Friday, February 5, 2010

And another thing!

In the middle sixties I ran against a guy from Ottawa, Bob Fisher-Smith, "World's Fastest Human" and he was for one season. Over the 50 years his records were improved apon marginally until the introduction of Roids. The point here is "Oh, they are so much bigger and faster now!"

Late hits and late the late sixties, my day to play, this full speed, 10 stride, 35 foot run @ a defenceman, 3 "steam boats" late, would have been greeted with a full tomahawk chop to the neck of the attacker, downing him face first on the ice!

Or this asshole, the attacker, was assessed 5 and a game for charging...there is no such thing as a charging call anymore!

It's no wonder we have these elbowings and head shots...and this size and speed thing is bullshit...pure bullshit!

I'm not saying that they aren't bigger and's this "the players today are so big and fast that they cannot control themselves" BULLSHIT to all 30 GMs!

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