!

Anton, the "A Train", Volchenkov...6'1" @ 227lbs, all Russian, all DEFENCEMAN...

We must keep this man. He's worth "5" to us, but because he usually only plays 85% of the games on average...

Bryan give this man $4,250,000.00 for 5 years...

There shall be be no more discussion...sign him today!

PS: For all you "Anonymous DEFENCEMEN Traders!" I know you would like to trade Volchy and Picard...but you idiots better look a your roster because you have only 3 guys signed for 10/11...the Pup "might" be ready!...the College boy and the Big Draft choice I don't think so...the best joke of all on you are going to have to spend some decent money just to keep Alexandre Picard!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who's countin'!

Does anyone know what a "Give Away" in hockey is?

Tonight in Tranna an overtime game, we have 26 total, split pretty evenly???

Tonight in a regulation time game in Montreal, we have 28 by each team for a total of 56...

Christoph Schubert, who plays 22minutes, 26 shifts @ even, is on the PK and the second PP and... and is assessed "6" give aways by this "Dork" in Montreal !!!

The other night in Ottawa, Atlanta as a team was assessed 7 total and they were pukeing up pucks all over the place for 2 full periods...thus the 43 shots!

When a D-man pinches gets the puck and has no other play but to chip it in the corner to the opposition...that's not a give away...that's a "return!" (my phrase).

My point is that a lot of these stats are meaningless...unless you are trying to be mean and show the guy up!

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Time for the "Money" to Talk!

For all you "Armchairs" and "Expert Commenters" it's doesn't matter if Lee is better than Campoli or if Picard deserves to play with "The Chaperone!"...Boys, it's on...the pressure is squarely on our "Big Money" DEFENCEMEN...

#4, Chris Phillips has got to take the lead pipe out of his arse and start to cary, support and just be there in general for #55, Brian Lee!

#17, Philippé Kuba has got to bring his participation level up to the point where #14, Chris Campoli has to do only 75% of the work and not 90% that he is presently providing.

#39, Matt Carkner will be left with #45, Alexandre Picard, as I have said many times because this is a self-supporting...self-sustaining unit! (It's called CHEMISTRY!)

Here's the "Gaff"...the next two pressure points, injury wise, will be Phillips and/or Carkner...their minutes are too tough and too rough and there are too many of them.

#24 and #17 will be in and out of the line-up all year, my projection is...we will be lucky if they give us a hundred games total.

So forget this development bullsh*t, this is the "Show", if ya don't want to make yourself look bad and lose another bunch of close games ya pick your game up "Big Time" for yourself and your partner. ..@ $40, 000.00+ a game I want to see "guts" all over the ice... yours and theirs!!

CiCi and Greg, with all due respect, stop looking at it like it's just the top 4, this is not the "A" your getting eaten alive late in the game!

PS: About 5-6 games ago I tried to tell Jason and the coaching staff...stop throwing body checks and get him off the penalty kill...a man who has played Big Time Pro in the Show for 6-7 years with a bad back should not be doing that stuff it was only a matter of time before it flaired up!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Power Play!!!

Our Power Play...and CiCi/Greg are open to suggestions cause we are like 28th in the league.

Anyone can coach a Power Play, it takes two big time players to execute one. Alf and Kovy fit this bill problem is with Kuba, I know...I know everyone loves the guy on the far point.

Our big play...Kovy comes off the half wall to the middle of the ice just as Fish draws their far side D-man with him accross the net allowing our far side D-man/Point man to cheat down low for the one ends up being Kuba!!!!

Remember this Power Play this year is the mirror image of last year so switch up Alfie or put Campoli on that point because if we don't we may never score on the power play again!

CBC Toronto..."What losers!"

Toronto your hockey team is an "Embarassment!" And you monkeys know it!

Poor Ron McLean, after having to kiss Chery's Arse all these years, trys to slip in one French phrase to P J in Montreal and let on he didn't!!

Mike "the Fence Post!" Milbury, a 4-5 Type Pallooka, who never fought anyone tough and became the worst General Manager in the history of the NHL, looked a little down in the pockets hunched over in front of the green screen.

Kelly Hrudey, good guy, a cast off but to some decent teams ... could never win the big one, has sold his soul after being told to Torontoize his slant!

Even P J won't hang with these mugwumps, he sticks in Montreal!

Boys! That was brutal, biased, inaccurate, hard to watch and generally very poor analysis, if you think you are influencing or impressing the Western Audiance you're WRONG!

Leaf Nation would sell their soul to have either Alf or Kovy!

In summary, I watched only because that "Arse Hole" Chery and yes, I watched him "play live" what a "Tranna Hot Dog..."come from behind Chery!" they used to call him, his brother Dick was the tough one... was not on...they will not catch me again!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

For all you talk show callers!

For all you talk show callers and about half of the "Internet Arm Chairs" and for all you guys who got sent down from Pee Wee to House League when you were a kid:

Alexandre Picard...21 minutes...23 shifts...the Coaching staff is starting to warm to Alex especially if we are behind, he's the only D-man we have who can generate anything on the net...6 shots on goal, only 1 blocked in 7 attempts...

Picard is -2...on for the last gasp attempt to tie it and picks up a -1 for the Afino/breakaway, Pascal had him ...another indication of who they wanted on the ice...on for the second Atlanta goal with Campy and it's a bank/corner pool shot fluke but what I didn't like was the fact that Carvel is determined to get "the Chaperone" out there with Philly for some reguler shifts...WTF ya can't mess with our fragile DEFENCE CORPS.

We like #14; Campy is great value for $ but his size was accentuated by playing along side the "Pup" and now it's definitely becoming an issue...2nd goal he is completely hidden by two Atlanta at least leave him with Philippé...for years as many older players/bloggers, myself included have advocated, especially "Grinder", play an "O" man with a "D" type guy together on each Defencive Pairing.

Finally, every goalie we meet looks like Terry Sawchuck, we have no corner pickers, our game is so fast we are shooting for general areas...with not much luck I might add...the only thing we used to do when it got this bad and this included the big "Shooters!" leave it on the ice (2" max) and play pin ball! With all the time we have this week ya gotta practice will freak everyone out and you create some super chances!

"Stumble?" so says Sensay!

Sens beginning to stumble! Yes, a little and when you misstep, you show your weaknesses:

1) Glaring need for one more Big Time NHL DEFENCEMAN!

