Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Déja vu!

It's déja vu, all over again...Yogi Berra

It's after Christmas, 2007, Bryan Murray is coaching, we're goin' pretty good and it's on to Buffalo for a big game with the Sabres. Inexplicably Mr. Murray changes up the lines...condenses them in order to produce more scoring, of course the experiment fails (Buffalo is then and are now a 4 line team.) and late in the game he tries and succeeds in balancing the 4 lines but of course it's too late!

Coach Clouston...I do not like your starting line up tonight!!

You have 5 centers are moving the wrong man to the wing...strength down the's not fair to Winni, first game back, let him get his timing back and his feet under him.

Note: It's doom and gloom in Buffalo, their fans think the Sabres have no chance...Boys, they're sittin' in the weeds!!


  1. he's on the 4th line....he is trying to let him get his timing back...


  2. 5:13

    Playing center in the "Show" is completely different than playing the wing...see who is @ center vs Vancouver!

  3. CICI is not a static coach! Eat your words!

  4. Derrick:

    Pay attention...coaching 101...Winni went to the wing and played well there...#41 almost broke the run by himself!