Thursday, September 23, 2010


The only place a good young prospect can find "Show Time" speed/timing/reaction is playing in the NHL.

- As I have been trying to tell you non-believers Jared Cowen would gain very little by reverting to Junior...a waste of a year. Jared is ours to keep...

- ZacH is ready...the more he is exposed to the big time speed the better he will be...and his size helps...

- Robin may as well be in his back yard fielding those 100 mph fast balls with his dad, as the "A" will not produce the "Show Time" reactions that he now needs to take the next step. His time is "now"...Rogie Vachon...Ken Dryden...etz...etz...

- Bobby is just a bit too small...

- Roman's spot is in the Swiss Alps...

- Wiercioch would make about 85% of the other teams in the League...

- Note, we have not even seen "Cave Man" Gryba yet!

And this is only after two games but a big two games!

Note 2: Holding out Gonchar reminds me of WW1 when we held back the "Big Bertha" siege gun deep in the forest on a Rail Road car until we were at the Gates of Paris!

Note 3: I had a Grand Father on both sides.


  1. Robin needs to play a lot of games in the A first. It's one thing to want to keep your reflexes sharp with NHL shots but he would do it as a back-up and would not have a fair opportunity to develop other parts of his game.

    Let him start in Bingo first, then we shall see.

    Gryba might just beat out Lee on the depth chart. Can't wait to see him!!

  2. Anon:

    You could play goal in the A, Robin's time is now!

    I agree "Cave Man" Gryba could change everything!

  3. LOL!! Me playing goal is the same as planting a stick man in the nets.

    Gryba looked solid against the habs last night...and he fights better than Lee that's for sure. Hope he's in for tonight's game.

  4. "A Grand Father on both sides" eh?...musta been French, lol.
    Yeah, the D depth has been good to see, as you simply cannt have too many Dmen in a league which allows you to run them into the boards.

  5. GN:

    All good old Euro stock, my guys...

    Prussian Pugilists (German Kaiser); Irish Teamsters (horses); Parisian French; Dutch long shore men; Scotish is that for a dog's breakfast!