Monday, December 28, 2009

I smell "Zebra Mgmt!"

Over heard in a "Hard Drinkin'" bar in downtown Tranna...Nico was not there..."If we have to cave on "Head Shots" then I want total management of the games!" Author unknown.

What gives? Leafs are up 3-2 in the 3rd period on a Sunday Night in Pittsburgh and pick up the only two Power Plays and the badly needed road win! I smell " Zebra Mgmt!"

You know the Hab's Power Play is going to get a good, long, repeated work out against us because the same bulletin that was sent to Pittsburgh was sent to Ottawa...Jacques Martin, at Carleton yesterday is practicing the PP when they should have been working on 5 on 5...they are supposed to be on the road.

History repeats...about this time last year the Canadiens needing a win bad go into MSG and set a record vs Rangers (it never happened before) getting 4 unanswered PPs culminating in a 5 on 3 in the third period with a goal for a 2- 0 margin...only #6 Wade Redden and Glen Sather knew what was going on!

You know "Zebra Mgmt" is going to get this 3 pointer to a Shoot will not matter if we are up 4 after 2 periods! "But Kovy is ready for 'em!"... Spelled Kovy with a "Y" because that's the way the Montreal Blogs spell it (And they were first) and they are the ones who should be scared!

As mentioned after the last game against us, Halak is better than's time to stick a pin in his bubble...dirty goals...a bad goal...will do it every time.

We have our French Canadien Goal Tender back again...the "Hex" switches!

These guys are no better than us...let's just skate 'em into the ice! Same line up...same pairings and lines!

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