Saturday, February 13, 2010


Bob Cole is supposed to be working his way into retirement but those "Brain Dead Block Heads" in Tranna are trying to re-introduce him to an Ottawa audience. Coley when a Canadian team is playing and it's their broadcast, you are not supposed to cheer for Detroit and know all the Red Wing's names, while calling our Jason Spezza (Mississauga, Ontario) even when he's not on the ice.

Hope Detroit misses the playoffs and have to re-tool because these guys are very hard to watch. With their firepower they could play the other game (Offence) effortlessly. Ya wonder how they still get a full house to watch this.

#51 & #55 looked pretty good tonight I just don't want either of these defencemen in an auxiliary position for the play offs!

Kuba again applies the back breaker with a flickette that doesn't get out!

Nice goal the Regin/Kovy magic.

Matty that's the first one out of the way! One nice pass from Alexei!

Brian take a page out of our man Brodeur's book, when they slash the puck out from under your trapper to the front of the net..."Don't move!" make him beat you.

Let's get New York!


  1. Well nik... This team has been far better than I EVER expected. Just how good is this coach of ours that he gets this team to win with the shitty D-core we have?! Somehow, they get it done night after night.

    Imagine if we had the cap space we gave to that porcelaine goalie who rides the bench for $3 million!? (Not to say that I wasn't a fan of the signing when it happened) Just sayin'!!!


  2. People were quick to throw Picard under the bus, but that POS Kuba remains untouchable? Why?!? He has less goals than Philips and as many as Anton "Misses the Net" Volchenkov! He is the worst "offensive" defenseman I have ever seen!

  3. Yes, Kuba single handedly killed any chance for a comeback in the dying minutes. He's a beauty that guy... Too bad you can't healthy scratch the 3 mil plus players...

  4. Guys:

    You come to training camp hurting, ya start thinkin' "I'm going to play away from the front of the net a little more!" and "I shall avoid taking and receiving hits as much as possible until the playoffs!" When your game was barely passable to start with the next thing you know it's in the "Out" house.

    It's the "Big" 3-4 D-man for us or bust!

  5. In the first period, a shot from the point by Volchenkov was attributed by Bob to either Chara or Corvo....not sure, but it sure wasn't Volchenkov. Somebody buy him a newspaper subscription.

  6. 7:22

    I got a feeling Bob is our man for the playoffs...Galley has got to start to correct him and not try to cover his mistakes!

    Cheers Nik!