2) Glaring need for one first line Right Winger for Spezz and Milan!

3) Glaring need for Saint-Pascal to have a couple of those games where "He don't miss nuttin'!"

4) Glaring need for CiCi to not shorten his bench 'till late in the third!

5) Glaring need for Kovy and Alf to "own" our Power Play...I don't care if you don't score right away...just scare the sh&t out 'em!

Note: I have killed a few penalties, you know when you are over matched and you then overplay it and thus become easy meat!

6) Glaring need for our Center Ice Men to come back down low and really help the DEFENCEMEN...don't just stand there get that puck!

This will be a good tilt for us...saw 'em live these guys can really skate!

Friday, October 30, 2009

"To be or not to be!"

Missing #24 & #19 knocks a large hole in our Line-up.

Saint-Pascal, here's where ya earns your money!

Split the kids...#45 with #39; #55 with #4; #14 with #17.

I'd go to 3 lines but CiCi goes:

#73 #22 #10;

#27 #12 #11;

#9 #43 #71

#41 #26 #25

No excuses...just win this one!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alex Picard...take four!

Alexandre Picard...after 9 games is a team leading +5, his record is 6-1-2, he plays anywhere between 15 and 25 minutes a game, when teamed with the "Chaperone!" they comprise the best 5-6 pair in the league..."bar none!"...they were projected as a right winger and a 7th Defenceman.

So all you "Arm Chairs" and Sens Chirp commenters, you have lost the right half of your 1-2 Shut Down Pair as projected...we are faced with Brian Lee, Chris Campoli and Alexandre Picard playing a lot of important hockey for are allowed to pull for them as a are allowed to criticise...but should you become "Hyper" critical as in Alex's lose all credibility and it shall be pointed out to you and all of the Net.

Listen to the Toronto guys...that guy Elliot (an old goalie) with Atlanta et al...they don't like our defence either but they just can't explain how we not just win but out play everybody!

Enjoy...the whole is better than the sum of it's parts!

Hamblown the Half Assed Analyst!

This blogger admits that he only watched half the game and then proceeds to tell us what we saw during the whole game.

I question his take on Alex Picard, who plays 15 minutes, is a plus one and just happens to lead his team for the season after ten tough games @ plus 5.

For example he sites Alex's penalty where our right D-man makes a poor dump behind the net right to a Florida guy...Picard must take him (the correct play to make) and as Alfie, our Captain, argues after, 45 got part of the puck! A very iffy call at best.

Hamblown talks about 3 give aways...#45 is credited with 2 hits and 3 blocked shots but no give aways!

Did this "fool" not know the fix was in...does he not know how disruptive 6 unanswered penalties...7 total... are! My question to my you really know what you are seeing?

Finally he congratulates a player, who was demoted, benched and 4th lined...what condescention...then has the Gall to place this garbage on not one but two blogs!

Do not commit these errors again or I shall bring the hockey gods down apon you!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well CiCi here is your chance!

Matt Carkner, the Chaperone, becomes the "Shot blocker", the 2-man and moves all the way up to play with Philly in Tampa.

Lee should come up but not for tomorow...give Brian #55, one day, there will be no practice for the other three and roll 'em evenly...Kuba doesn't have to try and play 27 minutes...ya saw him start to wilt there tonight.

As we warned you at Training Camp, #17 & #24 are going to be in and out of the line up all season. If I were the Defenceman's coach and I am, we would cary 7 D and play 'em all, changing one man each game.

Or play #45 & #39 as your 3-4 pair, give Mr. Kuba to Chris Phillips to look after and bring back the "Pup" for Campoli!

PS: I'd bring 'em both up, that's #65 and #55, we are going to need 'em both... gas the extra forward..."Erik" played forward in Frolunda as a lark...Alexandre is actually a pretty good winger, really goes to the net and been known to get the odd one in close!

PPS: Oh Oh! $2.6 mill...would you believe Thomas Kudelka @ $533,333. or Johnny walks the plank!

The 3rd Set or 3rd Line or 3rd Pair of Defencemen!

Jason, we don't use that terminology anymore, it's more prestigious to call them the 5-6 pair!

"Pic" and the "Chaperone", our 5-6 pair shall play mostly against Florida's second line (not the third line) and all our defencemen, will see a little action against their fourth line...6 minutes total divided by's been like this since 4 line hockey began in the 60's.

Picard has some short comings but from Matt's perspective to look up and see Alex playing his position...always in the right help recieve the puck...Picard knows when to go on Offence... they both know to guard the front of their net...everyone knows this but these guys do it...

Let's celebrate these two 5-6 pair in the league right now "bar none" and they got the stats to prove it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Karlsson and the "A"!

Ya can't put any weight on playing as a 1-2 pair D-man in the AHL. Too many games...too many miles on the Bus...too many In and Out Burgers...too many bumps and bruises to heal...too many card games (nerveous energy) and finally too many 4th liners trying to squash you on the wall.

You are too lonely, too transient, too little time to relax...this young Viking may still go home's all about time with this man...time to mature, time to grow, time to make love for days at a time, time to pack on the beef, time to do some serious weight training.

Jason York is the only guy I know who liked playing in the "A" and I played with and knew quite a few!

If "Erik" is not coming right back up and he is not...Alfie and I say send him home!

PS: Minor Pro and the "Show!" are two completely different worlds populated by completely different animals!

PPS: The "A" is like 82 games of training camp...the league is filled with NHL 3rd and 4th liner wannabes, trying to beat you down so that they can get ahead.

The Cup...The Stanley Cup!!

We're not gonna win the cup this year...I heard this from, of course, three or four anonymous bozos, who don't have the guts to use an identifier...

Bryan brings in Brian Cambell; CiCi wraps Kuba's mid section with "pianna wire"...Confederate style...Jason finds his stroke and a Right Winger..."Pic" and the "Chaperone" remain the best 5-6 pair in the League and Saint-Pascal shuts the church door...

We may not get Stanley right away but we clean the EAST!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Leif Eriksson

Just like Erik the "Red" and other great Vikings ya don't send your kid to the New World until he's ready to conquer!

Leif Eriksson did his dad proud just like our Erik Karlsson will do next year and for years to come.

These guys, the Swedes/Vikings do it right...good wine, lots of red meat, good company and lots of exercise...Frolunda can fete Erik for one more year...Hugo and his mom can hit Alf for a trip home to watch him play...all's well!

