Monday, March 8, 2010

"Attempted Murder!"

Let's call it what it really is! There is a very fine line between trying to hurt a guy, knock him out of the game and trying to knock him out of the game for OK it's "Manslaughter!"

So wake up you "Head Shot CTTEE" sheep, it's time to end this charade, Sinden and Clarke are or eight players lose their or eight players change their game...that's fifteen or sixteen jobs for some cheap, smart, young legs from the "A"!

Make it like the old WEST, a YELLOW List, you shoot a man in the back, you are shunned by your own clan! First Offence 10 games, a repeat offender gets "Life!"

Ya wanna do somethin' innovative, ya make every player responsible for his own safety, the Law of "Hebeas Corpus", even his own fights and if a goon retaliates after a good lawful check the whole team, every man on the ice jumps this arsehole!

PS: Before all you Legal Scholars get it tied in a knot look at the Latin "You have the body" meaning you,yourself, are responsible for your own body!


  1. Agreed, but it has to be the blind side hits like Cooke's that get you on the "yellow list" (ie. "shooting a man in the back").

    The more I think about it, an automatic minor for a shoulder to the head might even be ok....

    But when a player sees you coming, then puts his head down as with Neil's hit Saturday... a minor maybe, if Neil had time to let up, but not a suspension.

    If it's an automatic suspension, fine, etc. for any shoulder to the head, I guarantee that there will be more than one ass clown out there leading with their heads whenever the hit is coming, especially with these "concussion helmets" that will make them feel invincible.

  2. Oman:

    Dumb and dumber are trying to do nothing! This I find unacceptable.

  3. Honestly, if an ass clown leads with his head he deserves a concussion. But here it should be up to a referees discretion - I know that's like giving your car keys to a 16 year old for the weekend and hope he'll make the right choices. Clearly though if a guy is writhing on the ice then the hit probably was overboard - even if clean. History should play a factor - Cooke and even Neil should be on notice. Lead with the shoulder and you are taking a chance - lead with the hip connect or with his side but it's not always possible if the guy changes his position.

    Smarter hitting and to some extent knowing who is on the ice helps - but that is a bit of bullshit too IMHO. It's hard to know exactly who is on when players change on the fly - all you are seeing mosttimes is the jersey colour.

    More stringent punishment - double minor perhaps (unsportsmanlike + roughing) and a misconduct for starters might change the approach some of the "yellow" card players have to take to be effective in there game. You can hit a guy and take him out of the play without almost killing him.

    Auditions for Rockem Sockem 1500 are not required anymore.

  4. Answer is simple - listen to Cherry.

    Do away with the army grade body armour on the shoulders and elbows, and go back to the old pads without the hard plastic. A solid body check is still going to hurt, and achieve what it's supposed to. However, an elbow to the helmet will hurt the checker more than the checkee.

    Leave the officiating as is.

  5. MOP:

    Go in down and ready...explode into the chest...if he stays down ya rip his shoulder up...if he tries to avoid you, you knock the wind out of him! Ya want him to see you!

  6. 12:47

    Early sixties, I saw Don Chery hit a big prospect kid with very little equipment on (no helmet), from "behind" into the wire mesh @ the Bob. It was dirty...the kid was never the same...

    Chery is a revisionist...none of his peers liked him...they didn't think he was any good!