Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sens Fans...this is not the "Calder Cup!"

Gentlemen and Ladies of the Jury, this is the run up to and the run for the Stanley Cup...not the Calder Cup.

With your American League DEFENCE, chances are it's over after winning one round!

#4 Chris Phillips may be/is the best D-man not @ the Olympics!

#24 Volchy will be so beat up and tired after carrying Russia, he will lose his edge and play just ordinary for his new contract.

#65 "Karl" will feel the sharp end of the sword for the first time...and it hurts!

#17 the Check, who doesn't...will rally for a game or so but will not be able to sustain it!

#39 will fizzle after giving it his "all" to get us there but not being able to fight in the playoffs will throw him off!

#14 will go down gallantly but he will be over matched and out sized!

Note: Our auxiliaries are nowhere to be found...#55/#51??

Boys, we could have Brian Elliott; Pascal @ the top of his game or Saint-Patrick, himself, we ain't got enough to stop Sid let alone those Russians in DC!


  1. Agreed. And I'm going to go on the record again about needing a boomer from the point: one that can score or generate goals from deflections and rebounds; one that strikes fear in the hearts of shot blockers; one that shatters bones and bruises through padding; one that hits the net most of the time; one that completes our power play.

    It would be great to get a Gonchar or Markov, or even a Pronger or a Souray (I know he has his drawbacks), and I'd love to see a Lidstrom or Niedermayer type, but we can't afford them, and with the exception of Souray, I doubt they're available. A lesser d-man with proven top 4 abilities and a big slapper that can hit the net should be available somewhere though.

    Trading a prospect and a pick for a rental player in Cullen is a significant risk. If you're Murray, do you sit back and hope this measured risk gets you deeper in the playoffs, or do you pull the trigger on another deal for a significant D-man now too, all but ensuring a good playoff run?

  2. Oman:

    If I could afford to buy one of those Southern franchises I would give you due consideration as my General Manager!

    To think we may be only one guy away!!!

  3. I totally agree. Give us a cheaper version of a Gonchar or Pronger, and I think we're laughing all the way to the conference finals, at least.

    With this line-up, though... I'm not too confident in our playoff hopes. I mean, we'll make it there - of that I'm sure - but just how far we go, once we're there is a different question. I think we'll win a couple rounds, but will stumble against the caps or pens with all their firepower. I guess we can only hope that guys like Gonchar, Ovie, Crosby, Malkin, Semin, et al are just worn out from long playoffs last year, and the Olympics this year... otherwise, we could be in serious trouble.


    Rob R.

  4. Thanks for your excellent comments Rob R.

    We think SENs fans have to make it perfectly clear to Bryan Murray and his staff exactly what we expect of him!! One big DEFENCEMAN deal.

    I think if we don't go for it this season it will be at least two seasons until we're back because the new kids will need a year...Karl was/is a fluke and he may regress marginally.

  5. Karlsson is gonna be special no doubt and getting him as much playoff experience as possible is going to help in the long run. I'd sooner see him get 13 or 14 games than just 5 or 6. A lot of D man names have been tossed around. It'll be interesting to see who, if anyone BM lands. Anything more than a late pick and prospect for a cheap UFA is madness. Foster, Leopold or Michalek types are likely.

    One more and Campoli can fight it out with Carks for the 6th spot. Campoli will be used against teams with speed. Carks where toughness and grit are required.

  6. MOP:

    Let us see what we get...I got "Karl" carrying Kuba as the 5-6 pair and some PP/PK. Carkner gets the "New" guy!