Thursday, February 11, 2010

3rd Place!

Brian Elliott...excellent...just win baby!

Big Goals by the leaders...#19; #11; #27; #4; #25; #9'

Given some support (Alfie) Anton (11 blocked shots) plays OV (11 shots) to a stalemate every game vs the Capitals and I've seen every game!

If you had to listen to TSN's Gord Miller and Pierre McGuire you would have thought it ended 11-3 for the Caps. They'd still be talking about the Caps goal when we would score and they wouldn't stop. If you remember I told you I didn't think Pierre knew the difference between a broom stick and a goal stick well he's still not sure about Brian McGuire just STFU! And stop talking about our Alexei Kovalev, you know to Vladislav Trechiak. Last night in Montreal he missed the game call six (6) times in a row I'm sure he must have broken his own record. McGuire missed shots on goal, goals scored, off sides and infractions to the point where his side kick Gord just remained silent and stopped trying to correct him! Thus,tonight they completely ruined the "Win" and the Game for me!

For all you guys who watch the game with one pass of the night, Picard springs Jason (a home run ball) but #19 couldn't cash it in!

PS: Enjoy the Olympics everyone! I may have to listen to the Russian broadcast.


  1. RE: "best pass of the night, Picard springs Jason (a home run ball) but #19 couldn't cash it in!"

    Picard = 15:41 TOI, 1 A, -2 (on for 3 goals against).

    The risk is not worth the reward. The Picard experiment has run its course! Campoli is half the size and throws his weight around more. Keep looking for that call on your broken stick and chase Ovie all over the ice, you bum!

    Picard shots aside, gutsy effort against a high octane offense. We were the ones standing after the 60 minute buzzer. 14 other teams cannot say that.

  2. Derrick:

    The Picard decision was taken 10 games ago...let it go.

    We are two D short but will settle for one...Campy is odd man out...Carks gets gets the new man..."Karl" carrying #17 go to the 5-6 pair for the play offs...or else we are out first round in 5 games!

  3. Looks like Picardicus Rex with a pick is gone for Cullen. Not sure why a player and pick went for a rental but maybe Kelly will be moved for a D man. I like Z Michalek in Phoenix. We are loaded with forwards now. Time for that middle ground D man!

  4. Picard is RFA too so I guess it makes a little more sense if you don't plan to tender a qualifying offer.

  5. Sorry for your loss, Nik.

    I kid, I kid.

  6. Guys:

    We like Cullin...a lot! Pic gets a new home and will excell. Jason is happy...very happy!
    Cheech should sport you are only as good as your last performance.