Two men short!

Sunny, warm, soft, easy Florida brings out Kuba and everyone gets fat!

We need one good big man for Hugo's "Erik"! The right man actually will create two as Karlsson will be allowed to excel and play full minutes. So over offer and over pay for this good big man he's worth two!

And we need a 1st Line Right Winger, fast enough to keep up and soft enough in the hands to sink the odd one. And...and we might just have him...Winni gets his shot...failing that Kelly gets a shot, as he is currently playing like a bum as a center on the 4th line.

PS: To the Left Post...give Kovy, down low on his off wing, it's his position of strength and Alf the Power Play and get out of the way, Mr Carvel!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hey "Crossbar!"

Yah, Bruce that's you...four feet off the ice, 6 feet wide, you know...

Question: If Kuba is not coming back...and he'll never be at 100% again... why don't you ask one of your insiders... what is Bryan doing with the 8 million... going on 11 (discounting Kuba) in open salary and CAP space, when he has an American League forward and Tampa's #7 Defenceman playing 3-4 on his D-Corps. for 8 games now?

PS: Years ago we used to say: " an attribute that all good Sports Reporters should have from their Team! That charter seat can get heavy at times!"

PPS: At training camp do they swear you to secrecy...a Howard Berger type investigative reporter would have been all over Kuba in Sick Bay @ Camp! Did you drop another one here?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Team Meeting!

Before the morning pre-game skate, ya get Alf and the 4 centers, Jason, Fish, Petr and Kelly...down to the garbage door and CiCi, ya tear into them like never before...all the fire and brimstone you can muster.

Our Defence Corps. is in shambles, even #4 & #24 are starting to show the wear of all that ice. Matt didn't play this much in the "A" for most of his career. Hugo's "Erik" thinks North Americans play 40 minute games. Campy doesn't know what to think but he knows they are not happy with him either. And "Pic" feels like the outcast...the child that no one wanted...confidence completely shot! Note: Kuba is no "Goldbrick"...immagine the balls it took to show up "broken" and bullsh*t your way through a full league game...he must have been afraid the insurance wouldn't pay him.

So the plan is to put Mr. Elliott in the net with the proviso that because we have no defence each goal will be blamed on the forward line that is on the ice @ the time of the goal, the appropriate fines will be in order.

If we are going to have any chance vs will be our goalie and the forwards...the B keeper will win this one for us by himself!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Saddle up for Boston!

And hang on to your ass, you anonymous arseholes...the "Magic Carpet Ride" is over! Your American League DEFENCE has been exposed.

Kuba is done. Picard is gone. Karlsson doesn't play 3rd Periods. Carkner is not a 4-man. Campoli is a "six". That leaves us two "Show Ponies" for the Bruins...

We have two NHL Defencemen...ya saw how tough it is for the Preds and they have 4, two All what are you anonymous idiots so happy about you had three guys fold tonight.

CiCi ya can't keep shortening your bench like are killin' the four guys you are playing so much and you completely undermine the two guys you are sitting!

Saint-Pascal can't take much more of this

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Did you catch Schribes' @ the 5:20 Sports up date I guess I "am" part of the Organization...imaginary "DEFENCEMAN's Coach!" and #1 fan.

For guys from out West like Dean (He's "light!" then ya he's "light!") and Gord (from the GTA) being here for so long to blindly follow and regurgitate what two young (but very good) inexperienced coaches are leaking to them in a very unique bilingual Ottawa market is inexcusable! Plus their observation and assessment is garbage...Ya want Matt to fall apart...sign him for two more on a one way and play him with an injured Kuba as a #4!! Remember , he is also the "Chaperone!"Alex is as good for him as he is for Alex! They are your 5-6 pair!

And finally our man Garrioch, the "Crossbar" and 4' tall third piece at "Off the Posts!" Bruce for a local guy, who is that close to it and to not to see this and speak up is grounds for dismissal not from work but from Canucnik's List of local experts! Pick it up Boy, you should be leading not following!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The "follow up call" from the Barbados!

Eugene Melnyk for Brian Murray...Bryan answers soundlessly..."Good morning! Bryan, how bad is it cronic...why don't we take him out and str...naw better yet put him on Permanent I.R. Cause ya see I promised Hugo that we'd get some one really strong to look after "Erik" so take #17's money and Brian Lee and go out and get the strongest player we can afford, to shield, mentor and protect "Special K!"

By the way I heard about practice today...your boys really like to make it tough on my American League DEFENCE, changing them all around like that. Don't sit Picard... gas's the waiver wire and out of here...with his numbers they will be lining up to pick him up...because if those imbasils, that's your coaching staff I'm talking about, think they can just let him "rot" they don't know the political position they are putting you in.

"Bryan, this is not the old boys club any more, this is not 1967... where did you find these neanderthals...have you guys looked at Picard's Numbers, he's leading your team...are they trying to write a post script or a brand new chapter to Bob Sirois' "Le Québec mis on échec!"

And finally, should any of this make Saint-Pascal lonely or angry...because he's surounded by Northern New Yorkers, Russians and Western boys...well simply your whole coaching staff is fired!

Bruce... you are fired

Garrioch...I repeat, you are fired! Stop taking up valuable space on Off the Posts. They play better short handed, without you. Your reason...yawning on the job!

We know you think you are the insider and you watch practice everyday...chit chating with Greg and CiCi, but while you were hitting golf balls this afternoon, Bryan mentioned on the radio the play of Picard specifically and he and Matt as a pair...I don't think Carvel (the scoring forward) has sprung it on him yet as to the strategy he's leaked to you.

Note: Kuba is nowhere near ready and they are flipping pairs in brain dead is that? I may have to give Carvel the "Hunt" treatment! And break it all down for him every shift.

PS: For all those who don't think this is a big deal...think again, this is still a very good team with an American League DEFENCE...don't FTU...the Hockey Gods are watching!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The "Call" from the Barbados!

Eugene Melnyk for Bryan Murray: "CiCi, Bryan is absent this morning. Please have Greg Carvel respond on his behalf!"

Collect call from the Ottawa Senators...Eugene picks up: "Greg I'm a little short on time this morning...Greg, you went to St. Lawrence didn't were a pretty fair forward weren't about Clouston did he play any DEFENCE...

