Tuesday, February 16, 2010

After the "Extention and before the "Break!"

Long distance for Mr. Bryan Murray from Barbados.

Eugene: "Bryan, just called to congratulate you on your telling us that you would exercise your option for another year...listen we like the Cullen deal and the passing on of Picard to Carolina, I hope Alexandre doesn't come back and bite your ass!"

Bryan: "It was all Canucnik's fault, he recommended him!"

Eugene: "It's Ok, It's Ok, I shall invite him on vacation and disappear his aircraft!"...pause..."Bryan have you forgotten our last conversation and the implementation of MEL/MUR Game Plan ONE for 2010/2011! There shall be no more expenditure of resources...that's players or money...this year! We dazzle the faithful, sell a few season tickets for next year...wait for those big kids to arrive and go for the cup!"

Bryan: "What about this year, Canucnik's one big D-man, I think we got a shot!"

Eugene: "Murray, you are a good man, but it seems like I have to tell you everything twice...it's next year, man...next year!"


  1. Bryan: "Noone saw us coming this year, Euge. We have the element of surprise! They still don't take us seriously!"

  2. Eugene: "Don't sell the farm. Just get us a D that is reasonable, tough, and relatively cheap and let's see what these boys can do. Next year is the year anyway. This year's gravy".
    Brian: "K... thanks for letting me sink Cheech for cap space. That'll make things easy for next year".


  3. Derrick:

    I sense a waffle in our MGMT, hense the publicity campagne!

  4. Tim:

    They (plural) will try to over charge for a Kubina type, Mr. Murray does not read the blogs but Tim Murray does...

    The trouble is so does Don Waddell!!!

  5. If it's next year then don't spend anything. The problem with this hypothesis is that any good GM has to go for it any year he believes his team has a chance. Injuries, peak times, chemistry and various other intangibles are often what create champions. Once you are in the playoffs, you are stupid not to think that with a few breaks and some hard work you can go all the way.

  6. Oman:

    I agree 100% but if Bryan doesn't get me my big DEFENCEMAN and I'm takin' it personal...it will be like a heavy weight boxer trying to win with one arm tied behind his back.

    Keep blogging...keep bringing it up...trust me they read us...they all do!