Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tough Job!

Dion Phaneuf better not try to play 26 minutes against us tonight or Jean-Sébastien Giguere is going to see a lot of the new found accuracy of the Ottawa Senator's "high" shooting!

It's a very tough job to sit 7-8 games and come in and take the place of the "Messiah" Erik Special"K" Karlsson or as "Ells" calls him "Karl!"

"Karl" has simply been the "Nuts" for the whole team the last couple of games!

So we don't want a lot of "ragging" (coaching) on #45, Alexandre Picard tonight because there will be guys are not intelligent enough to "roll" or rotate your defencemen every few games so suffer the consequences in silence!

Alfie this has always been a giant stage for you the "Booing" and's time to put them Tranna guys (Leaf fans) to sleep!

Jason...Giguere doesn't like your "on the goal line top corner wrister!" when he is down there on one knee hugging the post, it either hits him in the head or goes straight in!

Volchy...Kessel likes to approach the blue line laterally then dart inside you about the face off's time you gave him the lesson..."Your Lesson!"

Note: These guys don't break down early in the game (it's usually at the end of the game) so play 'em tough early!

Note II: Don't even like New Jersey but the Jersey system is on display this afternoon, when a Habs defenceman stays up on the wall Gionta is not in the middle of the neutral zone circling around, he's right in behind his man in the Defenceman's position...have noticed Gomez also...they didn't learn that in Montreal!

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