Pause "The reason I ask is because know Hugo Alfredson and I are worried about our best friend "Erik" and we heard that Philippé, our highest paid D-man does not wish to cary...sorry play with Karlsson, my prized pick and possession!"

"Greg, a direct much influence does old #17 have on the coaching staff?"

"Well Mr. Melnyk" Carvel responds "Kuba is hurt a good portion of the time so he gets to stand around with the coaches a lot and chew the fat...he thinks he would play better and with less effort if we gave him the "Chaperone" to play with!"

Now MR. Melnyk instructs his Coach..."I thought Canucnik told you guys to leave the "Chaperone" with his man Picard as they are currently the best 3-4 pair in the East and playing better than Kuba ever did even when he was an all star out west!"

G. C. speaks up: "Well, that's what I thought too, but Philly and the "A" Train don't say nothin', the Pup thinks he just has to get away from Campy right now because he just cost him his job and CiCi thinks he has to keep proving himself every day with a better that he's still the smartest guy in the room!"

"OK!" Eugene says to Greg: "You tell Cory that the "Bull of Ostrava" @ $44, 000.oo plus a game, will play 1-2 pair minutes with Karlsson, protecting him, mentoring him and generally just making him into a star or Daniel, Hugo and Hugo's other best friend, me, will be very disappointed in him!"

PS: To Chris Stevenson...nice recovery, when ya hit it short ya gotta get it up and in...that's why you're a player. Nice Par.

PPS: Big decision effects the whole team...Bryan don't be ambiguous tell them exactly what you want and expect!

Heads up CiCi!...and you too Greg!

Before you two very competant "Scoring Forwards" go ahead and do something really stupid with the DEFENCE. Remember you guys got very lucky... ya made a silk purse out of a sow's ear, you took a t-camp winger and your 7 man and made the best, the "cheapest", the highest ranked 3-4 pair in the Eastern not ...I repeat don't FTU...

If you want to call 'em the 5-6 pair OK but do not bust this up...they complement each other beautifully...they are a team!! Note: Alexandre gives Matt structure and position don't under rate this fact.

So forget the politics and the old boys me and the hockey world why we think you are the smartest guys in the room.

PS: If #17 does not want to or is unable to cary Hugo's "Erik"...Hugo told me "Erik" is staying...then we got a problem...we'll cross that bridge later.

PPS: Should you pair #65 with #45 and then back to #14 to switch the blame back and forth...we are not buyin' it. Example: Chris Campoli should not be a minus 3, he's been out there by himself for 6 games. Note: Philippé gets the big money (over $40,000.oo a game) he gets the big job!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hugo's "Erik!"

Wheather Bryan admits it or's games 8 & 9 for one Erik "Special K" Karlsson.

We all think he's a keeper but that's based on Kuba's return to the line up, more specifically settin' up beside the Pup. As games 10 & 11 are in the sunny south, game 9 with the Bruins, who are slowly coming back on track, will be the ultimate early season "Test!"

Here is the can play #39 and #45 as the 3-4 pair for 23-24 minutes to protect their expensive brothers or give Erik his Baptism of Fire?

Note: #14 Campoli got the wrong end of the stick, playing every minute with #65, and deserves to sit, but for two games only! Ya finally got 7 NHL ready D-men, keep 'em fresh, roll 'em in and out of the Line up.

Note2: When I mentioned that Volchy was getting a tad too much ice this early in the season I didn't mean for you to give 'em all to Picard.

Note 3: Some Toronto prognosticator mentioned that in any year, the standings after ten games looks a lot like the way they do at the end of the season?

Note 4: GM Chiarelli is going to make a huge blunder...he's got too much and too much coming...and he's making too many moves...the hockey Gods are watching!

Note 5: Milan Lucic is out...they are not the same team without him...take advantage.

Note 6: Don't look past the Preds...let's walk down and screw 'em all!

PS: Hey Stevenson...let's be honest, your "here and there" statistical analysis never mentioned #45 Alex Picard, who leads the team @ +7, is 4th in the scoring, 1 goal and 3 assists which leads all D-men, has logged the most ice of anyone on the SENS for the last 2 games 24:24 and 23:09 respectively. Gets PP & PK a 6 playing as a 4...What gives?? Most importantly, you and the rest of the Propaganda Corps. missed the fact that the only time Matt Carkner has struggled at all is when he got trapped on the ice with the Pup for a shift or with Volchenkov for a short time. If Dean and you guys are getting the message to soft peddle it then we are in trouble again! Just tell it like it is stats are for golfers and you didn't hit it far enough!

Mr. Kuba...where are you?

To old's time man, we are going to need you for the Bruin's game with a game warm up against the Preds.

We don't need you for the Penalty Kill.

We don't need you on the Power Play unless CiCi wants to keep the pairs together.

We do need you for our 5 on 5 presence in front of our own net...ya don't have to hit anyone just stay there and push 'em out of the way. Don't leave early and don't go behind the net...Saint-Pascal wants you out front protecting him.

"Erik" needs you now...not in another ten games, now!

Should you accomplish this assignment...all is forgotten...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Matt "the Chaperone!" Carkner

Carkner is a little older...more experienced.

Matt just takes care of business...specifically protecting Saint-Pascal; dispatching toughs and guys who thought they were tough; beating up arseholes and repaying old debts all at the same time and yes, looking after "Plus" Picard, who is playing super hockey, on account of the "Chaperone's" presence but also providing Matt with much needed structure and positional play.

In case you haven't noticed they are leading the DEFENCE in every catagory, as the coaches have recognized this and are using them more and more in all situations.

PS: To D. Brennan..."Big Country" was a brutal Basketball Player...don't try to hang it on the "Chaperone!"

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's big "Georges" VS the "Chaperone!"

If we get up by more than two, it's on!

When Georges gives you that polite invitation...sucker 'im and just keep givin' 'er!

If Georges doesn't like the cut of ya or the fact you're gettin' the better of him, he's going to go for the body slam...all ya can do is hang on and kick his skates out from under him.

6'3" 267 VS 6'4" 230. It's one of the few times Georges will not have a huge reach advantage, Matt is just as "Long Armed" as him!

PS: To "Plus" stay close, if it's an even fight, you guys are on the road, Matt's Linesman is going to catch hold of him first, Laraque may take advantage and go for that one last shot...just tug his sweater at the last moment...or yell like hell at the other Linesman!

