Tuesday, February 9, 2010

That's Coaching!

Brian Elliott...excellent...just win baby!

First star, Coach Clouston, #22; #12; #11 adjustment.

Second star, Coach Carvel, for the Defenceman's meeting between periods one and two.

Third Star, Jason Spezza, for burying his scoring chance and carrying #41 all night.

4 lines...15 minutes each...5 centers what a luxury! Balance!

Alexei...PPPP...tonight PPG!

Think..."Killer instinct!"


  1. Can't agree more. Clouston's in-game adjustments have to be tops in the league. He goes with who's hot, no matter their "line" designation.

    Disagree with the Cheechoo comment. Must give him credit for a game well played, goal or not. They will go in soon.

    Anyone else think Chris Kelly IS worth his salary? He is money in the dire moments. Hope he stays.

  2. Joe:

    Calgary's 2nd goal, #41 gives it away twice in our end, bad, then goes to center ice with out the speed to attack or back check...he's supposed to be Jason's man back...he's a load...he's our only weak spot up front!

    For that fool (the GM) in LA to say he has a interest...the man is either brain dead or playing with Bryan Murray's head...distracting him from the job at hand...a good DEFENCEMAN!