Friday, December 18, 2009


For a hundred years, back up goalies have been getting skinned on the road...just look at the game in Buffalo tonight...enough said!

Elliott comes back again tomorrow night...he will beat those guys with no equipment!

Alexandre Picard the 3rd star richly deserved!

Philippé has lost his offencive "feel"...even when he has a shot on net he does not look dangerous...go with 4 forwards...give Campy or Picard a shot at the first power play!

Kelly and Ruutu our two best forwards for the third straight game.

Where is our "Big Money" with the exception of Fish the rest of 'em are on Christmas vacation!

What good is out shooting your opponent night after night if you have no top six forwards who can score!

To all our penalty killers...if you are going to screen your goalie you are taking the responsibility to block the shot!

Brodeur may or may not be the best but he's too good for us @ home in Jersey! #1030!

PS: Happy 65th Schreibs! The "Voice" marches on!


  1. Canucnik, Brodeur (Mike) is scheduled to start for Ottawa today, is he not?

  2. Yes, thanks SCSF.

    Let's see how the D plays in front of him it could go either way...he's supposed to be fast!