PPS: I learned that at Linesman School, if your working Buckingham on a Friday night, you make sure to hold the "Roadie" so the Home Town Boy gets the last shot or you may not get out of there alive that night!

Les Voici! Here they are @ Centre Bell!

Saint-Pascal #33

Philly and the "A" Train

the "Chaperone" and "Plus" Picard

Campy and the "Pup"

The Tranna Play Maker, #9 "Milan" Metre and the "Caboose"

Fish, "Our Captain" and l'Artiste

Boston College, the Sudbury Hard Rock and our "Light Heavy Weight Champion!"

The "Penalty Killer", Chum and our "Pest!"

"OK boys, let's just give 'er!"

Let's hear it for the 3 - 4 pair!

All they did was take care of Lecavalier and his all the fights...move the puck out of their own zone with precision...lead the team in Plus Minus by a mile...score a the most shifts 24, log the most ice time 24:24...and in general be the nicest surprise of this young season DEFENCIVELY where we need it the most.

To all you non believers and call in show experts...wake up! "I told you so!"

Now...don't break 'em up they are much stronger together as a team of perfectly matched heavy horses.

Note: Alf and l'Artiste bring their Magic Show to Snow White (Bob Gainey) and the Seven Dwarfs tomorow night at the Bell Centre.

PS: 3-4 is better known as "the Chaperone" and just call me "Plus Picard!"

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lorne Woods!

When I was 18 years old they brought me up to the Senior Ottawa Nationals for one game, Lorne Woods, one of the Head Refs in the CFL, fancied himself as a big tough foot ball player (And a pretty fair defenceman) and as I played football also he decided to put me through the end of the rink at the old "Auditorium"... I have never before or since experienced the sensation of being completely overpowered.

I was a wide reciever running short hooks, a punt returner, a cornerback on D and a tough competitive hockey was a case of the big mature buck just hammering the immature upstart...we hit so hard we knocked the pipe that held the doors closed off it's moorings.

Unless you have been there you have no idea what "Erik" is experiencing, it's not terrifying it's just new and very realize you are not really bullet are just flesh and blood...very young tasty flesh to these if Bryan can't find him a Stud to play with...I'd send him home...not down...home!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Saint-Pascal...take 2!

Saint-Pascal heeler of "our"old wounds better start to speak up!

Fact...if you want to drive your goal tender back deep in his net (where he is most vulnerable) start trailing the play and getting those funny deflections that get around him because he's out trying to cut the angle...see #21 last year.

Fact...Carkner and Picard should not be broken up under any circumstances, they are a self supporting unit!

Fact...#14 and #65 look like two Smerfs out there. They accentuate each others size. One game they are dog meat for those big hounds who are on them.

Fact...put Philippé's salary and CAP space to good use right now...if you think Farolero of Ostrava was light before "Ya ain't seen nuthin' yet!

Fact...Lee should be ready to come to the "Show!" This could be his last shot with us.

Fact...Volchenkov, ya gotta love the guy, he's the "Nuts", is playing too much, getting too much ice for this time of the year, we are going to hurt him or burn him out!

Fact...Chris Phillips should not be allowed over the center ice red line...but remember he's still the best in the business in his own end.

Fact...if you can't get the Pup a certified Stud, send him home, no "A"...just skate, score, eat and make love in Sweden. #17 is not the guy he has his own demons!

Let's spend Eugene's MONEY!

Hockey is a tough business, Kuba needs some serious R and R. "groin"...could be abdominal or a "Sports Hernia". Bryan should be reading "Long Term Injury Reserve". Take his 4 mill (3.7 rounded off) put 2 more with it and let's go buy us "one", who is going to save the "Pup's ass" and complete the Defence Corps. We are talking 5th place or the Golf Course here!

"L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace!" General George Patton.

PS: Gord...Nik is no profit he sees what he sees!

PPS: Or...give Brian Lee a raise and bring him up to the SHOW...send the Pup home and hang on to see if Campy and Lee can stand alone.

Les Voici! Here they are for Tampa!

Saint-Pascal #33

Philly and the "A" Train

"Big Country" and the "Gatineau Point Man!"

Campy and the "Pup"

The Tranna Play Maker, the Speed Merchant and the "Caboose"

Fish, "Our Captain" and l'Artiste!

The "Rookie", the Sudbury Hard Rock and our "Light Heavy Weight Champion!"

The Penalty Killer, Chum and the Pest.

Note: The Point Man could bump anyone.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Saint Pascal!"

Saint-Pascal healer of old wounds...ours and his...will have his hands full once again with our incomplete DEFENCE on Thursday against Tampa.

Facing Lacavalier, the French Knight and St Louis, who is really Lucifer in hockey shoulder pads, this will truely be a battle of the Holy Titans from Quebec...Alexandre Picard will be thrown into the breach with his stout partner, Big Country, to stem the tide. (At least they don't have Prospal anymore.) Forget Stamkos and's Tanguay and Veilleux we have to watch, these guys think they have returned to God's country.

Note: Downie and his hot shot 4th line are in for a dose of their own medicine!

Note 2: Meszaros is feeling the pressure that the big money brings!

Note 3: Nittimaki is Sens meat...always has been.

Note 4: We beat these guys on the Power Play...we're pretty even 5 on 5.

Note 5: Ya weren't allowed to say a decat of the beads but you were allowed to ask the big Fella for your best performance!

Note 6: These guys are tied with Washington and's time to put everyone in their rightfull place.

"It's the Power Play!...CiCi.

Let Jason get his own PP with Picard and Shannon on the points, big #9 and Neil in front.

The number "one" PP should be the "PUP" with Kuba for reinforcement...mental, with Fish in front, Alf on the loose lurking and "Kovy" on his wrong wing down low just givin' 'er!

It's all about the Power Play...we got the pieces...ya gotta make it work or we are gone...and you are gone!

PS: Alexandre was the only PP point man to set up a clean one timer to the down low man from the face off circle... in all those PPs last night!

PPS: To D. Brennan...FYI... the "Plusqueparfait" of "give 'er" is "just givin' 'er!"

Monday, October 12, 2009


This reminded me of when we had the big team and Pittsburg were the young pups and we would win by just holding the puck and burying our chances while being out hustled.

1) When you are 36 years old, ya lead by example, you hold the puck, don't give it away and score when ya gets your chance. (We have two in that category!)

