Monday, September 27, 2010


- Just finished a library book on Power Plays, half the book, the best half was on Penalty Killing. Best piece of advice..."Give the puck to Gonchar!"

- Nick M. for "Mario" Foligno will force his way into the Top Six even though he has his most value turning Jesse and ZacH into a dynamite line!

- Interesting how Gryba got the "shunt", Lloydie is right, Eric is BIGGER, TOUGHER AND BETTER than they expected!

- Tough for Brodeur...if you recall we could not understand why he signed with us in the first place!

- Wade Redden was done here, two years before he got moved, all this politically correct stuff about being able to play is horse poo...the man's done and is getting a $23 mill severance package. Go and enjoy Europe Wade, ya deserve it!

- I'd go with the kid as back up goalie!

- Wiercioch beats out Kaberle and starts as D-ONE if he was playing in TRANNA!

- We're deep, really deep but now ya gotta keep 'em all interested, splitting the two teams before the final cut is bullsh*t...ya got some kids, who are the best and brightest America has to offer, "tread softly!"

- Roman Wick makes NHL type wages playing in the Swiss Alps as a home country national, let the man return home!

- I'm glad all you guys now agree with Bryan and I, that the "Big Fella" is ready, it was getting pretty lonely there for awhile!

- David Hale will play 5-6 in Bingo!


  1. Clouston said on today's interview Gryba may be with the big club in a year or two. Which is excellent.
    Agree on Roman Wick. He is headed to Europe unless he can be fast tracked to the big club (next season).


  2. Sam:

    It's bad enough if you go to camp, play poorly and no one speaks to you but to go and rip it up and be told that after 4 years of College that ya got 1 or 2 more years University of the AHL @ Binghamton and I'm 6'4" 220+ mean and I'm looking to squash a coach or two. We gotta be carefull with these kids the whole world knows how good they are!

  3. Teams will have a hard time adjusting to our "dynamic" combos which will keep changing throughout the season. We will be one step ahead of the competition on most nights. The little general is salivating at all the options.


  4. Larr:

    You got it. It's going to be fun. We shall out DEFENCE and out 4 line a lot of the best in the East!

    Note: Couch Clouston is @ his best when it doesn't matter who he throws out there!


  5. Still not sold on JC...but I'm warming up. I'm stund Gryba isn't getting more ice...I fully expect he'll make a hell of a case for himself in the A, and that may be the motive behing Cloustons starter.

  6. GN:

    I think this is classic group think...they just missed one and will not admit it. Gryba even looks the part, his pictures don't do him justice, ya gotta see him up close and personal in his gear!

    JC will rise again on the tenth day, assend to the big club permanently and survive the return of "Glass Jaw!"