Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Repent!" you non-believers!

The miracle run starts tonight!

Two years ago you thought I was nuts when I was calling for a "Bonafide" #1 DEFENCEMAN and one more big stud back there to complement Philips and Volchenkov. Well they are here now in SPADES. Call 'em "Karl" and Andy, call 'em "Mount Sutton" and Special "K" but all I know is Saint-Pascal looks about a foot taller in our net. No longer will the puck being slashed out from under a trapper be tolerated, if we're down one nothin' it's not the end of the world...

#7's road to acceptance and good play starts in the face off circle, where he is much needed!

Pascal is rested and ready to take his Eastern Powerhouse Ottawa Senators deep into the play-offs!


  1. It has to be Mount Sutton and Special "K" or I'm not cheering. I am REALLY excited to see the D tonight. How much better is this compared to projections before the season - there was no Karlesson, No Sutton, No Carkner. It was projected to be soft and not talented! Ha!


  2. 4-1 Carolina. The bed is being shat as we watch... Lets hope this is just a chemistry thing and that St. Pascal has passed through the mandatory number of trials now for true Sainthood.

  3. Tim:

    Over confidence...a fatal flaw...

    We shall recover!!

  4. Oman:

    There are 10 stations of the cross...this Saint shall be tested...

    It might be like game 3 off the second round??