Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"A Perfect 10!"

Congratulations! Big team win!

Brian Elliott...excellent...just win baby!

Alfie...the winner...superb!

Jason...amazing shooting!

"Karl" are spectacular!

Alexei...pulling your weight early!

Coaching...Clouston you got away with one!..or was it -2!


  1. I was pretty happy that Clouston stapled the 3 million dollar man to the bench after his misplays directly led to two Sabre goals. The team played much better with 11 forwards.

  2. Dutch:

    It's a shame...11 forwards, when we have #10 to make it 12. And Zach playin' away in the "A"! Bad MGMT!

  3. No way to win with Cheech. Over 26 - buyout cost 2/3 of the remaining contract. Waive him to go to the A, he's a 3M player in the A, but salary is off the cap. If nobody takes him. On re-entry waivers, if taken Sens are on the hook for 50% of the remaining contract which counts to the cap. So say he this happens now with more than 2/3 of this year gone. Using the averaged cap salary (I know he's deal is structured different) - 900K this year plus 3M next 3.9 x .66 ~= 2.6M buyout. I think that's averaged over 2 years for a continued cap hit of 1.3M.

    Now if waived and claimed on re-entry waivers (because no one would take him for 3M on regular waivers) you're on the hook for 3.9M/2 over 2years or about 1M cap hit.

    So waiving him or buying him out still leaves the team with a cheap FA salary against the cap with nothing but air to show for it. Melnyk already lost 4M to the douche for this year I'd say he doesn't want to burn any more cabbage related to 'The trade request'.