Thursday, February 4, 2010


To Derrick, the Anonymous chickens and all you boys, who don't think we are a powerhouse...the Ottawa Senators are an Eastern Conference "Powerhouse" once again!!

Coach Clouston is a master game "planer" and in game "adjuster" but his starting line ups leave a lot to be desired. Up until we lost Nick Foligno it didn't matter because he has such talent at his disposal that he could re-scramble during the game, double shift Alfie or Alexei and succeed. Now, however without #71, Clouston and his staff must maximise all assets...#41 sits; Winni plays the wing as he did in the third period taking the strong side draws; Regin, our fastest, should go back to center between Shannon and Milan, the three fastest guys on the team, I don't know about the chemistry but they will sure scare the sh&t out of the Sedins.

Mr. Clouston show us some intestinal us the size of your...

#9; #43; #26

#18; #19; #27

#25; #12; #11

#10; #22; #73

Wow! Ya might not have to change them at all!

PS: It's time to give "Karl" the #1 PP.


  1. There's no way Alfie should EVER see third line minutes, Nik... unless he's just coming back after an injury and does it to get back into game shape slowly.

    that's about the only thing I disagree with.

    Though I DO like the overall look of those lines. I'd say just make the Spezza line 1a with Alfie's line as 1b. Then have the speed line (which also has a bit of grit on it), followed by the grinders.

    GO SENS GO!!!

    Rob R.

  2. #9, #43, #26 is an interesting idea... but I think you're upsetting some great chemistry.

    I still really liked the speedy kids (Shannon and Regin) with Kovy. Unfortunately Fisher should be on the second line and he's good with Kovy, so what do you do with these you speedsters...?

    Here's my vote for starters.

    #9, #19, #11
    #26, #12, #27 (Kovy can also be dangerous on the off-wing!)
    #73, #22, #25 (You gotta try to keep these guys together, the fore checking and hitting with Kelly's D is powerful)
    #10, ,#43 #18...?

    The problem is that the 4th line becomes the left-overs and Regin isn't a bottom 6 style of player.

    I think CC's plan is to make up that "4th" line as he goes with some random chemistry from any of the other lines after he starts benching whoever screws up (ie. Cheech last night).

    Was it just me, or was it impossible at times to know what the line was in the 3rd last night? At one point, I swear he was playing 3 centers (Kelly, Fisher, and Winnie I think...), and for Alfie's game winner, what was the line? Alfie, Fisher and Kelly? Are these just slow changes, or is CC just throwing away the whole line concept in the dying minutes?

  3. Powerhouse seems fair to me. I'm not sure what you're driving at.

    I don't even know why you put so much stock in the opening line combos. Like I said, Cory is NOT static - they were flat with what they had early in the 1st so every combination got mixed and matched. He then ran with the hot hands.

    I wish he had the balls to bench Cheech too, but rightly or wrongly, he knows #41 is at the end of his rope and just one scratch could be the end of the guy's career. He still has to do it.

    It's bad practice to under cut a 10-0 bench boss.

  4. Rob R.

    Line #s mean nothing...imagine if Vancouver buys into this and #12 & #11 get a couple shifts against their 3rd line.

    We all know including Alfie, that he is our leader and #1.

  5. Oman:

    #9; #43; #26 got caught out there for 1/2 shift last night and the speed...the camera man could not keep up...I just through that out there to get everyone thinking!

  6. Derrick:

    In case you haven't noticed, often in the first period, we get badly out played and out coached...the starting line up has everything to do with it!

    When it's goin' good ya get sloppy, ya make small errors...if it's not for "Karl" we're done last night because of a bull headed/hot/egotistical coach, who was going to prove everyone wrong.

    Don't get me wrong he might be the best bench boss we've ever had here @ thinking on his feet, but we all make mistakes...just don't repeat 'em!