Friday, February 26, 2010

#26 - Ryan Shannon!

Ryan Shannon does not hurt us when he plays as a top 6 forward, defencively or @ the bank ($675K).

This is Bryan Murray's way of saying if we have to move you...reluctently...#26, you will be guaranteed another full year in the "Show!" I think he's staying because he is Coach Clouston's "Pup" and more importantly both Alfie and Alexei like the guy.

But let's get to the meat of the issue, someone (a forward) must be sacrificed! Probably Brian Lee also. This could be a very close run thing...someone says the wrong thing, some one's ass-hole (his agent) acts up, one GM has a particular liking for one of our guys!!! It's a crap shoot!

Man..."Cool Hand" Murray likes to play it close to the vest and close to the wire! Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose with this strategy!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't like the look of this!

With Campy nursing a bum shoulder, worse than we thought, and he's not the biggest guy in the world to start with, it looks like Brian Lee is going to be our Insurance Policy even if we do pick up a Defenceman.

Definitely don't like the look of can never have enough Play Off Ready NHL type DEFENCEMEN to start the run for Stanley. With Kuba and Volchy being put on the (hockey) Rack and stretched to the max, it's only a matter of time, as we see that the older guys with the exception of some forwards (Alfie and Alexei) hockey has very much reverted to a young man's game both getting hurt and recovering.

So Bryan, we know there is only so much you can do, but stop talking about another forward if ya got that kind of opportunity let's grab another rental DEFENCEMAN. Ya can never have enough of them guys!!

PS: Alfie's career...September 4th, 1998...aquires a Titleist 975D, 8.5 degree, deep face, bore through, Oversize Driver from Canucnik, goes from a 12 handicap to a very tough 7, as there is more to life than just hockey!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A demonstration team for the Sens!

To the "Mayor" of Sen's Town...what a brilliant glaring example Team Canada is for the Sens. For a shabby defence can make a very good experienced goal keeper look ordinary at best and render some petty fine forwards inoperable!

So for all the worries of Silver Seven, all the sage advice of Gordie Wilson, all the stupidity over at Senschip (the commentors), if you wish to make a run for Stanley, you aquire Pavel Kabina as a rental and you pay with the blood of a top 9 forward of which we have 10.

If I could talk Kuba into staying home next summer I'd offer Kabina a full time job!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

To C-Mac and his negotiator Patrick!

To Patrick and C-Mac also...go sit over there with Dale Tallon! Both of you guys are going to blow this "Deal!"

The whole point of your advice to Bryan Murray was "your" stand @ $3.9 million and I admire you for it because as everyone but Patrick knows the key number, the breaker point is $4 million exactly and probably for 4 years...not $4+

C-Mac as your later comment revealed you are not so tough on the exact $4 million number but that's a heck of a way to submit a 4 paragraph strategy plan to Bryan Murray.

So keep giving your two cents, but stick to your guns (your initial advice), who knows you may have been right!

PS: Keep commenting...we are being read...even you Patrick, lay it out there for us boy!

PPS: Just noticed Patrick's blog is not open to me or the public...just a handfull of co-conspiritors...I wonder if C-Mac makes it?

C-Mac's two cents!

Senschirp's C-Mac's treatise of our Sen's DEFENCE is excellent!

I disagree on one point...Anton Volchenkov shall go to Free Agency, disagree with his agent, take Ottawa's matching offer of $4 mill for 4 years and stay with the Senators. He's worth it and the big kids are not here yet nor will they be for two more years.

Now as I am only the coach (imaginary) and not the General Manager, I would recommend that we go for the big rental...Kabina...and pay the big price...a top nine forward (of which we have ten).

Failing this, Plan B, is to get one NHL/Playoff ready, number 5-6 Defenceman to play with Carkner as a 3-4/5-6 pair.

Note: A 3-4/5-6 defence pair plays as a 3-4 defencively (PK) and as a 5/6 offencively (PP).

Note II: Campoli will get to play and will play well coming out of the press box! As someone will stink or someone will get a "Hang nail!"

PS: Keep talking...every comment made tells Bryan Murray, we, the Sen's fans, will not accept the "Status Quo!"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sens Fans...this is not the "Calder Cup!"

Gentlemen and Ladies of the Jury, this is the run up to and the run for the Stanley Cup...not the Calder Cup.

