Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dion Phaneuf...Phil Kessell...

Phil Kessell is going to get hurt bad because one of these games some team will have to beat the Leafs and if you wish to do this you simply knock #81 out because that's all they got!

I predict that Dion Phaneuf will be the man to seriously injure some one's neck maybe even fatally. Because he is the only thing Toronto has on defence, he is being allowed enormous licence to hit late, from the blind side or from directly behind the man. Phaneuf has seen a little of this allowance in Calgary but nothing like he is about to experience in Toronto as the Leafs continue to frustrate their fans and he is all they got to hang their hat on!!

Dion is not very well liked now, as seen by his expulsion from Calgary but wait till it sinks in that playing in Toronto no one likes you and he has to start fighting some guys his own size...D'Arcy Regier showed him how to play with a psychotic personality!

I would introduce him as Exhibit "A" to the "Head Shot Committee!"

PS: Tonight in two periods Orr and Phaneuf have five (5) minors for slashing and high sticking. I guess they didn't want Holmgren going to the CTTEE loaded with ammunition! Note: Last night they were fouling our guys from behind, into the boards, stick in the call!


  1. Yes, and how infuriating was it to listen to CBC call the game?! Am I wrong, or is a play dead when the puck makes contact with a high stick? At least Cherry, whom I can barely stand most of the time, gave Orr some flack for his classless display. Really? Catch a guy who's trying to carry a team that's puking in buckets between shifts and getting endless penalties at the end a long shift, then claim victory in a taunting gesture when Carks refuses to go? Really? Orr is a marked man now. You watch. That hit from behind by Dion was a beauty too... Hockey karma can be a bitch.

  2. Ref Management: Part 3 (or is it 9?)

  3. Oman:

    Yes,and even Galley was getting the cold shoulder for just giving the other side's (Ottawa's) point of view.

    This guy Orr is a piece of work (above average IQ) smart enough to analyse his fights...Carks, when he's not ready physically or not allowed (Game conditions)to fight has to get it out there...there is no shame in this, everyone knows how tough he is.

    Dion is going to be the misunderstood cowboy after the "Deed" is done!

  4. Derrick:

    The Habs get 3 PPs to 1 on the Duck Pond on a Sunday Night...that's like Ottawa getting one (1) PP against the Canucks on a Saturday Night in Vancouver...wait till you see this display of Zebra MGMT and it goes on year after year ever since we (Ottawa) have had a decent team here... it may be political??