Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We missed Kelly!

Our first line #73; #22; #25 didn't play tonight and we missed them badly.

Two of our best PKers #22 and #73 didn't play and we missed them badly.

The message is being sent guys are too good for the NE Division, you are going to be penalized to death! Or until Tranna scores 4 goals which ever comes first!

Burkie's squad is the least penalized "dirty" team in the league...I think they are the dirtiest!

Pascal is looking deep and small in the net. Rick, ya gotta get him up and out!

Latest optimum arrangement...

#9; #19; #11

#13; #12; $27

#73; #22; #25

#71; #18; #15

#4; #55

#14; #65

#2; #39


We are still lookin' mighty powerful!

PS: Notice there was no close ups or butt shots of the "Beluga" tonight!

PPS: Remember when we usta score 6 a win we may have to start doing that again!


- Guys, who really know hockey, Mike Peca, Sens Chirp, Canucnik et al are picking Ottawa to win the division...Matthew Barnaby, an Ottawa guy, who comes from Lawyers and well educated people turns Tranna on us and cannot pass grade 10 Logic. Tranna the whole bunch ayas can "Kiss ma Harse!"

- Cowen better known as our "JC" will rise again on game day ten, ascend to the big club permanently and remain there when the "China Doll" is ready to return again, for the 5th time!

- Gryba got the "shunt", treat this man with "respect"...he is book smart, street smart, big 'n mean. These type gentleman do not put up with any crap!

- the number thirteen has been worn in North America by some very good "EUROS" with absolutely no luck at all! Petr lose #13, you look brutal in that sweater and your luck will only get worse.

- I would move on #26 and #5 immediately but that is not the way it works. Sometimes tough love is the best medicine.

- Hey Tranna ya think we got goalie problems have a look at that "Beluga Whale", who tends to your net...the abdominal apron is a prohibited piece of goalie equipment.

Note: Glen Hall, an early butterfly type, started to wear a size larger hockey pants...Brian Hextall, (who's nick name was Donkey Dick) wore his pants 2xl with a wedge piece sown in the crotch...but the Beluga is a joke, from the net cam (POV), he looks like a cartoon..."Mighty Arse!"

Note 2: The number 13 Tarot Card..."Death"

Note 3: 13 favourite number of Satan and I mean "Lucifer" and George W. Bush.

Note 4. Friday, October 13th, 1307 the Knights Templar, some of them Norsemen, arrested and condemned to death!

Note 5. #13 Matts Sundin what more can I say.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Squad!

9MM; Jason; Alfie

"Mario"; Fish; Kovy

Ruutu; Kelly; Neil

Bad Luck #13; Jesse; ZacH

Extra forward? #26

Phillips; Gonchar

Campy; "Erik"

Jared; Carks

Extra defenceman? Lee


Good camp, first call Wiercioch/Gryba depending offence/defence!

First forward call up...Butler to score!

Note: Petr will eventually lose #13 it makes you look like a 3rd line Euro...remember Mats was a loser!

PS: The "China Doll" makes 23 and you know we only cary 21...I see #5 and #26 as being in the deep water!

Monday, September 27, 2010


- Just finished a library book on Power Plays, half the book, the best half was on Penalty Killing. Best piece of advice..."Give the puck to Gonchar!"

- Nick M. for "Mario" Foligno will force his way into the Top Six even though he has his most value turning Jesse and ZacH into a dynamite line!

- Interesting how Gryba got the "shunt", Lloydie is right, Eric is BIGGER, TOUGHER AND BETTER than they expected!

- Tough for Brodeur...if you recall we could not understand why he signed with us in the first place!

- Wade Redden was done here, two years before he got moved, all this politically correct stuff about being able to play is horse poo...the man's done and is getting a $23 mill severance package. Go and enjoy Europe Wade, ya deserve it!

- I'd go with the kid as back up goalie!

- Wiercioch beats out Kaberle and starts as D-ONE if he was playing in TRANNA!

- We're deep, really deep but now ya gotta keep 'em all interested, splitting the two teams before the final cut is bullsh*t...ya got some kids, who are the best and brightest America has to offer, "tread softly!"

- Roman Wick makes NHL type wages playing in the Swiss Alps as a home country national, let the man return home!

- I'm glad all you guys now agree with Bryan and I, that the "Big Fella" is ready, it was getting pretty lonely there for awhile!

- David Hale will play 5-6 in Bingo!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nick Foligno...Nick Foligno!!

- Nick Foligno has arrived!

- Nick Foligno is a center ice man, it's his natural position and he is good there.

- Foligno will be a "game changer" from the 4th line, leading #15 and #18. Remember Coach Clouston likes to play his 4th line.

- Nick gets the PK with #18.

- Nick gets 2nd power play when we change the forwards only, after 80 seconds, leaving him with #55 and #65.

- He plays 14...15 minutes a game.

- Nick Foligno and Chris Kelly are going to beat good teams with their 3rd and 4th lines.

- Foligno will be our first top six call up and that includes the center ice position.

Note: By xmas Coach Clouston will have him playing everywhere!

PS: Played hard ball...loved the game...José Bautista looks like a "Super Sized" F.P. Santangelo. That's that horse piss...and I ain't taking about penicillin!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Inter-squad game!

21.4 k to watch a red and white game!

Alex Auld in goal, Alex Picard on defence, Andre Kostitsen wants/will play against his old line mate Kovy. Jaques is libel to go to the wrong bench.

We better just go through the motions again or it's PK practice for 40 minutes or 4 goals which ever comes first.

But we get to see "Cave Man" Gryba and maybe even playing with Phillips...previewing your 2010/2011 shut down pair!

I hope Pascal doesn't make the Habs look too amateurish.

RDS has not confirmed but we trust 'em they cover every thing Habs.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


The only place a good young prospect can find "Show Time" speed/timing/reaction is playing in the NHL.

- As I have been trying to tell you non-believers Jared Cowen would gain very little by reverting to Junior...a waste of a year. Jared is ours to keep...

- ZacH is ready...the more he is exposed to the big time speed the better he will be...and his size helps...

- Robin may as well be in his back yard fielding those 100 mph fast balls with his dad, as the "A" will not produce the "Show Time" reactions that he now needs to take the next step. His time is "now"...Rogie Vachon...Ken Dryden...etz...etz...

- Bobby is just a bit too small...

- Roman's spot is in the Swiss Alps...

- Wiercioch would make about 85% of the other teams in the League...

- Note, we have not even seen "Cave Man" Gryba yet!

And this is only after two games but a big two games!

Note 2: Holding out Gonchar reminds me of WW1 when we held back the "Big Bertha" siege gun deep in the forest on a Rail Road car until we were at the Gates of Paris!

Note 3: I had a Grand Father on both sides.