Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We missed Kelly!

Our first line #73; #22; #25 didn't play tonight and we missed them badly.

Two of our best PKers #22 and #73 didn't play and we missed them badly.

The message is being sent guys are too good for the NE Division, you are going to be penalized to death! Or until Tranna scores 4 goals which ever comes first!

Burkie's squad is the least penalized "dirty" team in the league...I think they are the dirtiest!

Pascal is looking deep and small in the net. Rick, ya gotta get him up and out!

Latest optimum arrangement...

#9; #19; #11

#13; #12; $27

#73; #22; #25

#71; #18; #15

#4; #55

#14; #65

#2; #39


We are still lookin' mighty powerful!

PS: Notice there was no close ups or butt shots of the "Beluga" tonight!

PPS: Remember when we usta score 6 a win we may have to start doing that again!


  1. Yes, the questionable, lop-sided penalty count has begun already! Some of it was undisciplined (eg. Fisher blowing the game at the end), but some calls were weak, and the lack of calls the other way was obvious.

    CC better get his troops in line, or we'll be killing endless penalties all year again, and we won't be getting enough looks at our new and improved PP.

  2. Refs will always favour Tranna, always have, always will. That being said, might as well make the blue team pay since we're gonna get the calls anyways.


  3. Zack Smith and Patrick Wiercoch are going to steal the seats from two veterans.

  4. @Michael,

    That might very well be the case for Smith but on D, Cowan will be given 9 games before a decision is made.


  5. Ya Wiercioch was a predetermined decision...too bad. But JC gets his 9 games then "China Doll" returns?

    ZacH is faster than I thought!

  6. True enough, but I already account for Cowen in that number.

    Ottawa might go with a roster that has 8 defencemen, 13 forwards and two goalies.

  7. That penalty by Fisher late in game was a retaliation to the hit from behind head first into boards by Armstrong. (Fisher is now out with a sore neck) These blind-side hits are supposed to be penalized -- but guess what refs did nothing. What do you expect from Joannette -- if you look at his stats reffing Sens games - I bet you will find a lopsided called game in the penalty dept.
    I hope the Sens make the league look into that Armstrong hit. If you have the rule re: blind-side hits -- I would be questioning the refs as to why it was not called. What good is having a rule if it's not followed.
    Suspend Armstrong.

  8. Guys:

    We need a new stategy for protesting "over penalization" of the better team. We tried "Silence"...we tried "Wineing" maybe "Petition". Clouston's status with the Refs is increasing but not enough yet, it takes years. I'm open to suggestions...I may go to the Toronto League Offices @ the ACC and confront "em!

  9. Let's stage a protest in Tranna! Oh wait, they will probably use rubber bullets on us...or pucks rather ;-)


  10. Larr:

    Ya! Excellent idea!! Ottawa guys make 'em very uneasy...I'll bring my blocker and trapper.

  11. Sandy:

    I cannot understand why Armstrong has never been "run" big time, it's very do-able and as Fish showed the guys really don't like's more than a guy just doing his job he tries to "hurt ya!"

    Suspend the that he is in Tranna he thinks he has Pronger's immunity!

  12. Does anyone know the e-mail link to write the NHL? Don't know if it would do any good.. but maybe they may look at some of the highlights.
    Is the league showing favoritism -- as Burke is one of the 'old boys' who used to work in the NHL head office? Or are they scared of him since they must face him everyday at the ACC?

    You could also refer to the Hanson cheapshot -- so to speak. Puts his hand on the back of Lee's head, after their fight, and shoves it face first into the ice. Why was that not a least a fine -- deliberate attempt to injure -- would you not say so?

  13. Sandy:

    Our Bryan was told to cease and desist by the Tranna Office, with his E-mails on officiating last year.

    I know the Tranna guys read us more often now than they did so let's get up on the Soap Box and give it to 'em with both barrels!

    And yes, you are correct that old boys network at the NHL League Office is so tight they "Squeak!"

    Squeak...the sound a clown nose makes when communicating with another clown!

  14. What is the e-mail to contact them?

  15. Try this Sandy:

    I really think someone should start a Sens officiating watchdog blog with a YouTube channel to keep stats on penalties (eg. how many questionable, how many non-calls, the timing of calls, all the back-breaking, soul crushing calls, etc.), as well post all the weak calls and non-calls they can in a video format.

    Would take time and commitment (neither of which I can offer unfortunately), but I think it could really open some eyes, especially if the Sens get the kind of officiating treatment they did last year, which IMO was a total disgrace most of the time.

  16. Oman:

    Did you catch Denis Potvin's reaction the other night...unless you watch us every night ya can't believe it!