Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Lions and the Christians...deja vu!

Carks should not fight Orr again yet, like Saint-Pascal he is still suffering the effects of the last concussion.

Saint-Pascal is not ready...needs ten games, either up here or in the minors, fuzzy head = no confidence = happy feet = poor reactions = bad goals!

Play Brodeur...we still owe him a big game!

Do not call Cheech, we'll never get rid of him!

The old guys who didn't dine and party have to pick up the kids...that's you Chris, Alexei and Alfie.

If Bob Cole calls the game Jason Spezza is guaranteed a big game on TV in Tranna...nice to see McGuire catch some flack, the man is "unlistenable" and hard to look at! I know "unlistenable" is not a word...used on purpose to draw attention to the fact that McGuire is no Word-Smith!

Someone tell Fish he is still a hockey player and we need him tonight!

If Orr forces Carks to shift Mount Sutton makes it "even", fair or not and if one of the Wharf Rats gets involved Neil takes care of business. Lets show 'em our muscle like they used to do to us!

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