Thursday, March 4, 2010

Silver Seven...your "Analysis!"

Sutton has been brought in to play with Carks as the 3-4 pair defencively..."Karl" gets to cary Kuba!

Cullen is definitely a center, built more for Foligno's game and they shall contribute big time in the play offs. So Regin gets to dig for works!





Phillips and Volchenkov

Sutton and Carkner

"Karl" and Kuba

Saint-Pascal and the miracle in Kanata!

PS: To Pierre if Toronto is bestowing Stanley Cups on Pittsburgh...Sid and Malkin are burnt...your inside the dressing room analysis stinks! Hey, how come you didn't tell us about Ryan Miller's "Shut Out!" puck yesterday!


  1. I don't think that Silver was really addressing/analyzing lines - just listing players in order of generally perceived quality. I like your lines, but Murray has said that one of the reasons for Cullen is that he can play all fwd positions. Also, I don't like the idea of having two shutdown D lines and one defensively weak offensive one. Oh, and Sh/Re/Ko are surprisingly good together IMO. So here are my suggestions although, lets face it, CC will change his lines by the minute!





    Phillips and Volchenkov

    Sutton and Karl

    Carkner and Kuba

    BUT: I could see CC popping Cullen up there in Alphie's place and creating that super-cool Fol/Fish/Alph line that stifles everybody. Or re-creating the Fol/Fish/Shan line from the end of last season. Really depends on who's playing well on a given night and the style of the opponent. BUT, the big point is that combinations are nearly endless - and that can't be bad IMO.


  2. I've compiled some thoughts to post on a blog post of sorts like yours Nik, instead of hitting all my usual haunts with the same shit. Take a look if interested - should be up soon

  3. here's the link:

  4. Tim:

    If so...I got Cullen takin' the draw from the Wing, especially in our end, we are presently getting murdered in there.

    Note: Carks and Kuba just can't find each other out there...nil chemistry...has to do with style of play!

  5. MOP:

    Don't lose your edge with your new blog!

    Great start!

    We shall show you no mercy!