Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rant #41!

50 goal scorers...a game like last night for a 50 goal scorer put "Boom Boom" Geoffrion on the train to New York...put the "Rocket" into's bad enough that the wheels are gone but when your scoring touch (luck) deserts's over!

Calgary's first power play is over and we put on our 4th was like the Flames went back on the PP, the kids just could not carry him any longer.

Flames 2nd goal...41 gives up the puck twice with out much of a struggle in our end almost causing a goal...Spezza rushes, Jon can't keep up, he's left at center here comes Calgary the other way and Cheech has 3rd man responsibilities but he just can't get back to help!!

Jonny didn't just miss 2 good scoring chances last night I counted 4 and that's 15 in the last 3 games...

It's "over" and for Bryan to continue to be distracted by trying to shop him is dumb and inefficient...also insulting to every GM in the league...Note: the guy in LA should be shot for stupidity!

PS: To the 6th Sens...I'm one of your shut outs!!

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  1. Hey Nik:

    I take it you were shut out from the comment sections on the website? I've implemented a new system now that allows you to reply directly to messages that people post. Even though you may have to register for it, I believe in the long run that it's much MUCH better than the old system.