Saturday, February 20, 2010

To C-Mac and his negotiator Patrick!

To Patrick and C-Mac also...go sit over there with Dale Tallon! Both of you guys are going to blow this "Deal!"

The whole point of your advice to Bryan Murray was "your" stand @ $3.9 million and I admire you for it because as everyone but Patrick knows the key number, the breaker point is $4 million exactly and probably for 4 years...not $4+

C-Mac as your later comment revealed you are not so tough on the exact $4 million number but that's a heck of a way to submit a 4 paragraph strategy plan to Bryan Murray.

So keep giving your two cents, but stick to your guns (your initial advice), who knows you may have been right!

PS: Keep commenting...we are being read...even you Patrick, lay it out there for us boy!

PPS: Just noticed Patrick's blog is not open to me or the public...just a handfull of co-conspiritors...I wonder if C-Mac makes it?

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