2) The "Pup" gets his shot with Kuba Thursday night...Alex's team leading +5...Campy's -3.

3) Phillips should be relieved of all thoughts of Offence...CiCi this is your job to make this correction.

4) Pascal was still OK! Our number one penalty killer! Two bad bounces!

5) Regan will help...his speed...he caries the 3rd line.

6) Power play...what American Leaguer schemed that dog's breakfast...put Kovy on his wrong wing down low and feed him till he pukes!

7) Leave the fourth line alone!

8) Home game, you dictate the match ups...start the 4th line, that was brilliant, then you choose!

9) Practice...leave 'em, the lines, the your chances...take it to the game!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Enough with the taunts and snide comments!

The locals (Our Ottawa Press Corps.) cannot give Alexandre Picard, a genuine compliment so they say stuff like how tough he is playing beside Matt Carkner...if I give you this gentleman to play with you'd think you were "KingKong too!" Watch the game report what you see that's all I ask.

Went to the game, had to no TV, sat right behind Mr. Elliott, who played a nice game, big player this man, tall too, you keep forgetting how big physically this man is. A starter in a back up role...that's OK!

Alexandre Picard, next to Carkner, the best story on the SEN's DEFENCE so far. The Plus Minus, the Points, the ice time are all good ...but it's the confidence, the puck control, yes even "the first pass". Note the forwards are not "blowing the zone" on either Alexandre or Matt...they are waiting...setting up...then they go together.

PS: Goalies win the games! DEFENCE trigers the Offence.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

An American League DEFENCE!

For the benifit of all you guys who don't know the difference between our Defence Corps. and an NHL group...and you know who you are: Milks; Anonymous 4:34; Gordie Wilson; SLC; Nichols; G.N., Pynch; Duff and many more too numerous to mention.

Note: 1) the "Nuts" of your DEFENCE has not changed from last year, you have added Carkner from the "A" and Karlsson from Frolunda=the "A".

2) What has have added a spectacular goalie and a couple of forwards with the speed and the "will" to back check but this just happens to be the difference between the A and the "SHOW!"

Note: For your information Alexandre Picard, #45, who Tampa wanted to retain; twenty minutes of ice, plus 2, 1 point, has more ice time and has out played Campoli (who Islanders allowed to leave) the last two games.

Note 2: Watch the man play his position, he's the only one we got who knows where he's supposed to front of our net. Alex knows when your under the gun you go up the boards but you still complete the pass to our guys not theirs. Ya force your man wide to the boards and then track him behind the net but you don't let him come out toward the net and make a play.

Note 3: Chris Phillips is our leader back there but a defencive D-man cannot lead the group contrary to what you and Gordie think...we still need an offencive Stud back there; in time we may grow one but he's not here yet. The Sens D-Corps. is still out of the correct pecking order.

Note 4) Philippé is not this man either!

So don't blame me and don't put words in my mouth, your goalie has stollen two games for you against the door mats let's see what we got against the big boys???

Friday, October 9, 2009

Jason...Enough is enough!

It's time Gentlemen please!!!

Jason, time is up, no more passes to "nowhere"! You know where Nicky Foligno will front of the net and Nilan is blowing down the wing on his way to the corner. Forget all this "in the air...through the legs" bullsh&t...find the passing lane, leave it on the ice and complete the pass. You are like a quarterback, who has no confidence in his recievers... lug it, hold it and complete the shortie!

Both your wingers have speed and skill, it's the CENTERMAN's job to make it happen.

In case you haven't noticed both your wing men are exceptional two way guys (defenders) because of their speed and smarts, CiCI is trying to free you up from your new found defencive patroling, they can't come right out and say it but they want you up ice making the other team "retreat to defend". So you will not be throwing anymore body checks (you don't know how to do it!) will not be killing penalties (you do not know how to do it!)...

Remember, "Jason knows Offence", I'm paying you 7 mill to "dazzle" me, you are still one of the best in the business with the your thing!

And I thought the "Messiah" would be a D-man!

I thought the "Messiah" would be a looks like I was wrong on two counts!

1) The gentleman lurking behind the "Tools of Ignorance" is a sight for sore eyes...he doesn't get 'em all but he stops the Big ones...the Important one...the "Gamers!"...#33 the King...Le Roy...our very own Super Star French Goalie...I'd even bring up Thomas Kudelka for 10 games to provide even more down low in close protection just for now!

2) It just might be a tad early yet but in #39 Carkner and #65 Karlsson we may have a Stud Combo...not as good as an all in One Super Stud type but the best thing this DEFENCE has seen since the "Big Z!"

Note: A little "O" & a little "D" from each man individually.

My last game as a goalie I faced Wayne Thomas in the other net...two of his forwards were Ellis and was all over...but my dad, my brother and my cousin were all good goal tenders...technicians all...everyone of these fellows would step aside to watch Pascal do his "Magic!" I think we got us a "Goalie!"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hey...Show Killer...wake up!

You are not working at CNN...stop fooling around with the volume levels...I am listening on the computer at full volume...we can bearly hear Lloydie and Yorkie hardly at all.

Note: the yankee programing in the middle of the afternoon was fine.

Note 2: The Sens games are the lowest volume in the league...I listen to all over and both coasts...what gives!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Milan, it's time to shine!"

Milan Michalek, it's time to shine.

We should do everything, I mean the SENS Coaches, line mates (#11 & #19), the trainers should do every thing possible to get Milan his first goal and a pile of 'em after that...every offencive scheme, every power play should be geared to getting MR. Michalek a scoring chance...a shot on net...a set up for a deflection.

Alf and Jason need this man to finish! Then watch out, single handedly we got a contender again.

Note: Primary scoring sets up secondary Kovy light it up.

Note 2: I know from personal experience that you go on a scoring streak after losing your two front teeth, it's repayment from the hockey gods and you finally "look" like a hockey player!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Portnoy's Complaint...Chemistry?

Read your timely treatise on the Sens team chemistry...interesting...well writen and true for the most part.

Just thinking, I got 3% in grade 12 Chemistry at xmas time and was asked not to continue (had something to do with leaving a Bunson Burner on) but I sponed a PHD Bio/Chemist...go figure?