With your American League DEFENCE, chances are it's over after winning one round!

#4 Chris Phillips may be/is the best D-man not @ the Olympics!

#24 Volchy will be so beat up and tired after carrying Russia, he will lose his edge and play just ordinary for his new contract.

#65 "Karl" will feel the sharp end of the sword for the first time...and it hurts!

#17 the Check, who doesn't...will rally for a game or so but will not be able to sustain it!

#39 will fizzle after giving it his "all" to get us there but not being able to fight in the playoffs will throw him off!

#14 will go down gallantly but he will be over matched and out sized!

Note: Our auxiliaries are nowhere to be found...#55/#51??

Boys, we could have Brian Elliott; Pascal @ the top of his game or Saint-Patrick, himself, we ain't got enough to stop Sid let alone those Russians in DC!

After the "Extention and before the "Break!"

Long distance for Mr. Bryan Murray from Barbados.

Eugene: "Bryan, just called to congratulate you on your telling us that you would exercise your option for another year...listen we like the Cullen deal and the passing on of Picard to Carolina, I hope Alexandre doesn't come back and bite your ass!"

Bryan: "It was all Canucnik's fault, he recommended him!"

Eugene: "It's Ok, It's Ok, I shall invite him on vacation and disappear his aircraft!"...pause..."Bryan have you forgotten our last conversation and the implementation of MEL/MUR Game Plan ONE for 2010/2011! There shall be no more expenditure of resources...that's players or money...this year! We dazzle the faithful, sell a few season tickets for next year...wait for those big kids to arrive and go for the cup!"

Bryan: "What about this year, Canucnik's one big D-man, I think we got a shot!"

Eugene: "Murray, you are a good man, but it seems like I have to tell you everything's next year, year!"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

3rd Place...Let's get some rest!

Kovy come to my house and rest...we don't want that old Russian Goalie finding you anytime soon.

Jason find one of those therapeutic hammocks and put your feet up!

Ells, contrary to what Pierre McGuire thinks, you are our goal keeper, enjoy your break you have earned it!

"Karl" get well soon #17 has had enough of this playing without you!

Fish...beware of the fast lane!

Alfie...drain the strain...enjoy! are the best player not @ the Olympics!

Alveterzane! Till March!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Bob Cole is supposed to be working his way into retirement but those "Brain Dead Block Heads" in Tranna are trying to re-introduce him to an Ottawa audience. Coley when a Canadian team is playing and it's their broadcast, you are not supposed to cheer for Detroit and know all the Red Wing's names, while calling our Jason Spezza (Mississauga, Ontario) even when he's not on the ice.

Hope Detroit misses the playoffs and have to re-tool because these guys are very hard to watch. With their firepower they could play the other game (Offence) effortlessly. Ya wonder how they still get a full house to watch this.

#51 & #55 looked pretty good tonight I just don't want either of these defencemen in an auxiliary position for the play offs!

Kuba again applies the back breaker with a flickette that doesn't get out!

Nice goal the Regin/Kovy magic.

Matty that's the first one out of the way! One nice pass from Alexei!

Brian take a page out of our man Brodeur's book, when they slash the puck out from under your trapper to the front of the net..."Don't move!" make him beat you.

Let's get New York!

Gordie, tell Bryan, you want a "New" DEFENCEMAN!

Gord just that you don't have Picard to kick anymore and cover for the ineptitude of two others...Philippé Kuba with his chronic groin and bad hand is the "lightest" 230lb defenceman in the history of the Sens. Without "Karl" the other night against the big guys he was on the ice for 5 goals, with Karl carrying him into the play offs they shall be played as the 5-6 pair. So let's get off the company line, it's time to bring in a 3-4 type DEFENCEMAN!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The secret line up for Fort Detroit!

Coach Clouston give the New man a full load right off the bat!

#18; #7; #43...cause ya want to see Cullin at center.

#9; #19; #11...cause Jason wants Alfie.

#26; #12; #27...cause Alexei wants Fish.

#73; #22; #25...cause Kelly wants his old line back...

#4 & #24...cause they just want to be together.

#17 & #55...cause Carks & Kuba can't find each other out there.

Smith & #39...cause there ain't nobody else.

Remember in the War of 1812 (the Yankee War) we used to capture Detroit often!

