Wednesday, September 29, 2010


- Guys, who really know hockey, Mike Peca, Sens Chirp, Canucnik et al are picking Ottawa to win the division...Matthew Barnaby, an Ottawa guy, who comes from Lawyers and well educated people turns Tranna on us and cannot pass grade 10 Logic. Tranna the whole bunch ayas can "Kiss ma Harse!"

- Cowen better known as our "JC" will rise again on game day ten, ascend to the big club permanently and remain there when the "China Doll" is ready to return again, for the 5th time!

- Gryba got the "shunt", treat this man with "respect"...he is book smart, street smart, big 'n mean. These type gentleman do not put up with any crap!

- the number thirteen has been worn in North America by some very good "EUROS" with absolutely no luck at all! Petr lose #13, you look brutal in that sweater and your luck will only get worse.

- I would move on #26 and #5 immediately but that is not the way it works. Sometimes tough love is the best medicine.

- Hey Tranna ya think we got goalie problems have a look at that "Beluga Whale", who tends to your net...the abdominal apron is a prohibited piece of goalie equipment.

Note: Glen Hall, an early butterfly type, started to wear a size larger hockey pants...Brian Hextall, (who's nick name was Donkey Dick) wore his pants 2xl with a wedge piece sown in the crotch...but the Beluga is a joke, from the net cam (POV), he looks like a cartoon..."Mighty Arse!"

Note 2: The number 13 Tarot Card..."Death"

Note 3: 13 favourite number of Satan and I mean "Lucifer" and George W. Bush.

Note 4. Friday, October 13th, 1307 the Knights Templar, some of them Norsemen, arrested and condemned to death!

Note 5. #13 Matts Sundin what more can I say.

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