Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We are a big team physically now so it takes a while for Alfie to get us untracked.

Brian Elliott...steady...just win baby!

Alfie can sense the finish line...he will now put us on his back once more.

Alexei is warming.

Fish liked that goal...he maybe back.

Cullen just as advertised!! "Superb!"

"Karl" is having fun out there..."keep your head up!"

Sutton is "cool!"

Kelly you are going to get your line back for Vancouver!

Brian Lee...not bad but...sense the danger man, feel it, smell it, react to it!

To "Le petit general" you are contributing to the slow starts...24 & 4 cannot play with Alfie and his Pup together 5 on 5 they look for each other!

Monday, March 8, 2010

"Attempted Murder!"

Let's call it what it really is! There is a very fine line between trying to hurt a guy, knock him out of the game and trying to knock him out of the game for OK it's "Manslaughter!"

So wake up you "Head Shot CTTEE" sheep, it's time to end this charade, Sinden and Clarke are or eight players lose their or eight players change their game...that's fifteen or sixteen jobs for some cheap, smart, young legs from the "A"!

Make it like the old WEST, a YELLOW List, you shoot a man in the back, you are shunned by your own clan! First Offence 10 games, a repeat offender gets "Life!"

Ya wanna do somethin' innovative, ya make every player responsible for his own safety, the Law of "Hebeas Corpus", even his own fights and if a goon retaliates after a good lawful check the whole team, every man on the ice jumps this arsehole!

PS: Before all you Legal Scholars get it tied in a knot look at the Latin "You have the body" meaning you,yourself, are responsible for your own body!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dion Phaneuf...Phil Kessell...

Phil Kessell is going to get hurt bad because one of these games some team will have to beat the Leafs and if you wish to do this you simply knock #81 out because that's all they got!

I predict that Dion Phaneuf will be the man to seriously injure some one's neck maybe even fatally. Because he is the only thing Toronto has on defence, he is being allowed enormous licence to hit late, from the blind side or from directly behind the man. Phaneuf has seen a little of this allowance in Calgary but nothing like he is about to experience in Toronto as the Leafs continue to frustrate their fans and he is all they got to hang their hat on!!

Dion is not very well liked now, as seen by his expulsion from Calgary but wait till it sinks in that playing in Toronto no one likes you and he has to start fighting some guys his own size...D'Arcy Regier showed him how to play with a psychotic personality!

I would introduce him as Exhibit "A" to the "Head Shot Committee!"

PS: Tonight in two periods Orr and Phaneuf have five (5) minors for slashing and high sticking. I guess they didn't want Holmgren going to the CTTEE loaded with ammunition! Note: Last night they were fouling our guys from behind, into the boards, stick in the call!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Lions and the Christians...deja vu!

Carks should not fight Orr again yet, like Saint-Pascal he is still suffering the effects of the last concussion.

Saint-Pascal is not ready...needs ten games, either up here or in the minors, fuzzy head = no confidence = happy feet = poor reactions = bad goals!

Play Brodeur...we still owe him a big game!

Do not call Cheech, we'll never get rid of him!

The old guys who didn't dine and party have to pick up the kids...that's you Chris, Alexei and Alfie.

If Bob Cole calls the game Jason Spezza is guaranteed a big game on TV in Tranna...nice to see McGuire catch some flack, the man is "unlistenable" and hard to look at! I know "unlistenable" is not a word...used on purpose to draw attention to the fact that McGuire is no Word-Smith!

Someone tell Fish he is still a hockey player and we need him tonight!

If Orr forces Carks to shift Mount Sutton makes it "even", fair or not and if one of the Wharf Rats gets involved Neil takes care of business. Lets show 'em our muscle like they used to do to us!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bad Karma!

When ever you make a mistake and trade a DEFENCEMAN for a forward the bad luck can last 5 sometimes 10 games!

