Monday, February 8, 2010

Who's coachin' our DEFENCE?

Ottawa's Doug Wilson, who looked like the "Devil" and turned out to be just a very wise man bearing the gift to us of "Team" work, told us today that the reason they (his Sharks) went out in the first round last year was they weren't ready physically or mentally...they were not fresh...Point, Game, Match!

So after the "Olympics" it's protect your most vulnerable assets...

1) One game at a time ya rest each of the most vulnerable defencemen, 1st game Volchy, 2nd game "Karl", 3rd game yes, even Phillippé, because he needs it as much as anyone...#14 and #39 no, because they need the work, Picard requires some ice also to stay sharp, love him or hate him he's all you got, Phillips is playing so well just leave him in the "zone"!

2) Play both goalies hot or not!

3) Alfie should not only get the odd practice off but also a couple of games down the stretch!

4) Play all 4 lines as balanced as possible...I'm talking 15 minutes each and in order to do that ya gotta have 3 players on the 4th line!

5) Don't stop coachin', I've noticed a way too much consultation amongst the coaching staff behind the bench and not enough player coach interaction, this is still a young defence in terms of time playing together out there.

6) Bryan if you want to really go deep, ya gotta get us one more good DEFENCEMAN just to pick the whole unit up and for insurance purposes!

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