To Nancy Dddd (Visitor) @Off the Posts!

Nancy, I don't know where you played, where and who you watch the games with but it sounds like you were all "cuts!"

Alexandre Picard will come back to haunt you as a very serviceable D-man in Carolina. His break out/first pass is his forté. His "Home Run" pass to Jason was the pass of the game last night. He has speed and size...toughness is his issue and this will be slowly overcome, the man is stronger than you think.

For your information Bryan Murray told you he would be your General Manager for another year...and that goes so for all who are trying to read something into it! Mr. Melnyk said sure!

Who did you think you were going to get for a 4th rounder? big D-man is JOB ONE!

To Bryan Murray...a well deserved extention!

Matt Cullin...great hockey name...great hockey family...a very smart hockey player!

Cheech should just walk away and save his legacy..."You're only as good as you're last performance!"

Alexandre Picard will grow, progress and prosper in Carolina!

Now, last night, against the big guys, showed us that we must improve and re-jig our DEFENCE. Matty Carkner needs a partner strong enough to carry him to the 3-4 pairing as "Karl" shall put Kuba on his back for the play offs but only as the 5-6 pair!

To Messrs Smith and Lee good luck cause you are cannon fodder and not really expected to do much...fool us! Show me I was wrong!

Bryan...this is where the rubber hits road...ya will not be able to steal this D-man you are going to have to send someone the other way...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

3rd Place!

Brian Elliott...excellent...just win baby!

Big Goals by the leaders...#19; #11; #27; #4; #25; #9'

Given some support (Alfie) Anton (11 blocked shots) plays OV (11 shots) to a stalemate every game vs the Capitals and I've seen every game!

If you had to listen to TSN's Gord Miller and Pierre McGuire you would have thought it ended 11-3 for the Caps. They'd still be talking about the Caps goal when we would score and they wouldn't stop. If you remember I told you I didn't think Pierre knew the difference between a broom stick and a goal stick well he's still not sure about Brian McGuire just STFU! And stop talking about our Alexei Kovalev, you know to Vladislav Trechiak. Last night in Montreal he missed the game call six (6) times in a row I'm sure he must have broken his own record. McGuire missed shots on goal, goals scored, off sides and infractions to the point where his side kick Gord just remained silent and stopped trying to correct him! Thus,tonight they completely ruined the "Win" and the Game for me!

For all you guys who watch the game with one pass of the night, Picard springs Jason (a home run ball) but #19 couldn't cash it in!

PS: Enjoy the Olympics everyone! I may have to listen to the Russian broadcast.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rant #41!

50 goal scorers...a game like last night for a 50 goal scorer put "Boom Boom" Geoffrion on the train to New York...put the "Rocket" into's bad enough that the wheels are gone but when your scoring touch (luck) deserts's over!

Calgary's first power play is over and we put on our 4th was like the Flames went back on the PP, the kids just could not carry him any longer.

Flames 2nd goal...41 gives up the puck twice with out much of a struggle in our end almost causing a goal...Spezza rushes, Jon can't keep up, he's left at center here comes Calgary the other way and Cheech has 3rd man responsibilities but he just can't get back to help!!

Jonny didn't just miss 2 good scoring chances last night I counted 4 and that's 15 in the last 3 games...

It's "over" and for Bryan to continue to be distracted by trying to shop him is dumb and inefficient...also insulting to every GM in the league...Note: the guy in LA should be shot for stupidity!

PS: To the 6th Sens...I'm one of your shut outs!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

That's Coaching!

Brian Elliott...excellent...just win baby!

First star, Coach Clouston, #22; #12; #11 adjustment.

Second star, Coach Carvel, for the Defenceman's meeting between periods one and two.

Third Star, Jason Spezza, for burying his scoring chance and carrying #41 all night.

4 lines...15 minutes each...5 centers what a luxury! Balance!

Alexei...PPPP...tonight PPG!

Think..."Killer instinct!"

It's "Showtime!"

Brian Elliott is the right choice.

If you give Kipper enough action,
he will give you one!

Watch Higgins! They are 5-0 vs us and have brought their Refs!

Seen a lot of goalies and a few goalie coaches...ya want to see a guy totally lose the net, ya get Galley and our new coach telling you, you are too deep in the instead of coming out to the top of the crease you retreat to the goal line and try to find your bearings and starting end up playing the whole game even deeper in the net!

