Sunday, December 20, 2009

Big Ask!

Four days ago I asked for a goal from a DEFENCEMAN and got four (4) of them!

For Boston and in order to rattle that Thomas cat and no doubt he'll be in there, we need not just one but one each from Winchester and Regin...

Cross Bar...Ya don't play the back up's back up back to back...Brian Elliott has lost twice to Thomas in a shoot out 4-3 and deserves his chance @ vindication...notice how no one talks about how in the old days (last year) our Ottawa goal tenders would get routinely shellacked by the Bruins.

Marty Brodeur says "They are quicker than I thought!" (Talking about us!)

Boston knows we out skated 'em twice but that's no reason why we can't just skate 'em into the ice tonight!

Believe it or not it opens up the point shots and the winger coming late as their forwards over commit on the back check.

Mr. Ice Maker...we want good ice tonight...the "Parkay floor" Bruins might as well be the Ducks for that crap they have to play on game in game out!

Keep playing the "Pup" with Alfie as #65 tells Hugo he has to take care of all of the Alfredssons.

Carks, ya don't fight these mugwumps have nothing to prove...later on in the new year when we have Neil back I'll go fetch "Yabs" for a game and we'll have it out!

CiCi if you can work it out Picard and Carkner should be out their against Boston's secret (Bergereon's) second's their catalyst!

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