Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Ells" has made his contribution!

Mr. Elliott has made his contribution it's now Saint-Pascal's job to take us to the promised land!

"Karl" is a "Phenom!"

Fish is gettin' too much lovin'!

The old men stunk!

Kuba always finds a way to hurt us. I think he may have been hurt at the Olympics!

Sutton is on the way to help Carks settle down.

Coach Clouston keep shuffling #7, it's going to take him till mid-month and Foligno's return for the "Final Solution!"

Our thought for the day..."A good big man will beat a good little man every day of the week!"

PS: I guess we can't blame Alex Picard tonight...22 shifts; 20 minutes; +1; a shot on goal; 2 hits; 2 blocked shots; Oh ya...his team won 5-1...we'll see him Thursday...#45!

PPS: Things my father told me..."Never trade a DEFENCEMAN for a forward...it's bad hockey karma!"


  1. I say Velcro Pascal to the crease for the remainder of the season, come hell or high water. Ells has been a glorious contributor to the success this team has had this year but I have serious reservations about his "big game" ability.
    Last night, when this team played poorly, Els was unable to elivate his game a bail his team mates out. Some of those goals were rather suspect, and a true number one feeds off of the chance to step up their game and steal a win when the team is playing poorly in front of him.
    Would Snoopy have won the game, truly can't say, and that my friend is the crux of the problem...we don't know what we have is Leclaire, but if the Sens are going to make any headway in the post season, they'll need Pascal to lead the charge, IMO.
    Elliott will likely get his chance at being a #1 in this league, just not now...patience my young stopper, it'll come, just keep up the stellar work, and it will come.

  2. GN:

    You are so right on...it's time for Saint-Pascal and the "Miracle @ Kanata!"