Johny's 500th; nice career!

Robin will hit somebody late and dirty just to show us he doesn't miss keep your head up!

Pic will be better tonight he's been told he is not expected to be "Karl!"

Anton...two words..."Rebound Control!"

These guys should really be called the Stampeders with all those Tranna guys stampeding to get out and go to Calgary.

Alfie it's time for you and Alexei to get the puck back...ya haven't had it much for awhile!

PS: It used to be ya went out West the game was a little different...tougher...Western Refs...Western the Canadian teams from the west come east, with their Refs and get the home call...What gives??

Monday, February 8, 2010

Who's coachin' our DEFENCE?

Ottawa's Doug Wilson, who looked like the "Devil" and turned out to be just a very wise man bearing the gift to us of "Team" work, told us today that the reason they (his Sharks) went out in the first round last year was they weren't ready physically or mentally...they were not fresh...Point, Game, Match!

So after the "Olympics" it's protect your most vulnerable assets...

1) One game at a time ya rest each of the most vulnerable defencemen, 1st game Volchy, 2nd game "Karl", 3rd game yes, even Phillippé, because he needs it as much as anyone...#14 and #39 no, because they need the work, Picard requires some ice also to stay sharp, love him or hate him he's all you got, Phillips is playing so well just leave him in the "zone"!

2) Play both goalies hot or not!

3) Alfie should not only get the odd practice off but also a couple of games down the stretch!

4) Play all 4 lines as balanced as possible...I'm talking 15 minutes each and in order to do that ya gotta have 3 players on the 4th line!

5) Don't stop coachin', I've noticed a way too much consultation amongst the coaching staff behind the bench and not enough player coach interaction, this is still a young defence in terms of time playing together out there.

6) Bryan if you want to really go deep, ya gotta get us one more good DEFENCEMAN just to pick the whole unit up and for insurance purposes!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


When Carks loses to Orr early, they get 5 Power Plays in a row to start the game and our "Super Hero" is sitting in Alfie's basement watchin' the game on TV...we're done "UNCLE!"

Why do they have to make the fix so obvious...not one of our penalties effected a scoring chance!

The Leafs are so bad you can set a team record in two games...someone has to call the Michelin Man and his equipment...the backside view is a joke, literally a cartoon!

Tough one "Ells!" but ya didn't get much help either!

OK, lets move on...Calgary next!

Tough Job!

Dion Phaneuf better not try to play 26 minutes against us tonight or Jean-Sébastien Giguere is going to see a lot of the new found accuracy of the Ottawa Senator's "high" shooting!

It's a very tough job to sit 7-8 games and come in and take the place of the "Messiah" Erik Special"K" Karlsson or as "Ells" calls him "Karl!"

"Karl" has simply been the "Nuts" for the whole team the last couple of games!

So we don't want a lot of "ragging" (coaching) on #45, Alexandre Picard tonight because there will be guys are not intelligent enough to "roll" or rotate your defencemen every few games so suffer the consequences in silence!

Alfie this has always been a giant stage for you the "Booing" and's time to put them Tranna guys (Leaf fans) to sleep!

Jason...Giguere doesn't like your "on the goal line top corner wrister!" when he is down there on one knee hugging the post, it either hits him in the head or goes straight in!

Volchy...Kessel likes to approach the blue line laterally then dart inside you about the face off's time you gave him the lesson..."Your Lesson!"

Note: These guys don't break down early in the game (it's usually at the end of the game) so play 'em tough early!

Note II: Don't even like New Jersey but the Jersey system is on display this afternoon, when a Habs defenceman stays up on the wall Gionta is not in the middle of the neutral zone circling around, he's right in behind his man in the Defenceman's position...have noticed Gomez also...they didn't learn that in Montreal!

Friday, February 5, 2010

And another thing!

In the middle sixties I ran against a guy from Ottawa, Bob Fisher-Smith, "World's Fastest Human" and he was for one season. Over the 50 years his records were improved apon marginally until the introduction of Roids. The point here is "Oh, they are so much bigger and faster now!"

Late hits and late the late sixties, my day to play, this full speed, 10 stride, 35 foot run @ a defenceman, 3 "steam boats" late, would have been greeted with a full tomahawk chop to the neck of the attacker, downing him face first on the ice!

