Monday, February 1, 2010

Worst 4th line in the league!

With the promotion of a very quick and skilled Petr Regin to Kovy & Fish. CiCi has created for himself and Bryan Murray the worst 4th line in the league!

A recovering Winchester, who can't win a draw off his bad knee nor stay with any of the decent centers in the East (Will be eaten alive in Buffalo).

Jon Cheechoo, if you are not progressing, you are regressing, we (Sens Fans) are witnessing the largest fall off (regression) in the history of the team and it comes with the final payments of his $3 million contract!! Forget the money for a moment this player is taking valuable NHL minutes from a Zach Smith for example.

Ryan Shannon is way too fast for these guys and will spend the whole game in his own end being bullied by the other guy's big 4th liners!

So CiCi, coaching 101, ya don't try to play 3 lines vs a 4 line team...these guys are in first place ya know...

Here's what ya should have done!!

#9; #19; #11

#26; #43; #27

#73; #12; #25

#10; #22; #18

a facsimile of this line up will play Vancouver!


  1. Wow, I actually totally agree with you. That would be a great 4th line and I love the 2nd and 3rd, or two 2nds as well.

  2. Canucnik,

    I agree. Your lines do look better. You have, however, critized Cory a number of times over the last nine games regarding players/lines and we just keep on winning. I say roll with it, no?

  3. Anon:

    This is a big road game, you cannot afford to carry any (heavy) excess baggage!

  4. 7;48:

    CiCi is doing this with mirors and a shortened bench but that was before we lost #71, now he must maximize every asset!

    CiCi's strength is game plan and in game adjustments...his starting line ups have even opposition coaches scratching their heads...he is lucky he has so much!

  5. I also like these lines. Unfortunately, I don't think benching Cheech at this point is a career option for CC.

  6. I think that was a little harsh Nik. The power comes from the top 2 lines, even against a 4 line team. Moving 12 to third line minutes would be a bigger travesty than playing Cheech or Winnie, IMO.

  7. Oman:

    Your right, but it's not fair to Winni and especially #26, HE'S REALLY TRYING!

  8. GN: It's what 21:18 out there!

    Calgary trades for three forwards and gets shut out by Philly!

    Fish; Ruutu and Neil draw Roy and Connolly , push 'em around a little and play 2nd line type minutes.

    Note: It was Kovy and Foligno, who were clicking Fish was everywhere out there. 12 scores a beauty from "Karl" (that's what Elliott calls him) and Kovy from #17!!

  9. Enough with the CiCi, that's a girl's name.

    If you must, call him CC or CCC or Triple C like Sens Town does

  10. Actually, I would prefer:

    #9; #19; #11

    #26; #12; #27

    #73; #22; #25

    #10; #43; #18

    Maintains Fish on 2nd line (with shades of the successful Shannon/Fish/Heatley line from last year - only with a guys who is not heatley which is good.
    But that 4th line would be fantastic.


  11. 5:05

    He's CiCi till after the streak, then Coach Clouston, he deserves our respect!

  12. Tim:

    They don't want Regin to start to think and play like a forth liner...

    Alexei and Fish mesh for the wrong reasons, actually they are not a good pair and both can carry a line!

  13. I wonder if there's any precedent for guys coming off knee injuries and playing really well? hmmmm...

  14. 4:04

    Wingers come back quicker...centers don''s self evident...quickness/timing/stress.

    Winni should be on the wing, we have the extra center.