Now the pace of the game has become marginally a step too fast for Matt Carkner...we cannot recover from a mistake a game and the resulting goal!

Picard's speed, reach and positional play will be missed!

Pascal may be done...when you are a reaction goalie and get those "Happy Feet"'re done!

Phillips, Alexei, Alfie all the old men seem to be content to let the kids play!

"Karl" requires the danger of playing with Kuba to keep him sharp defencively!

Mount Sutton looked OK!

Big goal from Cullen @ CENTER! Leave "Loverboy" on the wing in Dreamland!

Leave Shannon with Spezza and tell Jason he is "Officially" THE SHOOTER on that line.

I guess Campy, when ready, goes in and Carks comes out...I can't see leaving Brian Lee in there either.

Nice substitution by "Ells" do we leave our goal keeper completely on his own out there sometimes.

Things my father told me: "Some nights you'd think your DEFENCE was playing on the other team!"

"Repent!" you non-believers!

The miracle run starts tonight!

Two years ago you thought I was nuts when I was calling for a "Bonafide" #1 DEFENCEMAN and one more big stud back there to complement Philips and Volchenkov. Well they are here now in SPADES. Call 'em "Karl" and Andy, call 'em "Mount Sutton" and Special "K" but all I know is Saint-Pascal looks about a foot taller in our net. No longer will the puck being slashed out from under a trapper be tolerated, if we're down one nothin' it's not the end of the world...

#7's road to acceptance and good play starts in the face off circle, where he is much needed!

Pascal is rested and ready to take his Eastern Powerhouse Ottawa Senators deep into the play-offs!

Silver Seven...your "Analysis!"

Sutton has been brought in to play with Carks as the 3-4 pair defencively..."Karl" gets to cary Kuba!

Cullen is definitely a center, built more for Foligno's game and they shall contribute big time in the play offs. So Regin gets to dig for works!





Phillips and Volchenkov

Sutton and Carkner

"Karl" and Kuba

Saint-Pascal and the miracle in Kanata!

PS: To Pierre if Toronto is bestowing Stanley Cups on Pittsburgh...Sid and Malkin are burnt...your inside the dressing room analysis stinks! Hey, how come you didn't tell us about Ryan Miller's "Shut Out!" puck yesterday!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Ells" has made his contribution!

Mr. Elliott has made his contribution it's now Saint-Pascal's job to take us to the promised land!

"Karl" is a "Phenom!"

Fish is gettin' too much lovin'!

The old men stunk!

Kuba always finds a way to hurt us. I think he may have been hurt at the Olympics!

Sutton is on the way to help Carks settle down.

Coach Clouston keep shuffling #7, it's going to take him till mid-month and Foligno's return for the "Final Solution!"

Our thought for the day..."A good big man will beat a good little man every day of the week!"

PS: I guess we can't blame Alex Picard tonight...22 shifts; 20 minutes; +1; a shot on goal; 2 hits; 2 blocked shots; Oh ya...his team won 5-1...we'll see him Thursday...#45!

PPS: Things my father told me..."Never trade a DEFENCEMAN for a's bad hockey karma!"

Monday, March 1, 2010


As once again Bryan Murray attempts to drive down my expectations I am disappointed!!

1) Don't worry or waste anymore time on Volchy...we'll match and he'll re-sign July 1st, 2010.

2) At this point I'll settle for Aaron Ward...just do something!!

3) Enough of this Kabuki Theatre...the two big kids on defence will not be ready next year..."Karl" was a fluke...a phenom. For Bryan not to have taken advantage of Eugene's largess (#41)and really got in the running for a big rental free agent is a hockey sacrilege...

4) If I'm Chris Phillips and I'm sitting in that dressing room, I'm thinking Bryan Murray is going to punish the Ottawa fans and us guys indirectly, for not fully supporting the Sens this year...

5) Campy and Lee make me nervous!!

PS: I guess Cullen or Alfie could always play a little DEFENCE!!