Thursday, December 31, 2009

2 Points!

We don't disagree with benching Alexandre Picard but remember you are replacing a 40 game defencemen, who is even with a rookie liability @ -13, also as good as Campy is playing he does not cover for Carks as well as #45 or provide the speed and positioning #39 requires.

To out "shoot-out" the Islanders is something...I attribute it to Kovy's skill and status...he makes us feel like we are "Big Time!"

We love Saint-Pascal and he won another for us tonight but if he has a "Tighter" game he's gotta bring it!

CiCi...hurt Kuba's feelings...ya gotta get him off the Power Play...he's lost his offencive confidence and it shows!

Because Kovy goes we all go backwards...I'm not sure we should go back through our points as much as we do routinely in the offencive zone and on the rush.

PS: Ottawa Senator's first NHL game January 1910 (100 years ago). No wonder Tranna hates us we had guys like Gilmore, Pulford, Clancy, Howe, Art Ross and won the Stanley Cup in 1910/11 years ahead of the Leafs!


  1. I was lucky enough to be at the game. Was a bit frustrating to watch at times: a few soft plays by Kuba and Kovy, and a couple defensive lapses that led to the NY goals, and so many offensive chances that didn't hit the net. With a few better bounces and some lucky timing, Mich and Fish could have easily had a few goals each. Nice to see Ruutu/Kelly/Neil back together, and dominating! A few great shots by the "Pup" (huge upside for this kid when he settles down defensively!). Kovy dominated in OT and did it again in the shoot out for us. My #1 star though was Ryan Shannon. Worked hard all night, had lots of shots (that actually hit the net), and a dazzling game winner. We definitely got our money's worth despite Alf and Spez being out.

  2. The TV viewers though it was a bit of a yawner but ya have to be at the game to appreciate the speed...I like to sit behind the goalie and watch 'em come and go back!

    Kovy makes Shannon and Regin think they are big time NHLers and they are...speed to burn!

    Saint-Pascal plays goals like he is in Detoit, playing behind their defence, but we still love the guy...status wins the shoot out!

    Happy New Year! from Canucnik!