Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gord Wilson = Howie Meeker!

Howie Meeker won the "Calder Trophy" for rookie of the Year in the National Hockey League. He wrote the first "how to" for hockey coaches but what he forgot was that two of his centers, the guys who carried him, were Syl Apps and Teeder Kennedy and this scewed the book.

As time went on his Hockey Night in Canada criticisms of guys he thought were lessor players became so tough and questionable the players had him removed by word of mouth as their union was nowhere at that time!

Now we are not suggesting the removal of anyone...but Gord your criticism of Brian Elliott over the last ten games has been a way over the top and the people on "Wilson Street" have been letting you continue with the exception of Eastie. That BS tonight about deflected shots has got to stop.

It is my opinion that you along with Pierre McGuire and Central Scouting misjudged Brian and you are too obstinate to admit you were wrong. Thus you have been constantly increasing your criticism of Elliott since they brought him up last year!

PS: While I'm at it Yorkie get off the fence...take a side...have an opinion...remember you're the pro...pro!

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