CiCi is more of a Chef, as in let's throw 'em in the pan and see how they fry! However in order to be "Le Cordon Bleu" you must know a little about chemistry. There is no substitute for time lost and won together..."bonding" I don't know about it's sounds too sexy for me...but I do know about liking to play hockey with a guy who can play and hold up his end...that's chemistry (#24 & #4).

Let's just get out of T.O. with a win and regroup!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


In my era, ya didn't break camp and go to T.O. for the 2nd game of the season with two guys who wear a # in the forties and your fighter on the third line. Note: Shannon not expected to play.

Wake up CiCi...ya got caught trying to play your 4th line against their 2nd in New York...this 3rd line is not structured properly and subject to a mismatch...

Kelly comes up to his old 3rd line center position, Petr to the wing for now (he is not strong enough without Fish to cary two lead foots) and take your pick of Cheech/Neil to complete your line. Note 2: Regin can go to either wing...depending who you choose.

Leave your DEFENCE for now...working at it every minute in practice, with the proviso that two bad games gets you replaced by my man Picard!

Note 3: Pascal will win the game in Toronto for us because he is better than they are!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

CiCi ya got out coached!

CiCi...Chris Phillips is not an offencive threat...he gives you 22 minutes, let the man play his game. Quit blowing smoke up his arse.

The "D" man coming late, the 4th man, must...must hit the net!!!If not it's a goal the other way!

CiCi...Jason Spezza is not a Penalty Killer.

Schribes called...2-3-4times..."Michalek unable to finish!!" We shall reserve judgement until he gets ten chances and his first goal.

CiCi...give Kovy the #1 Power Play and let him run it with Special K!

Boys...we are no longer a "shooting" offence so get to the f*&^%$# front of the net and get your f*&^%$# nose dirty!

CiCi...don't play your "4th line like a 2nd line" you were warned about this temptation!

Cheechoo was invisible.

Carkner was OK! He gets Tranna!

Game 1..."the Ranger Room!"

Torts to Lundqvist: "Ya, OK to go again?"

King Hendrik: "Yah...but don't wear me out in the first 10 games."

Torts: "It's you and Gabs, he stuffs 'em you stop 'em!...You are really all we got, our two local boys (CD & CH) will be watching the crowd all night."

The goalie: "Another top pick, French Canadien goal tender...I'm sick of these guys they're tough to beat...big egos...I hate big egos!"

Johnny T says: "Listen Lundqvist you candy ass, it's our home opener...Madison f%$#@% Square Gardins, you get out there tonight and just WIN BABY!"

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Puck Daddy...take two!

Puck Daddy... I shall make you a "Gentleman's Bet" of a formal apology if the SENs don't finish 7th or better and ahead of both the Habs and Toronto.

Your staff...those bums...those chumps...should be relieved of their duties so that they can get to the rink to see the odd game. They're missing some fine hockey.

I had been told that you guys were the "Nuts" now I think it's gone to your collective head.

PS: I shall countenance no more false corrections!

Brian Lee will be back!

Ladies and Gentlemen...this is the Show. Senator's MGMT does not tinker with, bamboozle or trade NHL ready DEFENCEMEN. (We hope.)

1) The SENs have had two older guys hurt in the pre-season.

2) Matt Carkner will play himself to the wing after the Leaf game.

3) In the NHL... forwards walk the plank before DEFENCEMEN...#10 to coach and #18 to the wire and on to Bingo.

4)Brian Lee @$1.275 new and improved will be back and Alexandre Picard @.8, who will be rock solid and simply "Dazzle" the so called experts and they shall be covered off by the IR on the CAP.

5) DEFENCEMEN are like the King's ("Roy"#33) Guard, they are pieces of gold...keep 'em around you, don't spend 'em! Sun Szu.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yorkie's X's and O's?

Jason, I know we played in different leagues and in a different era BUT...

1) Your top line and top (1st) pair draws the opponent's checkers and shut down pair.

2) Your checkers and 2nd or shut down pair draws their big line.

3) Your 3rd pair plays against their 2nd line, normally on good teams a pretty good offencive line. These guys are average size...that's why they are the second line.

4) Everyone, all D-men face the "Bangers" about once a game cause they only play 6 minutes.

Note: Alex Picard is going to surprise even you...excluding the Punchman, Alexandre is the most powerfull D-man we have and @ 24 years of age he is just maturing into his full size and will start to knock some heads...he is a big tough Picard, he has a standard to live up to.

PS: I know you played with Chara and that scews everything some what but the "Big Z" doesn't play here anymore!

Steve Lloyd...Broadcaster

Lloydy stop trying to masquerade as an analyst, I know you played for the Carleton Place "C" Dogs but give us all a break, you are best when you are parroting some one else's observation.

1) If you out play everyone at camp ya don't get sent down. Money or no money!

2) You have never seen let alone played with a positional player as good as Picard, he will be in the line up and playing for game three vs the Islanders.

3)Broadcasters are supposed to report the facts...not opinions!

Losing the "Half Step!"

If you have played hockey seriously into your thirties you have undoubtedly experienced the loss of the "Half Step".

At 22 years of age you are the fastest man on the ice...

In to your late 20's , you start to lose and regain the "Half Step".

Injury can cause the permanent loss of the "Half Step".

The difference of the "Half Step" is the difference between the "A" and the SHOW!

The "Half Step" for the goal tenders is in their reaction time!

Should you lose a full step it's're gone!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Yorkie is playing too much fall golf!

Jason if you are going to comment on training camp performances ya gotta watch some of it.

As a golfer I know that fall golf...rain golf is murder on your eyes especially a man your age.

From personal experience I know that you throw a nice meal and a beer on top of a competetive golf game... the old peepers are not ready for a hockey match on TV ...they're ready for bed.

For you to say Lee has out played anyone let alone Alexandre Picard is not accurate nor is it fair. As an old pro you must know that giving Brian Lee the last two games to show something was: 1)to up grade his performance...and 2) to placate him some what when they send him down. #55's CAP hit 1.275mill.

Note: the holding out of Picard in the late games was a vindication of his proven worth.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Line that got away!

No ifs, ands or buts the best line @Training Camp was #71 Foligno, #43 Regin and #12 Fisher call them Second Line or Third it doesn't matter.

Now because of politics and/or money they will not get a chance together in the foreseeable future. The Caboose will require considerable leg strength to pull it. #41 must not be allowed to fail and fall from the top six at this time so to shield Bryan and Jonathon from this exposure, Cheechoo simply will not be placed in that position at this time!

