Friday, February 12, 2010 big D-man is JOB ONE!

To Bryan Murray...a well deserved extention!

Matt Cullin...great hockey name...great hockey family...a very smart hockey player!

Cheech should just walk away and save his legacy..."You're only as good as you're last performance!"

Alexandre Picard will grow, progress and prosper in Carolina!

Now, last night, against the big guys, showed us that we must improve and re-jig our DEFENCE. Matty Carkner needs a partner strong enough to carry him to the 3-4 pairing as "Karl" shall put Kuba on his back for the play offs but only as the 5-6 pair!

To Messrs Smith and Lee good luck cause you are cannon fodder and not really expected to do much...fool us! Show me I was wrong!

Bryan...this is where the rubber hits road...ya will not be able to steal this D-man you are going to have to send someone the other way...


  1. Zidlicky or Hamhuis will be Senator by the trade deadline. I just know it.

  2. I'm also hearing rumors of Andy Sutton - 6'6 - 250 pounds. Is he big enough for you?

  3. Dutch:

    Andy Sutton has fallen off lately...saw his last game...nice size...nice size, has the old Carkner label of "just not there!" I like it, a lot!

    If I were Bryan I'd put it this way to Carks..."Who do you want? Ya seen all come through!"