Monday, March 1, 2010


As once again Bryan Murray attempts to drive down my expectations I am disappointed!!

1) Don't worry or waste anymore time on Volchy...we'll match and he'll re-sign July 1st, 2010.

2) At this point I'll settle for Aaron Ward...just do something!!

3) Enough of this Kabuki Theatre...the two big kids on defence will not be ready next year..."Karl" was a fluke...a phenom. For Bryan not to have taken advantage of Eugene's largess (#41)and really got in the running for a big rental free agent is a hockey sacrilege...

4) If I'm Chris Phillips and I'm sitting in that dressing room, I'm thinking Bryan Murray is going to punish the Ottawa fans and us guys indirectly, for not fully supporting the Sens this year...

5) Campy and Lee make me nervous!!

PS: I guess Cullen or Alfie could always play a little DEFENCE!!


  1. Relax Nik, the only D traded has been Leopold, not exactly a blue chipper!
    I too hope BM lands another legit blueliner, but it take 2 to tango and if someone else is willing to overpay, well, it's not like it's now or never for the Cup, or that we're a D man away from top tier contention.

  2. GN:

    I sometimes wonder what goes through Bryan Murray's mind night after night as he sits in his perch...seeing his team winning, confident, competant...and other nights his DEFENCE so incompetant...we really aren't an elite with this American League Defence!

  3. Agreed Nik, but what to do? Move a forward asset we will need next season to land a Dman of questionable pedigree now? For what, maybe an extra win or two?
    Nah. Make a reasonable deal, if it's out there, or let the chips fall where they may with an eye to the future. Basically use the psot season as a means of a yong roster gaining post season experience.

  4. GN:

    Volchenkov may just be the key...move him and a whole new world opens up...

    Note to Bryan. "Stop trading Defencemen for forwards!" Yours disappointedly; Nik!

  5. Andy Sutton is now a Sen. He's big, bad and has a cannon for a shot. All for a late second round pick. Happy now?

  6. Dutch:

    Nik is very happy now. Andy Sutton was my first thought when we first started to look...he and Carks shall play as our 3-4 pair may take 'em a little longer to get to ya but when they get there...