Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We are a big team physically now so it takes a while for Alfie to get us untracked.

Brian Elliott...steady...just win baby!

Alfie can sense the finish line...he will now put us on his back once more.

Alexei is warming.

Fish liked that goal...he maybe back.

Cullen just as advertised!! "Superb!"

"Karl" is having fun out there..."keep your head up!"

Sutton is "cool!"

Kelly you are going to get your line back for Vancouver!

Brian Lee...not bad but...sense the danger man, feel it, smell it, react to it!

To "Le petit general" you are contributing to the slow starts...24 & 4 cannot play with Alfie and his Pup together 5 on 5 they look for each other!


  1. Sutton needs to be re-signed. He is big and he protects EK. Something Kuba and his invisible groin is incapable of.

  2. Dutch:

    I think you are right but can we have both #24 & #5 next year?

  3. In a perfect world, BM trades Kuba and Campoli and re-signs BOTH 24 & 5.

    I have a mortal disdain of Kuba. I count down the days til his NTC expires.

  4. Yes, Alfie "The Golden God" comes through big-time once more when the team needs him the most! Such an underrated leader. Without him, this team is not whole.

    It is getting exciting to watch Special K develop. He is ALREADY a big offensive threat, and getting steadily better at defending in the NHL. He will be a HUGE part of the team for many years. Likely better than Redden even before the self inflicted brain damage.

    Also really enjoying the glimpses of what our two newest Sens can bring to the team. They may be big difference makers down the stretch, and they are already taking the pressure of our other depth players.

    With Cullen we may have that big slapper after all! I am hopeful now about the point shot on our powerplay.

    Sutton is not slow. He is smooth and deceptively quiet for such a tower of strength and poise. And surprisingly able to pinch and shoot at the right times, when he isn't striking fear in the hearts of opposing attackers.

    Good to see Fish and Mich snapping out of their slumps (I hope).

    Let's hope this thumping of the league's worst team gets them going for the up-coming battles with the better ones!