Or this asshole, the attacker, was assessed 5 and a game for charging...there is no such thing as a charging call anymore!

It's no wonder we have these elbowings and head shots...and this size and speed thing is bullshit...pure bullshit!

I'm not saying that they aren't bigger and's this "the players today are so big and fast that they cannot control themselves" BULLSHIT to all 30 GMs!

Ryan Kesler is a "Woose!"

Ryan Kesler @ 6'2", 205lbs. is bigger and stronger than you think, but he doesn't hit, go close to or fight with anyone his own size! However, he likes to act tough around the smaller offencive guys...the guy is a complete "woose!" Someone should clean his clock...for him to hit "Karl" gratuitously after a dump in, getting Erik in an indefencible position is complete "Horsesh&t!"

We have another game...this guy is a jerk...a mouth piece...a diver some say...universally disliked...I want retribution!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

No complaints!

Brian Elliot...excellent...just win baby!

Big game by all our DEFENCE!

Jason...the streak and the winner!

Alexei...PPPP...Power Play Pass're the best!

#9...the opener!

Alfie...three helpers!


Ryan...miles skated tonight...well done!

"Karl"...shake it off man! You are our NMVP!


To Derrick, the Anonymous chickens and all you boys, who don't think we are a powerhouse...the Ottawa Senators are an Eastern Conference "Powerhouse" once again!!

Coach Clouston is a master game "planer" and in game "adjuster" but his starting line ups leave a lot to be desired. Up until we lost Nick Foligno it didn't matter because he has such talent at his disposal that he could re-scramble during the game, double shift Alfie or Alexei and succeed. Now, however without #71, Clouston and his staff must maximise all assets...#41 sits; Winni plays the wing as he did in the third period taking the strong side draws; Regin, our fastest, should go back to center between Shannon and Milan, the three fastest guys on the team, I don't know about the chemistry but they will sure scare the sh&t out of the Sedins.

Mr. Clouston show us some intestinal us the size of your...

#9; #43; #26

#18; #19; #27

#25; #12; #11

#10; #22; #73

Wow! Ya might not have to change them at all!

PS: It's time to give "Karl" the #1 PP.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"A Perfect 10!"

Congratulations! Big team win!

Brian Elliott...excellent...just win baby!

Alfie...the winner...superb!

Jason...amazing shooting!

"Karl" are spectacular!

Alexei...pulling your weight early!

Coaching...Clouston you got away with one!..or was it -2!

Déja vu!

It's déja vu, all over again...Yogi Berra

It's after Christmas, 2007, Bryan Murray is coaching, we're goin' pretty good and it's on to Buffalo for a big game with the Sabres. Inexplicably Mr. Murray changes up the lines...condenses them in order to produce more scoring, of course the experiment fails (Buffalo is then and are now a 4 line team.) and late in the game he tries and succeeds in balancing the 4 lines but of course it's too late!

Coach Clouston...I do not like your starting line up tonight!!

You have 5 centers are moving the wrong man to the wing...strength down the's not fair to Winni, first game back, let him get his timing back and his feet under him.

Note: It's doom and gloom in Buffalo, their fans think the Sabres have no chance...Boys, they're sittin' in the weeds!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Worst 4th line in the league!

With the promotion of a very quick and skilled Petr Regin to Kovy & Fish. CiCi has created for himself and Bryan Murray the worst 4th line in the league!

A recovering Winchester, who can't win a draw off his bad knee nor stay with any of the decent centers in the East (Will be eaten alive in Buffalo).

Jon Cheechoo, if you are not progressing, you are regressing, we (Sens Fans) are witnessing the largest fall off (regression) in the history of the team and it comes with the final payments of his $3 million contract!! Forget the money for a moment this player is taking valuable NHL minutes from a Zach Smith for example.

Ryan Shannon is way too fast for these guys and will spend the whole game in his own end being bullied by the other guy's big 4th liners!

So CiCi, coaching 101, ya don't try to play 3 lines vs a 4 line team...these guys are in first place ya know...

Here's what ya should have done!!

#9; #19; #11

#26; #43; #27

#73; #12; #25

#10; #22; #18

a facsimile of this line up will play Vancouver!