The task of human engine, for our caboose, will fall to the robust derrieres and powerfull legs of Fish and the "Rookie" Regin. They shall be a team of work horses for a lot of games to come, carying many a lessor endowed team mate along the way!

Note: the task of not so much pulling but placing yourself in the positional track for Kovy will intially fall to Ryan Shannon and Nick Foligno. Alas by November Alf shall be ripped from Jason's line and placed with #26 and #71 because Danial can play anywhere and Kovy can't!

Hockey fights!

"When your enemy is stronger...larger...maneuver away to fight another day". Sun Tzu

Should your enemy start the fight with his stick between your legs, giving you a rather large thrust to the jewells...keep your stick and fall straight down faking serious injury because initially you don't know how bad you are hurt. Even if you are not the smaller man you are in no position to go on the offencive. Example: Chris Neil's opening left hook was countered by a "Cork screw" of the stick between his legs and left him vulnerable to the counter attack. Now if you are in against that "2nd biggest of Bruins" (fight wise) it is complete suiside.. Chris could have been knocked off stride and "Cold cocked" as was the case.

Now to continue to stand up with this man, no matter how galent, after taking a shot in the balls and a straight right to the eye, was tempting death or serious head trauma.

Alexandre Picard...take 3

There is the make believe Picard, Jean-Luc , of Star Trek

Then there is the famous old Parisian French family that pre-dates the "French Revolution".

There was also a strain of English Picards from Edenburg and the battle of Hastings, these two families came together to produce Emil Picard, a world class mathmatician, who gave us the Algebraic Geometry for "Elasticity".

This brings us to the Picards of Quebec, who were lumber jacks and "Coureur de bois"...big tough men with the Picard brain.

There has been one or more Picards playing in the National Hockey League since the 1920s, all good big men, smart, tough, powerfull.

Lets keep ours!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My mom was not a Hockey Mom!

My mom was not a Hockey Mom, she was a skater (in those days you didn't say "Fancy " skater). She had a brother, who had a cup of coffee with the New York Americans and my God Father , who was a big tough City League Defenceman...she told me...her and her sister (my Aunt) were the two best Hockey Players in the family.

One night, and she only ever did it once, she didn't like the way my coach was using me so she came down out of the stands at the old Auditorium, told my coach (who was a fair chunk of a lad) that if he didn't put me on the ice with #2 he would find himself out on the ice face down. Note: There was no barrier between the coach and the box seats in those days.

Of course I couldn't look I thought she was goin' to give him one. I think I played like 12 minutes in the third period. It was cool cause people didn't do that in those not so much.

Never under estimate Mom never walk alone!

"Les Voici" Here they are!

In the Net...Pascal "Roy" the King #33

First Pair...the "Pup" and Philippé

Second the Shut Down Pair...Philly and the "A" Train

Third Pair... Campy and the "Punchman!"

Our Captain; the Tranna Play Maker and the Speed Merchant

The Point man; the Sudbury Hardrock and Kovy

Fish; the "Rookie" and the "Caboose"

The Penalty Killer; the Pest and our "Light Heavy Weight Champion"

The Big German walks "Free"

Lee two ways to Northern New York

Picard is a Black Ace to start

Zack gets Binghamton Time

Chum starts his coaching career

And...and I just talked to Bingo...Yabs would love to join Carkner for the Toronto game...the Limo is on me...I'll drive...can Cheechoo fight???

Friday, September 25, 2009

Let's get to the "Cuts!"

One way or the other let's quit screwing around and make the final cuts.

Part of the reason we are not gelling is that it's the last game of pre-season and we still have 4-5 extra players hanging around.

The Eastern Conference is getting tougher and we are not! Chris Neil is going to get seriously hurt fighting the "Big Fellas". He is a slow light heavy throwing off a bad knee!...and he likes to stay up and take it!

Brian Lee if you are going to slow down and let the attacker have the puck in the corner ya gotta at least pin the guy on the boards...ya can't let him come out with the puck!

Carkner gets the opener and Toronto with Campy! (I'd bring up Yabs but they wont!)

The "Caboose" done!

Alf has to tell Milan it's "Showtime!" This is hockey country everyone knows when you float!

Kovy gets #43 and #71 whether he likes it or not.

CC tell 'em if you are not scoring..."Quit farting around with the puck and shoot!"

Note: Watch the PUP he knows what to do!

The "Call".

Eugene Melnyk to Mr. Bryan Murray..."Bryan please respond to me immediately!"

Collect call from Bryan Murray, in Ottawa do you accept the charges?

"Good morning Bryan" greets Mr. Melnyk "Coach I have just a couple questions this morning."

Pause... "Brian, why are we offering to trade or move not one but two of our DEFENCEMEN when some of our older D-men can't even make it out of training camp...I mean I've had these guys to the Ranch...some of 'em can hardly walk let alone ride a horse or skate...and another thing... expensive load some of that 4th Line you're making me look bad at the B of G meetings... some of those guys think we are doing it on purpose and trying to have the biggest "Actual" Salary in the League...OH, gotta go, got another call!"

Full Marks to the "Edgers!"

Well done! Nice coverage...I don't like this line up but at least I know who's playing.

Thanks to everyone from the Head of Publicity (Propaganda) to the men at the rink to the "Over the Edgers!" Great way to end the Pre-season!

Media Test...Media Test!

As soon as the players leave the ice from their pre-game "morning" skate I want the Team 1200 guys reporting to me who I am going to watch play DEFENCE against Boston tonight. Don' not cloud the issue with stuff we know for sure like the Goalie or the forward lines until you have clearly given the defence excuses...a projection if shall be graded on your final pre-game performance.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alex Picard...take Two!

Alexandre Picard 6'2" and 210; really is 6'2" and 210lbs...24 years old. That's big meat on our blue line, he is just maturing into his strength...a powerfull man...maybe our most powerfull.

He can run, with Chris Campoli, your second power play...he can set it up, make a pass, ya know what I mean the man can play his position. It's been so long since we had a "D"-man who plays well positionally, we don't recognize it! I'd like to bring him to your "BeerLeague" practice for a little up close!

When our big DEFENCE arrives, in a year or so...Picard will be for us what Beauchemin was to the Ducks.

PS: Just for your information and edification our older men are falling apart!