Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's "Showtime!"

Brian Elliott is the right choice.

If you give Kipper enough action,
he will give you one!

Watch Higgins! They are 5-0 vs us and have brought their Refs!

Seen a lot of goalies and a few goalie coaches...ya want to see a guy totally lose the net, ya get Galley and our new coach telling you, you are too deep in the net...so instead of coming out to the top of the crease you retreat to the goal line and try to find your bearings and starting point...you end up playing the whole game even deeper in the net!

Johny's 500th; nice career!

Robin will hit somebody late and dirty just to show us he doesn't miss Dion...so keep your head up!

Pic will be better tonight he's been told he is not expected to be "Karl!"

Anton...two words..."Rebound Control!"

These guys should really be called the Stampeders with all those Tranna guys stampeding to get out and go to Calgary.

Alfie it's time for you and Alexei to get the puck back...ya haven't had it much for awhile!

PS: It used to be ya went out West the game was a little different...tougher...Western Refs...Western calls...now the Canadian teams from the west come east, with their Refs and get the home call...What gives??

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