Saturday, February 20, 2010

C-Mac's two cents!

Senschirp's C-Mac's treatise of our Sen's DEFENCE is excellent!

I disagree on one point...Anton Volchenkov shall go to Free Agency, disagree with his agent, take Ottawa's matching offer of $4 mill for 4 years and stay with the Senators. He's worth it and the big kids are not here yet nor will they be for two more years.

Now as I am only the coach (imaginary) and not the General Manager, I would recommend that we go for the big rental...Kabina...and pay the big price...a top nine forward (of which we have ten).

Failing this, Plan B, is to get one NHL/Playoff ready, number 5-6 Defenceman to play with Carkner as a 3-4/5-6 pair.

Note: A 3-4/5-6 defence pair plays as a 3-4 defencively (PK) and as a 5/6 offencively (PP).

Note II: Campoli will get to play and will play well coming out of the press box! As someone will stink or someone will get a "Hang nail!"

PS: Keep talking...every comment made tells Bryan Murray, we, the Sen's fans, will not accept the "Status Quo!"


  1. Strong rumours abound that Seidenberg is a primary target. From an acquaintance connected with the NHL - he was right on the Cullen deal Wed night before it went down. Thought he was pulling my leg, then I read it on TSN Friday Feb 12.

    We'll see how close he comes to this one.

  2. MOP:

    What do you think we give up for Seidenberg?

  3. Seidenberg has 133 hits and 175 blocked shots - former 6th rnd pick. At 2.25M and UFA his rental price should be a middle to late (3rd or 4th rnd pick at best). He's a cheap Volchenkov - compare their numbers. In fact getting him could be A-train insurance. If A Train is too costly then Seidenberg at 3M for a couple years would replace him. Sign him in addition too then having him, Phillips, A Train and Carkner as a shutdown core would be great. Karlsson and Kuba (or his replacement Kubina or some other offensive minded D) would round out the top 6.

    Aaron Ward has similar numbers - 138 hits 122 BS but -17 on a basement dwelling squad - old - a very late pick or long shot prospect. Z Michalek has 60 hits and 119 BS.

    I'm not expecting an earth shattering D acquisition but another shot blocker who averages 2 hits a game would go a long way to helping the D.

  4. MOP:

    10-4, this German Seidenberg is looking like a better fit all the time! But it's the pay back the other "outed" GMs know we are one of the few "real" contenders, who are desparately one D-man short, so they are going to stick it to us!

    Cheers Nik!